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FightOut Move-to-Earn ICO Nears $2.5m, Signs Roster of Sports Stars, Launches $250k Crypto Giveaway

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 6 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

London, England, Thursday 29th December 2022 – Launched in the third week of December, FightOut, the first-ever project to bring move-to-earn (M2E) to the metaverse, has now raised $2.45 million – and this week introduces a stellar lineup of ambassadors. 

FightOut’s $FGHT token provides access to the FightOut Web 3.0 companion app which launches in invitation-only beta as early as Q1 2023, with the full version following in Q2 2023.

In an innovative approach to solving the problem of how to incentivize individuals to stick with their fitness programs, FightOut blends real-life workouts and training with individual users’ avatars in the metaverse, where vital stats are carried over into the virtual reality world.

The token is on sale now for $0.0166 (60.06 = 1 USDT) but the price doubles to $0.0333 when the $5 million raise milestone has been reached. The presale ends on 31st March 2023.

Investors need to move fast to secure lower prices – from the end of stage 1, the price gradually increases in a linear fashion at per-second intervals to eventually reach $0.0333 by the end of the presale on 31st March. That means at every step of the way there is an incentive for investors to buy to beat the rising prices. 

And of course when $FGHT lists on its first centralized exchange on 5th April, the price of $FGHT is likely to see significant uplift as news of the project spreads.

Also, to celebrate the start of the presale the team has launched a $250,000 $FGHT token giveaway, which one lucky investor has the chance to win.

Complete nine tasks, including joining FightOut’s various social media channels, and become the holder of at least $250 worth of $FGHT at the time of the draw, and you could become a quarter of a millionaire!

Top UFC fighters, record-breaking boxer and fitness influencer join the team

Amanda Ribas and Talia Santos

This week from the world of mixed martial arts, UFC fighter stars Amanda Ribas (2.1 million Instagram followers) and Taila Santos (179,000 Instagram followers) became FightOut ambassadors. 

As of August 2022, Amanda is No.9 in the Women’s Strawweight division of the UFC and 15th in Flyweight.

Fellow Brazilian Taila competes in the Flyweight division, where as of August she was ranked No.2.

The Brazilian elite fighters have taken women’s MMA to the next level and will be bringing their talents to FightOut gyms via video workouts as well as in-person, to help users level up their fitness and training.

Savannah Marshall

In another major win for FightOut’s Web 3.0 spin on becoming ‘fighting fit’, by leveraging the stardust and brand power of elite athletes and fighters, British boxer Savannah Marshall has also joined the ambassadorial lineup.

Savannah (122,000 Instagram followers) is one of the top women boxers in the world and her recent bout with American Claressa Shields broke all records, attracting the biggest viewing figures of any women’s boxing match in history.

Tremayne Dortch

The fourth ambassador introduced to the community this week is fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch – aka ‘the muscle ninja’. A star of US TV network NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, the sports entertainment reality show, personal trainer Tremayne has 271,000 Instagram followers.

FightOut is immensely pleased to have these top elite fighters and trainers in its corner.

Claim bonus tokens of up to 50% on the amount invested and vested

FightOut includes a highly attractive bonus schedule in which contributors to the presale are rewarded with bonus tokens depending on the amount they invest and the vesting period they decide to opt for.

It was previously communicated by the team that the top tier of the bonus schedule – 25% on investment amounts of $50,000 or more; 25% on a vesting period of 24 months – would end when the presale hit the $5 million mark. 

But in great news for investors, the full bonus schedule will now stay in place for the duration of the entire presale. 

All $FGHT tokens are subject to a three-month vesting period after which holders can choose whether they wish to extend their lock-up period.

The vesting starts at the end of presale and tokens unlock every second over the vesting period chosen. Investors can claim the amounts unlocked at any time, i.e. halfway through vesting an investor can claim 50% of their tokens.

FightOut is on a mission to transform the, up to now, dominant Web 2.0 setup, but also to overcome weaknesses it has identified with Web 3.0 Move-to-Earn as currently implemented by projects such as STEPN.

FightOut is backed by Transak, LBank Labs, BlockMedia Labs and

Elite combat athletes will be aspirational role models for all

FightOut is for everyone who wants to improve or maintain their health and fitness. 

However, unlike other fitness apps and ecosystems, FightOut aims to enable its users to achieve their goals by integrating the ‘combat athlete’ into the picture to incentivize ordinary mortals and inspire even greater achievements. 

FightOut will provide pathways for professional fighters such as MMA fighters and boxers, but other types of athletes as well, with a “styles make fights” approach that creates bespoke fitness programs for specific sports and activities.

Ordinary app and gym users will be provided with aspirational goals as a by-product of the presence on the platform of elite athletes.

Videos and training regimes made by combat athletes in the studios will be a part of each gym. The first pro fighter video workouts will be launched in Q2 2023

Indeed, the gyms will become community hubs for all members, but with a physical presence at them not a required or even necessary part of membership.

FightOut is planning to roll out up to 20 gyms initially, starting in the cities that have the most vibrant FightOut communities, with the platform eventually having a hub in all the world’s pre-eminent global cities. The first FightOut gym will be acquired in Q1.

Get Fighting Fit With the FightOut app coming in Q1 2023

At the center of the platform is the FightOut companion mobile app, where phone and smartwatch-based technology will, in the first instance, be harnessed to measure and track physical performance.

The website provides a useful window on how the app will work to deliver bespoke training programs for each user.

Select which attributes you wish to train, such as strength, wellness and mental fortitude; cardio muscular endurance or ‘everything’, and then follow the pathways.

To get started with the app, answer a series of questions that take the user through various pathways to create a tailor-made fitness program. 

For example, choose strength and then select from the options that come up under ‘body weights goals’; what equipment do you have access to; how do you prefer to workout; how many days do you work out for per week; how long do your workouts last; what’s your gender, body measurements, date of birth – and by the end of the process a plan has been created for the app user.

What the $FGHT and REPS tokens do

FightOut is a subscription service and both of its two tokens – $FGHT and REPS – can be used to sign up, as can ordinary fiat currency.

In order to underpin the economics of the $FGHT token, there will be a 25% discount for those who buy their subscriptions with $FGHT.

REPS is the off-chain in-app currency of FightOut. 

Rewards are earned in REPS and available in-app goods and other services, such as remote consultations with personal trainers or FightOut’s unique fight coaches, merchandise and a whole gamut of digital goods besides, like cosmetics for avatars –  are all paid for with REPS.

Additional REPS can be purchased using $FGHT, providing another vector to underpin the value of the $FGHT token.

The team behind the FightOut presale has been KYC verified by CoinSniper and its technology Certik audited.

Halfway to the $5 million target, there’s no time to lose before the price of the token increases, so don’t miss out on the Web 3.0 revolution in health and fitness with FightOut.

Visit FightOut Now

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.