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DeFi project Xfinance (XFI) presale sceduled for Sept 10th

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DeFi project – Xfinance announced they will cooperate with LID Protocol and launch XFI ILO presale on the LID presale Dapp, launch date sceduled for September 10th.

LID Protocol solves the issue of Uniswap exit scamming by using standardized non-custodial presale smart contracts that lock liquidity.

After the presale is completed, 60% of ETH will be permanently locked in Uniswap liquidity, and 15% of ETH will buyback and burn of XFI tokens within 72hrs after the presale to prevent any form of dump thereby reducing supply and increasing demand.

XFI presale details

Total supply: 50,000 XFI
Presale: 15,000 XFI (30%)
Presale Base price: 1 ETH = 4.8387 XFI
Hard cap/Soft cap: 3000ETH/1000ETH
Bonus: According to the presale progress
0–500 ETH 10% bonus;
500–1000 ETH 5% bonus;
1000–2000 ETH 2.5% bonus;
2000–3000 ETH 0% bonus
Uniswap Initial liquidity
ETH 1800
XFI 7000
Uniswap Initial Price: 1ETH =3.889 XFI
More Details: https://link.medium.com/Z9McoOWDq9

What is Xfinance project?

After a month of extraordinary returns of more than 1200%, DeFi darling yearn.finance (YFI) keeps climbing recently, while traders remain divided on whether the top has been reached for the price or if it still has room to grow.

At the time of YFI’s price hype, another project directly competing with YFI – Xfinance launched.

Xfinance is also a DeFi yield aggregator platform, and DeFi stands for decentralized finance.

DeFi is a cryptocurrency movement that aims to provide traditional financial products and services without the need for “centralized” authorization from banks, governments, or companies.

Income summary refers to the use of the latest and best strategies to invest to maximize returns.

The best strategy is constantly changing, commonly known as the machine gun pool. Xfinance has proposed some innovations that allow the machine gun pool to participate in more high APY contracts and obtain higher returns; withdrawal fees will be allocated to the XFI staking pool, etc.

Xfinance token XFI will have more token functionality than YFI. The token function seems to have only governance power, XFI will add more token functionality to truly make XFI valuable. For details, please check the official website: xfinance.io.

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