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EV Charging Needs to Provide Easier Payment Methods And This Crypto Project Fixes That – How to Invest

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 4 min read

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A new crypto start-up is building an application that looks set to revolutionize the way electric vehicle (EV) drivers pay to charge their cars. C+Charge is building a crypto-based peer-to-peer EV charging payments application that will allow users to pay to charge their EVs with crypto and earn blockchain-based carbon credits as they do so.

C+Charge, which is currently being touted as one of the best green crypto projects in on the market at the moment, is currently raising funds via a presale of the CCHG token that will power its payment platform. And investors are piling in funds. In just a few weeks, the project has already scooped up over $86,000.

40% of the token’s maximum supply of 1 billion will be made available to the public over the next few weeks. At present, tokens are currently on offer for $0.013 each, but will rise to $0.02350 over the course of four different presale stages, with C+Charge eventually planning to raise $2.08 million.

Tokens are currently selling for $0.013, but this will rise to $0.02350 over the course of the presale. That means, by the end of the presale, early investors will have already bagged an 80% on-paper gain on their investment.

Given the high levels of interest in green projects, as epitomized by the recent success of the presale and ICO, investors should move quickly to scoop up these tokens at a discount if interested.

Buy CCHG here

Investors should also be aware that C+Charge is conducting a $50,000 giveaway. Investors must hold at least $100 of CCHG on the day of the draw to be eligible to win the prize.

How C+Charge Works

C+Charge is developing a peer-to-peer blockchain-based payment system designed to open up the carbon credit reward market to the drivers of EVs, like Tesla. C+Charge’s aims go way beyond purely democratizing access to carbon credit rewards. The company hopes its revolutionary platform can attract a wave of new EV buyers, attracted by the prospect of being financially rewarded for lowering their carbon footprint with an EV.


EV drivers will use the C+Charge application to pay to charge their vehicles. They will pay using C+Charge’s native cryptocurrency CCHG and will be rewarded with carbon credits in the form of Goodness Native Tokens (GNT), which will be stored in their account on the C+Charge app. GNT token represents a verified voluntary carbon credit and is backed by venture capital firms a16z Crypto and Samsung Next as well as fund manager Invesco.


The more EV owners charge and drive and the more CCHG they spend, the more GNT they will earn. CCHG also have an opportunity to earn carbon credits passively. There is a 1% tax on all transactions that C+Charge uses to purchase GNT carbon credits and then distribute them proportionately amongst CCHG token holders.

As well as acting as a payments platform for EV charging and a carbon credit tracker, C+Charge’s application will also help users easily geolocate nearby charging stations and will offer useful information such as real-time charger wait times and charging station technical diagnosis.

Visit C+Charge Here

Why C+Charge Could Be a Major Success

The carbon credit market is booming. According to a recent article by Reuters citing analysts at Refinitiv, the value of traded carbon credits grew a whopping 164% in 2022 to a total trading volume of $851 billion.

Meanwhile, according to analysis from Coherent Market Insights, the market cap of the global carbon credit market was around $211.5 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to over $2.4 trillion by 2027.

Carbon credits allow polluters to offset their CO2 emissions by essentially funding carbon-negative projects via investments in carbon credits. However, the carbon credit market, for now, remains dominated by big players, and remains largely inaccessible to individuals. Up until now, technology hasn’t been there to democratize access to this rapidly growing market.

Blockchain technology is changing that, and C+Charge is leading the way. C+Charge hopes that by democratizing access to carbon credits for EV drivers, they might encourage/accelerate the transition to EVs from traditional fossil fuel-guzzling cars. Not only would this be a positive in the fight against climate change, but also in the fight against urban pollution.

And C+Charge’s benefits go well beyond purely the democratization of access to the carbon credit market. In its leveraging of blockchain technology, the platform will bring greater payment transparency between EV owners and charging stations. The platform will also monitor real-time data transmission for the diagnosis of charging system problems.