06 Jan 2022 · 3 min read

ClassicDoge: Transforming Your Pet into the Metaverse

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Your Real Pet Furever.

The metaverse has grown immensely in 2021, with several DeFi projects successfully launching into the virtual world. One project that is pioneering real pets into the metaverse for the first time is ClassicDoge. It is a decentralized pet ecosystem with a social NFT marketplace for pet owners to connect with their pets. The team behind the project announced the ClassicDoge launch to allow pet owners to have a 3D digital representation of their pets in the virtual universe in the form of NFTs. This is the first project with real use cases developed for the pet industry.

ClassicDoge is leveraging blockchain technology and the metaverse to create a unique experience for pet lovers. According to the team, the project is not just for minting animal NFTs, but immortalizing those experiences shared with pets. The pet stays forever with the owner even at the advent of the loss of one’s beloved companion. In turn this will allow anyone to bring their pet with them furever in augmented reality for a walk again, or into the metaverse world of their choice. Through imminent and forthcoming partnerships ClassicDoge is integrating their technology into the top metaverse platforms to truly allow a pet owner to bring their pet with them everywhere they go virtually. 

The DeFi platform is offering animal lovers the chance to own an NFT of their real pet, train to level up skills, purchase wearables and bring their pet with them, just like how it's done in the real world. Aside from that, owners can participate in events and missions with their pets for rewards and extend the bond existing between the pet and the owner.

Shaping the Petaverse by Bridging the Real World with Augmented & Virtual Reality

According to the team behind the project, two of the driving factors for creating ClassicDoge are enhancing the connection and interaction between the pet and it’s owner more than has ever been possible before . When owners lose their pets in the real world, they say goodbye to them for the last time, only left with precious memories. While the bond may still remain, there's no way to recollect all the beautiful memories and moments shared. 

ClassicDoge ensures that pet owners don't have to grieve over the loss of their pets by helping them immortalize the animals in the metaverse. This involves minting the 3D scanned image of your pet into an NFT to enter the gateway of Furever, a pet centric metaverse. ClassicDoge will not only render the visual characteristics but the ability to include some behavioral traits of your pet, thus creating an open-ended memory forever, that you can engage with in a whole new way.  With this, your  pet gets to be with the owner forever with no end date. 

Explore the petaverse with your companion in similar ways you would in real life. By interacting with your pet through VR / AR you can train your pet for skills such as: obedience, loyalty, intelligence, strength, stamina, endurance, passion. Even train your dog for specialized roles: rescue, exploration, security, hunting, helping, sledding and much more… Participate in events and games while unlocking new content and rewards all while increasing your rights and governance on the platform. Even accessorize your pet with limited edition content that can increase the value of your pet avatar and NFT.

By building the value of your pet, it can be added to already established metaverse marketplaces for purchase, or as an NFT in the Classicdoge Furever Marketplace for sale to bring royalties to the owner. As the value of your pet goes up, mate-a-pet will allow you to team up with other users to selectively breed for traits that you find desirable.

ClassicDoge Launches Its Digital Currency on PancakeSwap

ClassicDoge has already launched the public sale of its digital currency xDOGE on PancakeSwap. xDOGE will act as the currency of the NFT marketplace and virtual ecosystem, which will empower the users to purchase/sell pet avatars, NFTs, and accessories. The holders of xDoge will have the opportunity to participate in a DAO for voting rights within the community. ClassicDoge offers a staking platform for investors  to earn while supporting the project, in addition xDoge will soon onboard new exchanges to boost awareness and offer more trading pairs.