Best Crypto to Buy Now December 1 – Celestia, Immutable, Blur

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Best Crypto to Buy Now December 1 – Celestia, Immutable, Blur
TIA, IMX, BLUR, BTCETF, and MK stand out as the best cryptos to buy now in December. Image by

As TIA’s price has ascended by nearly 11% so far today, Celestia stands out as one of the best crypto to buy now, with December welcoming robust broader cryptocurrency market volatility.

Immutable and Blur are likewise making notable strides with crypto presales for Bitcoin ETF Token and Meme Kombat also attracting investor interest.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in the News

Celestia’s token, TIA, is currently trading at $7.0945 up nearly 11% so far today.

This followed a substantial rise in November when Celestia (CEL) gained over 230% between November 9 and November 18.

Having recently hit an all-time high of around $7.42 before decreasing to stagnate around the $5.50 price point, TIA’s overall trajectory remains upward.

With bullish projections driven by positive market movements and sentiment, TIA has the potential to retest its current high and could subsequently break that threshold to set a new all-time high before the year’s end if momentum continues.

Immutable is experiencing a 10% gain so far today as it currently trades at $1.4099.

Despite a slight decrease of nearly 4% over the past week, the broader price action indicates a potential bounce, suggesting a retest of its immediate resistance level, which is a potential rise of 13-17% from the current levels.

BLUR saw substantial gains in November, closing out the month with an increase of over 108%.

This performance highlights BLUR’s growing relevance and demand in the NFT space.

Despite some fluctuations throughout the month, the overall trajectory for BLUR remains bullish.

With major price supports in sight, BLUR is in a position to rally and continue gaining as its platform’s NFT marketplace sees more adoption.

Amidst these cryptocurrencies showing dynamic market movements, the industry is also observing crypto presales for their potential impact.

Bitcoin ETF Token and Meme Kombat are among such presales drawing interest due to their prospective offerings.

With the market providing opportunities like Celestia, Immutable, and Blur, as well as crypto presales for Bitcoin ETF Token and Meme Kombat, it’s worth diving deeper into the technical and fundamental factors driving their momentum.

Read on to see the indicators and developments positioning them as the best crypto to buy now.

Celestia (TIA) Price Breaks Out of Range Resistance, Gaining Momentum

tradingview chart for the tia chart
Source: TradingView / TIAUSDT

After a robust breakout from its range resistance at the Fib 0.236 level of $6.1979 yesterday, Celestia (TIA) has been making notable upward strides so far today.

The TIA price is currently trading at $7.0945, marking an impressive 10.98% jump so far today.

The coin’s current trajectory seems to be heading at its immediate resistance zone, and if this momentum continues, it could signal a more extended bullish run.

The 10-day EMA (Exponential Moving Average) for the TIA price stands at $6.1420, well above the 20-day EMA of $5.4212.

Such a position usually indicates a bullish sentiment since the short-term EMA is above the longer-term EMA.

It implies that recent price increases are outpacing the average, indicating positive momentum.

However, traders should exercise caution as the current TIA price is approaching its immediate resistance, which ranges from $7.1401 to $7.42.

If TIA can successfully breach this resistance zone, it could signal a continuation of the upward trend. Otherwise, a pullback could be on the cards.

TIA’s RSI currently stands at 67.08. The RSI ranges from 0 to 100, and an RSI above 70 typically indicates that a cryptocurrency is becoming overbought or overvalued and may be primed for a trend reversal or corrective pullback in price.

Therefore, although the RSI for the TIA price shows bullish momentum, traders should be aware of the possibility of a reversal as the RSI inches closer to the overbought region.

On the downside, TIA has a robust support system. The immediate support is at the Fib 0.236 level of $6.1979, followed closely by the 10-day EMA of $6.1420.

There’s an even stronger horizontal support zone that ranges from $5.1260 to $5.4565, which is in confluence with the 20-day EMA of $5.4212 and the Fib 0.382 level of $5.4456.

This layered support system provides a safety net for the TIA price should it encounter a pullback, potentially cushioning any significant declines.

The current TIA price movement indicates robust upward momentum.

However, as it approaches the overbought territory, traders should be prepared for potential volatility or a price correction.

