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Best Crypto to Buy Now 14 April – ARB, APT, ADA

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 11 min read

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a notable upswing, primarily driven by recent inflation data and a significant Ethereum network upgrade.

Bitcoin, which has surged 80% this year, hit an intraday high of $31,046 earlier today, a level not seen since June of the previous year–mprompting speculation of a new bull market.

In light of this development, what are the best cryptos to buy now?

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Impact of Macroeconomic Forces on the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies remain susceptible to macroeconomic influences, as evidenced by their rise following the producer-price index inflation data.

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As signs of cooling inflation emerge, investors anticipate the Federal Reserve becoming more lenient in its monetary policy.

Over the past year, the central bank has raised interest rates aggressively to control soaring price growth, impacting both stocks and cryptocurrencies.

However, the recent Bitcoin rally, coupled with banking sector stresses, has bolstered hopes that significant rate hikes may be over, and the Fed might contemplate reducing rates soon.

Ethereum’s “Shanghai” Upgrade Boosts Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum’s critical upgrade, dubbed “Shanghai,” has provided a tailwind for cryptocurrencies.

Ether prices have soared 8% to above $2,000, its highest since May 2022, fueling gains in most altcoins (cryptos other than Bitcoin).

This upgrade marks Ethereum’s completion of its transition to a “proof-of-stake” system, where network security and transaction processing are handled by Ether holders who temporarily “stake” their tokens and earn interest.

Despite concerns of selling pressure, the successful upgrade has increased the appeal of staking, bolstering Ether prices and sparking a rally in the crypto market.

A New Chapter for Crypto Market?

As cryptocurrencies experience growth in response to inflation data and Ethereum’s network upgrade, investors are left to ponder if this marks the beginning of a new bull market.

Cryptocurrencies such as LHINU, ARB, DLANCE, APT, ECOTERRA, ADA, SWDTKN, and TARO are set to benefit from this surge and are some of the best cryptos to buy now based on fundamental and/or technical analysis. 

LHINU: The Meme Coin with a Purpose to Transform the Survey Industry

LHINU is a meme coin that has the potential to disrupt the multibillion-dollar survey industry.

Carl Dawkins, the mastermind behind Tamadoge, has designed LHINU as a disruptive meme coin with a novel concept: a Web3 Vote-2-Earn platform.

LHINU combines the alluring tokenomics of meme coins with the potential of resolving community disputes through blockchain-based voting.

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Users are incentivized with LHINU tokens for participating in the democratic process, while communities lock up their tokens to cast their votes.

Staking periods offer lucrative rewards, striking a healthy balance with the vote-staking mechanism.

With an eye on the multi-billion-dollar survey industry, LHINU could trigger a significant transformation.

By attracting buy pressure from diverse communities and weaving itself into the fabric of emerging trends, LHINU is likely to maintain its appeal in the long run.

The pre-sale of LHINU has drawn significant attention, with only 10 days left and a mere 20% of its allocation remaining.

Having raised an impressive $4.15 million in under a month, the project’s potential is undeniable.

As the clock ticks down and the pre-sale supply dwindles, potential investors may want to seize the chance to become early adopters of this trailblazing project.

While it’s impossible to predict the future with certainty, Love Hate Inu (LHINU) stands out as a bold contender in the meme coin space.

Visit Love Hate Inu Now

Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum has witnessed a 15.24% growth in the last 24 hours and a 27% increase over the past week, presently hovering around $1.5465.

The Layer 2 protocol (ARB) has reaped significant benefits from the recent Shapella Upgrade on the Ethereum network, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

The 4-hour Arbitrum price chart shows the 10 EMA at $1.367 while the 50 EMA and 100 EMA are at $1.285 and $1.270, respectively.

These numbers indicate a short-term bullish trend, as the price remains above all three moving averages.

ARB’s RSI is currently trading at 77.52 which indicates that the cryptocurrency has entered the overbought zone.

ARB’s price closed yesterday at an impressive $1.369, marking a 14.71% rise in value.

Today, Arbitrum’s positive momentum is only growing stronger, reaching a new all-time high of $1.5910 earlier in the day.

Currently, Arbitrum is trading at $1.634, reflecting a 19.63% gain so far today.

Immediate resistance for Arbitrum is the extended Fibonacci level of Fib 1.272 at $1.70, while support can be found at the Fib 0.786 level of $1.4987.

