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‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ Winklevoss To Co-Produce Film About Themselves

Fredrik Vold
Last updated: | 1 min read

With crypto continuing to creep slowly into the mainstream, the community may now get another reason to visit a cinema, as a new film featuring the well-known Winklevoss twins’ rise in the space is set to be produced.

Source: a video screenshot.

The planned movie will be an adaption of Bitcoin Billionaires, the best-selling book by Ben Mezrich that described the brothers’ journey from struggling venture capitalists in California’s Silicon Valley, to betting big on bitcoin (BTC) and becoming two of the world’s first bitcoin billionaires, Deadline reported.

Written by Mezrich as a follow-up to his earlier book The Accidental Billionaires – which described the early days of Facebook and later became the basis for the Oscar-winning film The Social Network – the upcoming movie about the Winklevoss twins’ journey into bitcoin naturally has excited many in the crypto community.

The planned movie is the result of a new partnership between production company Stampede Ventures, which is run by former Warner Bros executive Greg Silverman, and the Winklevoss twins, the article said.

It added that Silverman first got the idea of a movie after his son interned at Winklevoss Capital, where he was given an early copy of Bitcoin Billionaires. Silverman and his son then went on to read the book last summer, which convinced him that the story “would lend itself to a one of a kind movie.”

Speaking about the book’s author, the twins said in a comment to Deadline that “Ben immediately understood the promise of cryptocurrency and was serious about telling its story to the world.” They also added that they look forward to “bringing the early days of this revolution to theaters in partnership with Stampede Ventures.”

According to Deadline, Stampede Ventures is backed by investments from a former Facebook Chief Financial Officer and San Francisco 49ers co-owner Gideon Yu.

Watch Ben Mezrich telling the wild and “true story” of the Winklevoss twins’ second act- and how they went from being the bad guys in the social network to being worth billions and launching a new economy.


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