IMX Price Bounces Back: Are the Bulls Ready to Charge?

tradingview chart for the imx chart
Source: TradingView / IMXUSDT

Following a five-day retracement, the IMX price appears to be finding solid ground, bouncing off the 20-day EMA and the horizontal support zone of $1.2477 to $1.2894.

The technical indicators suggest that the IMX price may be on the verge of a reversal, as the current trading rate of $1.4099 indicates a 10.08% increase so far today.

The 20-day EMA for the IMX price currently sits at $1.2529. This short-term EMA is comfortably above the 50-day EMA of $1.0307 and the 100-day EMA of $0.8745.

Typically, when the shorter-term EMA is above the long-term EMA, it’s a bullish signal.

In this instance, the considerable difference between the EMAs supports a potential uptrend for the IMX price.

The RSI has climbed from yesterday’s 58.89 to today’s 66.25, moving closer to the overbought territory (an RSI above 70).

While this could signal that the IMX price is overvalued, it’s important to remember that prices can remain overbought for extended periods in a strong uptrend.

Trading at a pivotal point, the IMX price faces a psychological resistance at the $1.50 mark, followed by the prior resistance zone of $1.5310 to $1.5888.

A breach of these resistance levels could indicate a continuing uptrend, providing a good opportunity for traders to enter long positions.

Conversely, the immediate support for the IMX price is the horizontal zone of $1.2477 to $1.2894, which is in alignment with the 20-day EMA of $1.2529.

If the IMX price were to fall below this support, it could signal a potential downtrend.

While the IMX price is currently showing bullish signs, traders should remain cautious.

The overbought RSI suggests a potential price correction in the future, and the negative MACD divergence could indicate bearish sentiment.

However, the rising price and the strong support from the 20-day EMA may counteract these signals.

Ultimately, the future of the IMX price will depend on whether it can break through the resistance levels or if it will fall back to the support levels.

Traders should keep a close eye on these key price levels and the technical indicators to make informed decisions.

Breakout or Breakdown: The Next Move for Blur Price

tradingview chart for the blur price
Source: TradingView / BLURUSDT

The Blur price is showing a slight increase, trading at $0.5010, a 1.64% increase so far today.

The recent price action suggests a possibility of further downside towards its immediate support level, along with potential consolidation at the current levels before its next leg up.

Investors are keenly observing the marker as the technical indicators hint at the possible price trajectory in the immediate future.

Overlaying the EMAs on the Blur price chart indicates a bullish trend in the bigger picture.

The 20-day EMA of the Blur price currently stands at $0.4583, significantly above both the 50-day EMA at $0.3671 and the 100-day EMA at $0.3205.

This suggests an overall bullish sentiment, with the short-term price action outperforming the long-term trend.

The RSI for Blur currently sits at 58.72, up from yesterday’s 57.93.

With the overbought level not until 70, there remains ample room for the RSI to climb before signaling the Blur price has become overstretched.

Traders should continue monitoring the indicator for a topping pattern that may precede a correction.

The MACD histogram shows a value of -0.0023, a decrease from the previous day’s 0.0010.

This newly formed bearish MACD crossover implies a shift in momentum, potentially signaling a short-term price decline or consolidation for the Blur price.

Blur price currently faces immediate resistance at the horizontal resistance zone of $0.5327 to $0.5651. A break above this level could attract further buying pressure and potentially ignite an upward trend.

However, the bearish MACD crossover and the RSI nearing overbought conditions suggest that this might not be an easy task for the bulls.

Conversely, the immediate support for the Blur price lies in the horizontal support zone of $0.4482 to $0.4719.

Interestingly, this zone coincides with the 20-day EMA of $0.4583, providing a strong layer of support.

A breach below this support could result in a short-term price decline, although the longer-term bullish sentiment may limit significant downside.

Given the current technical indicators, the Blur price seems to be at an inflection point.

While the EMA crossover suggests a bullish sentiment, the RSI and the MACD are hinting at a potential consolidation or price decline in the near term.

Investors and traders should closely monitor the Blur price action around the key support and resistance levels.

A decisive breakout or breakdown from these levels could set the tone for the next major price move.

