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Electric Vehicle Charging Payments Go Crypto With This Innovative New Startup – The Next Big Thing?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 1 min read

Electric vehicles (EVs) are playing a significant role in the world’s rapid transition to environmentally friendly practices. 

The network application and utility token proposed by C+Charge aims to overcome the infrastructure and economic problems limiting the expansion of the EV sector.

While many crypto projects promise unrealistic standards, C+Charge is looking to deliver practical value with a real-world use case that would enhance the environment by powering a network to help reduce carbon emissions and their harmful impacts on the ecosystem.

The crypto startup native token, $CCHG, controls the C+Charge economy. At the time of writing, the digital token price is $0.018, and the presale has raised more than $2.2 million. 

A Green Crypto Initiative

C+Charge is looking to establish itself as a cutting-edge and environmentally responsible cryptocurrency by rewarding users with carbon credits on and off the chain. 

The platform also wants to increase transparency in the EV sector by standardizing charging payments.

In order to satisfy the demand that will certainly rise as more EVs begin to operate on the road, the initiative seeks to build more charging stations and expand the capacity of those that already exist.

Since Elon Musk’s Tesla was unveiled, the number of electric vehicles has steadily increased, and consumers are more willing to trade their internal combustion engine vehicles for electric ones. 

However, the current problems in this ecosystem have kept the adoption rate in doubt.

One of the main issues is that of carbon credit. A carbon credit is an authorization to emit a specific quantity of greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide. 

One ton of any greenhouse gas emitted is equivalent to one carbon credit.

Because environmental altruism will not increase adoption rates and lower power costs will not persuade most consumers to choose electric vehicles, carbon credits are the most effective form of compensation.

Every day, EV owners take steps to reduce their carbon emissions. As a result, they merit a system of carbon credits. 

The existing approach, however, has excluded regular people from the carbon credit system.

Corporate entities are currently hegemonizing the carbon credit economy, leaving out the major contributors to carbon emission reductions, like regular EV drivers.

C+Charge intends to create an inclusive and beneficial green economy for EV owners. 

The blockchain platform wants to develop an EV charging payment system to provide carbon credits to its app and CCHG users.

$CCHG: The Crypto-Fueled Token

At press time, $CCHG is priced at $0.018, and investors can purchase the virtual currency using the Metamask wallet on computers or the Trust wallet on mobile devices.

The eco-friendly project now accepts ETH as a form of payment. This is in addition to other accepted payment methods such as BNB and USDT.

Also, the project has started burning any tokens that were not purchased during the presale period. 

On February 22, 35,658.291 tokens from Stage 2 were burned in the first burn, and 71,474,007 tokens from Stage 3 were burned in the second burn.

The popularity of C+Charge has grown among savvy crypto investors, and the startup has so far raised over $2.4 million in its presale. 

Stage Five will end in two days, after which the price will rise to $0.019.

C+Charge claims to have been fully audited by SolidProof, while the “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) team is verified by Coinsniper. Furthermore, the token smart contract passed a thorough security audit with no significant flaws discovered.

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