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FightOut Move-to-Earn Crypto Takes the Market by Storm – Here’s How to Get a 50% Bonus

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Exciting new move-to-earn project and gym chain FightOut has taken the market by storm in the last week – raising more than $2 million in just seven days.

Despite the ongoing struggles of the crypto market, where many leading coins such as Polygon, Cardano and Polkadot are down more than 10% in the last week, the FightOut presale has had no such issue.

Early investors can also take advantage of up to 50% in bonuses if purchasing now – although that will only run for a limited time.

How to Earn 50% Bonus During FGHT Token Presale

During stage 1 of its token presale, FightOut will allow investors to earn up to 50% more tokens by taking advantage of some strong bonus rewards.

There are two separate bonuses of up to 25% each on offer, one related to the purchase amount and one to the vesting period.

To claim the full 50%, for example, an investor would need to buy $50,000 of FGHT tokens and then choose to lock them for 24 months.

With FGHT currently costing $0.0166 each (60.06 FGHT = $1 USDT) the investor would buy approximately 3 million tokens but then receive an additional 1.5 million – 750,000 for the high purchase amount and the same again for the longer locking period.

At the other end of the scale, an investor who spends $500 will get a 10% purchase bonus and an additional 10% for choosing a six-month vesting period – meaning 30,030 FGHT will become 45,045.

Investors who spend less than $500 will not be eligible for any purchase bonus and there is the option to choose a three-month vesting period which, again, does not come with any bonus. So an investor spending $100 and choosing a three-month locking period will get 6,0006 FGHT tokens.

With the first stage of the presale seeking to raise $5 million it means that 40% of its allocation has already been bought, leaving limited opportunity for investors to take advantage of the bonus scheme.

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What is FightOut?

FightOut is a new fitness app and real-world gym chain that is set to revolutionize the move-to-earn space and our best crypto to buy now for 2023.

FightOut will address the flaws of projects such as STEPN which only count steps and has been criticized because of their expensive NFTs and flawed rewards system, that requires other NFTs to multiply rewards.

With FightOut, no NFTs will need to be purchased with the fitness app accessed via a subscription and the gyms with traditional membership schemes.

While STEP focuses on steps, FightOut will use smart technology that tracks movement, key effort indicators, sleep and nutrition to build a full digital fitness profile and create a tailored workout regime that applies to each individual.

FightOut will take a holistic approach to training – not just focusing on strength and cardio but also mental health – and users are rewarded for completing workouts at home or in a gym.

The digital profile is a soulbound NFT avatar (meaning it cannot be sold or traded) that is fully customizable and can be used to earn more rewards by pitting yourself against others in daily, weekly and monthly competitions.

While the FGHT token underpins the project and will fund its development a second currency – REPS – is used for rewards and exists off-chain and only within the app. REPS are used to obtain discounts on app subscription and gym membership, access personal training sessions or purchase apparel, equipment and supplements.

The FightOut team is already scouting locations for its first real-world gym, which will be integrated with Web3 features such as ‘mirrors’ which show the avatar profiles and sensors that track workouts. The developers are also in talks with world-class combat sports athletes to join the project as ambassadors.

Not only will they help market the project, but will also provide exclusive content such as masterclass-style training regimes and all-access footage to their own training camps.

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FightOut Team and Presale Info

The FightOut team are doxxed and have been KYC-verified by CoinSniper.

They come with a long history in the combat sports world and the CEO is a co-owner of a boxing gym, while other members of the team have worked in fitness app development.

A total of 60% of tokens will be available during the presale, according to the whitepaper, with FGHT tokens on sale for $0.0166 during the first stage of the presale.

Of the funds raised during the presale, 70% will go to venue acquisition and development, 18% to marketing and partnerships and 12% to product development.

Read through our full guide on how to buy FGHT tokens during the presale.

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