Navigating the current market environment with a careful risk management strategy could be the key to capitalizing on potential opportunities.

With bullish momentum mounting behind TIA, IMX, and BLUR, investors are also scoping out presales for overlooked gems before exchange debuts.

The Most Promising Bitcoin Alternatives To Buy Now

With Bitcoin dominating the crypto market, many investors are searching for promising Bitcoin alternatives that have yet to gain mass adoption.

Though risky, getting in early on to select new crypto projects allows you to acquire tokens at a fraction of their future price.

The key is identifying platforms on the verge of solving unmet needs before widespread awareness kicks in.

Two bitcoin alternatives currently running presales that offer excellent potential in 2023 are Bitcoin ETF Token and TG.Casino.

Both of these bitcoin alternatives are bringing fresh ideas and seeking to disrupt their respective sectors.

By getting in early on these promising crypto presales, you can gain exposure to what may end up being major game-changers down the line.

Rather than sticking with well-known crypto juggernauts, these overlooked crypto presales allow you to invest in new bitcoin alternatives looking to shake things up.

Bitcoin ETF Hopes Soar as BTCETF, One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Now, Surpasses $2.1 Million

As the crypto industry awaits pivotal SEC rulings on Bitcoin ETFs, the presale token Bitcoin ETF (BTCETF) has attracted over $2.1 million amid surging optimism.

BTCETF is currently in stage six of its presale, with the token price starting at $0.0006.

The price increases incrementally with each stage, incentivizing investors to buy early before the full launch.

The project offers a unique use case, rewarding BTCETF holders upon Bitcoin ETF approvals.

This has sparked interest from the crypto community amid growing optimism that ETFs will finally get SEC clearance.

Major financial institutions like BlackRock have been meeting with regulators to align their proposed Bitcoin ETF structures with SEC requirements.

As the world’s largest asset manager, a BlackRock crypto ETF could bring substantial new capital into Bitcoin.

BTCETF utilizes deflationary tokenomics, with plans to burn 25% of the total supply when key Bitcoin ETF milestones are achieved.

This scarcity mechanism intends to increase the token’s value as demand rises.

The project also offers staking rewards up to 117% APY for locking up tokens, further limiting circulating supply as the presale progresses.

However, the staking return decreases as more tokens are staked.

BTCETF’s presale has gained strong momentum, raising over $2.1 million already.

With a hard cap of $5 million, the presale is entering its final days. Once this limit is reached, no additional tokens will be minted.

For investors looking for the best crypto to buy now while prices are still low, BTCETF presents an intriguing opportunity.

Visit Bitcoin ETF Token Now

Meme Kombat (MK): Dominate the Meme Space with the Best Crypto to Buy Now

A new meme coin called Meme Kombat (MK) has quickly captured the crypto community’s attention, raising nearly $2.5 million so far in its ongoing presale.

With plans to list on top crypto exchanges soon, MK could be ready for an eventful debut.

Meme Kombat brands itself as a play-to-earn meme coin, incorporating battle games, staking rewards, and community engagement focused on popular internet memes.

Users can wager the MK token on fights between characters like Doge and Pepe in game modes with set odds for rewards.

Meanwhile, the project’s staking protocol seeks to promote long-term holding rather than quick flipping after launch.

With meme-inspired artwork and nostalgia for crypto’s early days, Meme Kombat offers a unique platform.

Demand has been robust in the presale so far, with the price increasing incrementally as each stage sells out.

The current presale price sits over 25% higher than the initial base price.

Upon completion, Meme Kombat plans to list MK on top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Given the tendency for new meme coins to surge in price after debut listings, this signals excellent potential and upside potential for MK ahead.

Adding to its credibility, Meme Kombat has an experienced team led by founder Matt Whiteman, known for his work with successful ventures like Phat Loot and North Technologies.

The project has also received endorsements from influencers on social media, demonstrating its strong position in the cryptocurrency space.

With its accountable development methodology, seasoned leadership, and exceptionally engaging platform, Meme Kombat reveals promise beyond your typical meme coin.

As such, Meme Kombat stands out as one of the best crypto to buy now.

Visit Meme Kombat NowDisclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.