For traders looking to capitalize on Arbitrum’s potential price movements, it is essential to keep a watchful eye on its intraday price action to look for potential entries around the key levels.

By approaching critical levels with caution and utilizing effective risk management strategies, traders can minimize potential losses and maximize their potential profits.

DeeLance: The Disruptive Web3 Freelancing Platform Built on NFTs and Smart Contracts

DeeLance is a novel crypto project that employs non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technologies to create a decentralized recruitment marketplace.

Unlike conventional platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, which rely on traditional web-based channels, DeeLance embraces the potential of blockchain technology to disrupt the industry.

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To participate, investors can purchase DLANCE using Ether (ETH) or Tether (USDT), with the option to acquire ETH through credit or debit card transactions.

By utilizing blockchain technology, DeeLance establishes direct interactions between clients and freelancers, ultimately reducing fees.

The project’s whitepaper reveals that DeeLance’s fees for clients and freelancers are 2% and 10%, respectively—significantly lower than those charged by competitors.

Additionally, DeeLance’s smart contracts ensure a fair and transparent process for all parties involved, alleviating common disputes that plague the freelancing economy.

Incorporating NFTs and metaverse concepts into the platform further sets DeeLance apart. Freelancers can showcase their work and market themselves to clients through an NFT marketplace.

This not only provides a way to verify the authenticity of work but also allows for the seamless transfer of ownership rights.

DeeLance also plans to launch a metaverse world, complete with a lobby, office spaces, and meeting rooms, where clients and freelancers can engage in virtual interactions.

DLANCE tokens play a crucial role within the DeeLance ecosystem, serving as a medium for renting virtual office spaces or paying freelancers.

These instant payments address one of the most significant pain points for independent workers: lengthy wait times for compensation.

Built on the ERC-20 token standard, DLANCE also presents the possibility for integration with numerous Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps) in the future.

DeeLance recently launched a three-stage presale, offering early investors an opportunity to acquire DLANCE, the project’s native token, at a discounted price. 

As the presale progresses through its stages, the price of DLANCE will gradually increase, culminating in a launch price of $0.037.  

Visit DeeLance Now

Aptos (APT)

Aptos (APT) experienced a 7.4% upswing in under a minute earlier today when it was triggered by a tweet from Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk.

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The message read, “AI APT OTT!” Interestingly, “APT” in this case referred to Advanced Persistent Threats rather than the Aptos token.

Following the removal of the tweet an hour later, APT saw a full reversal of the price surge.

This isn’t the first occasion Musk or his affiliated companies have influenced the crypto sphere. Recently, Twitter’s logo was temporarily changed from the iconic blue bird to the Shina Inu dog, the symbol of dogecoin, causing the meme coin’s value to jump by as much as 35%. 

The logo has since been restored to its original version.

Despite the rapid retracement, the Aptos token remains 2.35% higher than it was 24 hours ago.

This uptick parallels gains observed across the altcoin market, due in part to the successful Shanghai upgrade completion of Ethereum.

APT’s current resistance is situated between $13.57 and $13.77, while support is at the 50-day EMA of $11.89.

ecoterra: The Crypto Project Making a Positive Impact on the Environment 

Environmental concerns are beginning to take center stage, and ecoterra is capturing the interest of investors and sustainability advocates alike.

This cryptocurrency project leverages the power of blockchain technology to incentivize recycling, combat waste, and foster a more sustainable future.

ecoterra’s unique approach has led to a swift rise in popularity, with its initial presale stage already completed, reaching its target of $800,000 within 2 weeks.

At the core of ecoterra’s appeal is its Recycle-to-Earn model, which rewards users with $ECOTERRA tokens for recycling products and materials.

The upcoming ecoterra app will enable users to scan barcodes and receive tokens, creating an engaging and dynamic experience.

This innovative system sets ecoterra apart from other eco coins, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now for environmentally-minded investors.

ecoterra’s ambitions extend beyond the Recycle-to-Earn model, with plans to introduce a carbon offset marketplace and a recycled materials marketplace.

Users will be able to purchase verified carbon offsets through the app, while companies gain access to a robust platform for buying recycled products and materials.

In the realm of eco coins, transparency is paramount.

ecoterra addresses this by providing users with an impact profile that allows them to monitor their progress in real-time and observe the tangible effects of their recycling efforts on climate change.

