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Discover the Next Big Thing in Blockchain Recruitment – This Presale is Your Chance to Invest Early

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source / DeeLance

Get ready for a seismic shift in the recruitment industry as DeeLance ($DLANCE) masterfully fuses the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to deliver a revolutionary, immersive platform for businesses and freelancers.

Act now! Only 3 days and 8 hours remain before the DLANCE token price ascends to $0.029 USDT, so this is your golden opportunity to invest in this game-changing project.

Presently, a single DLANCE token is valued at $0.025, and the project has successfully garnered $118,386.38 towards their ambitious $600,000 target.

Upon listing on centralized exchanges (CEX), the token price is projected to reach $0.053 USDT, translating to a staggering 112% return for early investors.

Redefining Remote Work: DeeLance’s Unrivaled Edge Over Fiverr & Upwork

During a captivating Binance Live AMA, the DeeLance team unveiled exhilarating developments about their visionary project.

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DeeLance transcends the typical recruitment service, harnessing the power of NFTs to guarantee the ownership of bespoke work packages and providing an adaptable, engaging platform that leaves traditional hiring methods in the dust.

Deviating from other metaverse concepts centered on virtual reality and 3D spaces, DeeLance focuses on desktop-based interaction for enhanced accessibility and user experience.

Users can establish virtual offices within the DeeLance metaverse, showcase their services, and cultivate thriving businesses – all fueled by the DLANCE token.

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The DLANCE token unlocks a plethora of utilities and opportunities, ranging from acquiring metaverse land and advertising space to employing virtual agents and coordinating meetings.

The DeeLance NFT marketplace facilitates the trade of digital and non-digital items alike, such as real estate or artwork, which can be represented as NFTs.

By merging the metaverse and NFT technology, DeeLance crafts an engaging and productive environment that cultivates robust business relationships and fosters trust between parties.

Invest in a Trailblazing Altcoin: Unlock DeeLance’s Boundless Potential

The market potential for DeeLance is colossal, as the metaverse’s market segments are forecasted to be valued at an astounding $335 billion by 2027 – a 759% increase from its $39 billion valuation in 2022.

Complementing the recruitment services industry’s whopping $761 billion global revenue, DeeLance is poised to capture a substantial portion of this burgeoning market.

DLANCE tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain, the premier protocol for business and commerce applications. 

The current presale price of $0.025 is exclusively available for a limited time before escalating to $0.029.

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Investors can purchase DLANCE tokens with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or via the Transak payment network using a card.

Crypto analysts anticipate that DeeLance will be among the upcoming projects to experience remarkable price appreciation for its access token.

Empowered by Web3 technology, DeeLance is set to spearhead a business revolution that everyone can join.

Don’t let this rare chance to invest in the future of recruitment and the metaverse pass you by.

Dive into the DLANCE presale now and become part of the revolution that will forever change the way businesses and freelancers interact and collaborate.


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