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BGX AI Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 10 min read

BGX AI Review - Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Software

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

With its reportedly state-of-the-art AI technology, BGX AI claims to simplify crypto trading. “No trading expertise required,” the website states, promising that all the trades are executed autonomously without needing an investor’s constant attention.

This promise of helping investors buy crypto with ease sounds exciting. But how true is this promise? This BGX AI review breaks down the site’s features to assess its legitimacy and answers this question.

BGX AI Summary

Before we take a critical look at what BGX AI can and cannot do, here is the abridged version of its features:

Supported Crypto Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and more
Accuracy Rate Not specified
Available on Mobile Not mentioned
Fees Not mentioned
Customer Support Accessible to registered users
Withdrawal Speed It can possibly take up to 24 hours
Minimum Deposit Not mentioned

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

What is BGX AI?

The cryptocurrency market is going through a bull cycle amid the ETF mania. Investors are rejoicing at Bitcoin’s recent surge, and other cryptocurrencies are also rising. But that does not make it a good time to buy. Speculations are still running the narrative, which makes buying now akin to holding the bag if and when the crypto prices drop.

That’s where there is a need for a system that removes any emotional baggage from the trading equation and invests in assets systematically. Autonomous trading systems are, therefore, gaining a lot of traction in the market.

One of them is BGX AI. Claiming it is “excelling” at navigating the unpredictable cryptocurrency market, BGX AI states that it analyzes large volumes of data in real-time and quickly finds buying opportunities.

Supporting this feature is supposedly a simplified UI that veterans and novice traders can interact with. The BGX AI website ends this statement by saying it is the “future of cryptocurrency trading.”

These facilities also supposedly include the ability to safeguard investors using enhanced security measures. However, BGX AI has done nothing to give us the names of those features. Wallet-enhanced security is also being discussed, but no details are disclosed.

The lack of detail is a common theme with this crypto trading platform, with information about the makers of the website and the way it functions not available online. While some words were spoken about the platform’s history, the details provided aren’t verifiable.

A fee is involved with trading on this platform, but no details are given. The lack of information creates a weird sentiment around this site, which prompts investors to be more careful when dealing with it.

BGX AI Pros and Cons

The limited content we had access to revealed the following pros and cons of BGX AI:


  • The platform claims to offer a fully autonomous trading system
  • The platform makes use of the BGX AI technology
  • Multi cryptocurrencies are supported – per the claims
  • The site also talks about how profitable it can be
  • Simple UI to make the platform accessible to all types of investors


  • The site is not detail-oriented
  • Important information about the website makers and the fee structure is absent
  • Not many reliable reviews are available online

How Does BGX AI?

BGX AI claims to be an AI crypto trading bot, working autonomously by leveraging AI technology and machine learning to execute trades on behalf of the users.

It states that it analyzes a large amount of historical data to access the market conditions and then uses its AI-driven attributes to find the best trading opportunities.

We can extrapolate and guess how the crypto trading bot might work based on the information we can access.

  1. Users who create an account might gain access to underlying tools that could help them change the trading system. The settings to be changed could be stop loss and take profit settings.
  2. Once the system is turned on, the trading system might scan the market for suitable investment opportunities.
  3. The trading system might then weigh the current market state with historical data to predict where the asset price will go.
  4. It may then execute trades ahead of time before the cryptocurrency hits the predicted mark.

Note that this information is just a guess. However, if this crypto trading platform is similar to others that we have reviewed in the past, this is how it might work.

BGX AI – Top Features

Listed below are the features that BGX AI claims it has to offer:

Simple to Utilize Platform

BGX AI claims the platform is simple to utilize, even for novices. “Even for novices, trading like a professional is made possible”, says BGX AI. Apparently, the interface is comprehensible and can be interacted with by any user at any level.

Enhanced Protection

High-profile security features are purportedly the second feature that BGX AI has. The platform talks about utilizing cutting-edge security measures that can safeguard a person’s personal information. However, what these features are? The site doesn’t say.

Wallet Enhanced Security

The other security feature that BGX AI talks about is wallet security. It claims it offers a protected and coded way to store digital assets, which apparently renders them impervious to robbery and cyber attacks.

Crypto swapping

BGX AI apparently also offers users the ability to exchange cryptos. While the platform states that crypto swapping can be done “effortlessly”, no information has been provided on whether it can be done.

Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Diversification lies at the heart of crypto trading. Investors must always diversify their investments, picking different cryptocurrencies to hedge their bets. BGX AI apparently delivers this facility and supports multiple assets. However, only 4 cryptos – Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin, have been listed on the website.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

BGX AI – Fees

BGX AI has not unveiled any details about its fee structure. Because the word “free” isn’t mentioned anywhere on the platform, it indicates that a fee is present. Information about it, however, can only be gained by talking to the customer support team.