For companies, this feature serves as a means to showcase their dedication to sustainability and establish trust with consumers.

ecoterra’s impressive growth in a relatively short timeframe hints at its potential. The presale is currently in a cooldown phase before the second stage starts.

As the price of ecoterra will rise with each successful presale stage, interested investors have a unique opportunity to participate before the price climbs even higher.

Visit ecoterra Now

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) has seen a price surge of over 6% within the past day, following the unveiling of Aiken Launch, an open-source smart contract language and toolchain designed for use on the Cardano network.

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The Aiken Launch alpha phase began on April 13, promising to address challenges in smart contract writing, such as establishing, learning, and employing Haskell Plutus on the blockchain.

This initiative will boost interoperability between Haskell, a versatile programming language, and other off-chain languages.

The ADA community and the wider crypto market have responded positively to the Aiken news.

ADA closed with a 5.16% increase on April 13, continuing with a 1.51% gain so far today.

This enthusiasm is mirrored by the 62.53% surge in trading volume over the past day.

Some analysts predict that this development could foster a bullish outlook for ADA, attracting further utility and attention to the token.

Technical indicators suggest that ADA has surpassed all moving averages, signaling a bullish trajectory.

Oscillators point to a robust buy direction, indicating that market bulls are driving the token price upward.

Cardano’s immediate resistance is the extended fib level of Fib 1.414 at $0.444, while support may potentially found at $0.42.

If this bullish trend persists, ADA could approach the $0.5 price mark.

Swords of Blood Is One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Now for Play-To-Earn Gamers

Blockchain gaming, once hailed as the future of the industry, has been floundering as both investors and players seek more sustainable alternatives.

However, Swords of Blood, an AAA-quality hack-and-slash RPG on the blockchain, is offering a potential lifeline to this struggling sector.

This project combines play-to-own and play-to-win gaming models and could be the best crypto to buy now for those who believe in the resurgence of blockchain gaming.

Swords of Blood’s RPG breaks away from the norm by offering a free-to-play experience, eschewing the hefty tokens and NFT investments often required in other crypto games.

This inclusive approach eliminates the need for gamers to spend money on in-game assets before understanding the gameplay, addressing one of the major drawbacks that have plagued play-to-earn games.

Built on the foundation of an award-winning title from 2019 by Artifex Mundi, Swords of Blood is positioned to bring blockchain gaming to a wider audience.

The game utilizes the Polygon ecosystem to benefit from its speed and energy efficiency while incorporating Web3 features to attract gamers beyond the traditional crypto market.

Swords of Blood features an active gamer community and a variety of engaging game modes, ranging from campaign dungeons and monster hunts to player-versus-player (PvP) competitions and special events.

The success of Swords of Blood can be attributed to its experienced core team, which includes gaming industry veterans like James Seaman (CEO), Jeremy Brown (COO), and Mariusz Szynalik (Project Director for HitBox Games).

This strong leadership has attracted high-profile partners and backers, as well as a rapidly growing community.

Swords of Blood’s native token, $SWDTKN, is currently in the second stage of its fast-moving presale, having already secured $1,171,384 out of its $1,370,000 target.

The first stage offers $SWDTKN at $0.070 per token, with support for ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI.

As blockchain gaming searches for a path toward more sustainable growth, Swords of Blood presents an opportunity for both gamers and investors to embrace a new, more organic direction.

Visit Swords of Blood Now

RobotEra’s: A Multi-Dimensional World for Creation, Exploration, and Entertainment

RobotEra (TARO), a new metaverse project offering a sandbox-like, planet-rebuilding experience, is capturing the attention of investors.

Powered by the $TARO token, RobotEra aims to bring together the development of in-game currency, play-to-earn gameplay, an in-game store, and a variety of NFTs.

At the moment, the value of 1 $TARO is trading at $0.0225 USDT, and it has achieved a milestone of $1.1 million in presale funding.

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The appeal of RobotEra lies in the freedom it offers its users, allowing them to explore and create in a world of endless possibilities. 

This autonomy keeps users engaged and encourages them to share the platform with others, ultimately increasing the project’s profile and the value of the $TARO token.

Players can engage in various activities on RobotEra, from building their own NFTs to participating in quests for valuable rewards. 

They can contribute their artwork to museums, join in on concerts, and even create new metaverse spaces with other NFT communities.

The development team aims to create a multi-dimensional metaverse platform that integrates multiple aspects like creation, exploration, management, interaction, and entertainment. 

Visit RobotEra Now