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Ethereum Documentary Crowdfunds More Than Third of its Target in Hours

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 2 min read

Decentralization seems to be coming to the documentaries as well, as one such project that focuses on Ethereum (ETH) has raised some 38% of the funds in less than a day.


The team behind the film, titled ‘Ethereum: The Infinite Garden,’ are currently doing a crowdfund on the platform Mirror, which they said allows them to “maintain the creative vision of the film while ramping up production quickly to capture this evolving story in real-time,” as well as to involve the community.

So far they’ve raised ETH 286.24 (USD 564,398) out of the ETH 750 (USD 1,478,812) funding goal. This is 38% of the funding goal in about 17 hours.

The crowdfund ends on Friday, July 16. Upon its end, the top three backers are awarded a unique non-fungible token (NFT), as well as on-screen film credits as producers.

95% of the raised funds will go to the film’s production budget, 2% as a donation to for carbon offset, and 3% for Gitcoin Grants to support open-source Ethereum projects.

The team describes the documentary, saying that “a vibrant community of developers, entrepreneurs, artists, and crypto enthusiasts, who “chart the future of the Ethereum blockchain as it experiences unprecedented growth,” adding that this is a “a character-driven documentary film on the challenges and rewards of building a new world.”

They said that “instead of thinking of Ethereum as a machine controlled by a central brain, we see it as a decentralized ecosystem with soil, plants, and insects that need to be cared for in order to grow.”

Past Palms, a New York-based producer, provides the NFT music, while the NFT art for the documentary is created by artists ‘pplpleasr’, who will drop a series of Infinite Garden NFTs tied to select on-screen credits in the film.

Per the site, last spring the crew established an exclusive filming relationship with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and the Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation Aya Miyaguchi. “We’re now actively casting and speaking with many of Ethereum’s most innovative community members,” they added.

Per the timeline, the film is expected to be released in winter 2023.

Crypto investment firm ScalarCapital co-founder Linda Xie announced that she is helping produce a feature documentary about Ethereum. She is listed as a co-producer.

Besides Xie, the team includes founders of the Los Angeles-based production studio Optimist, Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci, as the film’s directors, producers Carrie Weprin and Jenna Kelly, as well as advisors Mr. Silly, an Ethereum developer, and Morgan Beller, a General Partner at NFX, a seed-stage venture capital fund.

While many in the comments praised the idea of both an Ethereum documentary and crowdfunding for it, others wondered how would any potential profit be distributed.


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