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Ethereum Advocates Step up Marketing Drive over Rival Domination Fears

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read

Developers believe that Ethereum real-world blockchain applications could come too late – potentially leaving the door open for rival platforms to sweep in and “dominate.”

Source: iStock/MicroStockHub

Per a post from the recently formed Ethereum Marketing DAO, a group of Ethereum marketing experts, a “design thinking session” held with developers on Mural last year drew up a “top three” list of Ethereum-related “concerns that participants thought could be addressed through a Marketing DAO.”

Topping the list was the “perception that Ethereum will deliver too few real-world applications too late, allowing newer blockchains to dominate.”

The second-biggest worry, the group said, was that “Ethereum is complex and has numerous value propositions.”

Experts have previously spoken out about the need to simplify the development process on the network, allowing space for less blockchain-proficient developers to create apps on the platform.

The post’s authors stated that “tied for third” on the developers’ list of concerns was the fact that “It is difficult for people to know which Ethereum decentralized applications to trust.”

The final item was the complaint that there were “not enough simple memes for average people to share.”

To redress the adoption issues, the Marketing DAO says that it wants members of the public to submit ideas for projects that they believe would help market Ethereum to a wider audience.

The marketing experts state that the Marketing DAO code was deployed to the Ethereum mainnet on October 18 last year.

The move comes just under two weeks after developer Hudson Jameson, who’s also the Ethereum Foundation’s community manager, conceded that he had “changed his mind” on the subject of Ethereum marketing, claiming that Ethereum needed “a lot of funding dedicated to marketing” to boost the popularity of the blockchain platform.

Menwhile, when it comes to Bitcoin, as reported, up until now, the mainstream media has usually been either sceptical towards Bitcoin or downright dismissive, but while the crypto industry has had varying success in challenging the dominant narratives surrounding the cryptocurrency, it is steadily getting better at communicating the message that Bitcoin is a transformative invention.

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