09 Dec 2022 · 2 min read

Enter the Exciting World of RobotEra: Build Your Own Sandbox-Like World and Participate in the Creation of the Metaverse – $0.02 per Token

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RobotEra is creating a virtual world similar to the popular blockchain game The Sandbox. TARO, the platform’s native token, is currently one of the most exciting presales on the market. 

Build A New World, Earn Profits

RobotEra is a new and innovative GameFi project. The platform, backed by LBank Labs, combines several impressive concepts to help players optimize profitability while engaging in a fun activity. 

In RobotEra, players are taken into a virtual world called Taro. According to the game’s storyline, Taro is a planet that was destroyed by a massive apocalyptic event. The planet is now ready for rebuilding, and players in this game will be tasked to do so. 

The RobotEra gameplay allows players to create avatars, purchase land and property, and contribute to rebuilding the planet Taro. All properties, from player avatars to in-game assets, are non fungible tokens (NFTs), which means that users own whatever they purchase. 

RobotEra allows players to build structures such as houses, stadiums, malls, and museums. These properties are tradable, and players can profit from them in several ways. For example, a player can charge for entry to a museum they created or even organize concerts and sell tickets to earn.

As expected, the primary benefit of RobotEra is that the game is very intuitive. With this platform, players get to enjoy a variety of custom-building tools. They can add 3D scenes, interact with other players, and customize the structures they build in any way they see fit – adding their soundtracks, decorating structures with art, and more. 

All of this is possible without coding knowledge. The game’s founders are confident that they will be able to unlock even more use cases and opportunities for players to generate income over time, especially as the metaverse continues to grow as a medium for social interactions. 

RobotEra is also available to buy now.

TARO Is Now Available on Presale

The RobotEra ecosystem is powered by TARO. Players can utilize the digital asset to buy NFTs in-game and earn TARO when they sell NFTs on RobotEra's in-app marketplace. With the asset also set for a listing on centralized exchanges soon, users can easily trade their TARO for profit. 

Currently, TARO is available on presale, raising over $465,000 so far. Considering the bear market, TARO’s ability to raise this amount shows a significant level of investor interest in the asset.

Currently, the price of TARO stands at just $0.025. However, this price is set to increase as more stages of its presale get completed. With such a low price tag, TARO is an attractive asset for investors to consider. 

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