BGX AI – Minimum Deposit Requirement

Like other cryptocurrency trading platforms, BGX AI likely has a minimum deposit. However, how much money one must deposit to use as their initial capital is the info that the website does not give. Talk to the support team to get that detail.

Is BGX AI a Scam?

In order to assess a website’s legitimacy, especially a crypto trading system offering autonomous trading facilities, assessing the available information is important. However, BGX AI doesn’t tell us a lot.

It has only stated that it is an automated trading platform that assesses large amounts of market data to find trading opportunities and execute trades. What kind of tools does it use to make accurate predictions? What is the win rate? This is not the information that it delivers.

Also, the site’s claims of providing high-quality security features can’t be properly verified because it does not discuss which types of security measures are in place. We can guess that there is a two-factor authentication system at play here. However, without a copious amount of evidence to support this claim, we cannot say anything.

This lack of detail also permeates across the site’s other claimed facilities. Third-party reviews are the same, with most of them making assumptions about what security features are available and what trading modules the platform provides.

However, this information is insufficient to mark BGX AI as a scam. The site looks new, and it seems like it has just become operational, as evidenced by the number of recent reviews that have emerged. They indicate that the platform hasn’t been tested a lot yet. Customer testimonials may be absent because of that.

These negatives aside, the site’s functionalities, like sign-up, are simplified. We also had no trouble accessing the platform from various devices. So, we can say that not all of its claims are unverified.

These attributes make BGX AI appear like a mixed bag. We recommend talking to the representative during the sign-up process to get the whole picture of what the site is and isn’t capable of before you make any judgments about it.

Be aware of the risks of crypto trading, and even if all the features that BGX AI advertises are legit, profits are never guaranteed when trading crypto.

BGX AI Customer Support

There is 24/7 customer support available on the website, per the claims. The website has not said much about it other than the support team is very supportive. That said, the feature is only apparently accessible to registered users, as unregistered investors only have a chance to talk to the customer support team via the Contact Us page, and that’s not very helpful.

How to use BGX AI?

If there are enough positives on BGX AI that have gotten you interested in its offerings, follow the steps below to start trading on it:

Step 1 – Create an Account on BGX AI

Visit the official BGX AI website first and start the account creation procedure. Enter your name, email ID, and other details to proceed. An account manager will likely reach out to you to provide you with details about the platform.

Create an Account on BGX AI

Step 2 – Deposit the Minimum Amount

Along with the details, you’ll likely receive a link to deposit the minimum required amount. Do so using the methods available. BGX AI claims that it accepts fiat methods like credit cards.

Step 3 – Start Trading on BGX AI

After logging in, go to the demo trading account – if available. Assess the site’s features first-hand and learn about the trading system’s win rate. If it matches your requirements, move forward with live trading.

How to Delete a BGX AI Account?

BGX AI offers no information about how to delete the account. That said, try the following method before talking to the customer support team:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to your dashboard and navigate to settings.
  3. Find the “cancel account” option or something similar.
  4. Click the button and complete the form to close your account.

This way of closing an account can be a double-edged sword. If you still have funds inside, they might be lost. Therefore, we recommend clearing out your account before attempting to delete it.

Have Celebrities Endorsed BGX AI?

There are no reports of any celebrities backing BGX AI. We believe that has to do a lot with how recent the platform is. However, because the platform has started to gain renown, investors will likely encounter AI ads featuring a fake Elon Musk talking about the platform. We recommend that investors stay aware and not fall for these promises.

Who is the Founder of BGX AI?

BGX AI has provided no details about who the makers of the platform are, which is common for a crypto trading platform. However, by all accounts, BGX AI is a centralized trading system, so the lack of the founder’s details in this case can be deemed a red flag.

We recommend staying cautious when using this website.

Latest Bitcoin News

Here is the latest Bitcoin news for the week ending on 20th November 2023:

  1. Bitcoin is currently finding resistance below the $38k mark, but experts are eyeing a $40k valuation before the month’s close.
  2. Crypto presales have received increased interest in light of the current positives in the crypto market.

The Verdict

We have analyzed BGX AI based on the limited information we were given on the website. The site claims to be an autonomous trading system that makes buying and selling crypto easy.

However, it is lacking in terms of information. The details related to the site’s features aren’t fleshed out, and there is no info about its founders. Online reviews are also limited, and customer testimonials aren’t available. Given these factors, we recommend being careful when using this platform. Invest conservatively and only enhance your deposits if you are receiving positive returns.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection


What is BGX AI?

BGX AI claims to be a fully autonomous crypto trading platform that promises to simplify crypto investors for all types of traders. It also reportedly has high-quality security features and supposedly has crypto swapping facilities.

Has Elon Musk endorsed BGX AI?

Elon Musk has not endorsed BGX AI, as no related evidence exists. Also, the Dogefather has hardly shown any interest in crypto trading in the past few months. We recommend ignoring any claims that state Elon Musk is endorsing BGX AI.