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Basic Attention Token Crypto Price Prediction - Will BAT Pump Further?

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Basic Attention Token crypto has been in the limelight over the last 24 hours as the price soared up to $0.35.

Having now retraced back down to $0.308 traders will be speculating whether now potentially serves as a good time to reaccumulate.

Will BAT crypto continue to pump and which other altcoins in the market have greater chances of rising? 

Basic Attention Token Crypto Price Prediction

Retail investors holding Basic Attention Token may have heard the sirens of euphoria ringing once again as the price went up by over 22% in 24 hours. 

Immediately after retesting the 20-day moving average on the weekly time frame however, the price of BAT crypto was rejected and spiraled back into a downtrend into a key buying zone. 

Getting rejected on the 20-day moving average usually reflects that the bulls have not got enough momentum to keep the price driving forward. 

BAT/USDT - 4 Hour Time Frame.

The above chart reflects that Basic Attention Token is trying to crawl its way out of a major buying and accumulation range (the green rectangle).

Accumulating at these lower price levels could have potentially offered some strong returns. 

It seems getting rejected at the 20-day moving average has slowed down the momentum of the bulls. 

Ideally if BAT crypto can induce a bullish reversal and if Bitcoin continues to pump we could see the trajectory of BAT flip bullish once again.

The next major technical resistance is around $0.42 which is highlighted by the red rectangle. This is an area where if the price did rally onwards, we would be very likely to see a rejection - especially in a crypto bear market.

Traders could potentially set sell orders around this particular price range in hope to rake in profits if a pump occurs from current price levels. 

Many investors are moving funds into altcoins and crypto presales because they have more upside potential than Bitcoin and Ethereum, especially during the crypto winter.

Basic Attention Token Video Analysis

According to Coinmarketcap BAT token has a market capital of $463 million and is now ranked #81 versus other cryptocurrencies. Whilst the upside potential may be limited on this side of the year, Basic Attention Token could still be a solid addition to your crypto portfolio if holding until the next crypto bull run.

Dash 2 Trade to Outperform BAT Token? 

Whilst BAT token could be a lucrative investment over the next few years, interest around the Dash 2 Trade presale has dramatically risen as investors realize the upside potential and value in the project. 

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) has been in presale for just over a week now and already raised a very impressive $4,221,227 swiftly pacing it's way to the third stage of its presale where 1 D2T token = 0.0513 usdt. 

If you're looking for the next 10x crypto, you may need to look no further than Dash 2 Trade.

What makes Dash 2 Trade have massive upside potential is the utility and value it provides to traders of all experience levels.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) provides crypto trading signals, predictions and social analytics to help traders make informed decisions. Dash 2 Trade also exposes traders to high value opportunities in the market that could easily be missed otherwise. 

Other benefits include a tax-free ecosystem on the erc20 network, an immersive and user friendly dashboard with technical indicators and many other promising looking trading tools and features back by powerful artificial intelligence. 

Dash 2 Trade has a very bullish looking long-term road map and tokenomics. For instance, there will only ever be 1 billion tokens as a total supply.

This means that we could potentially see a $0.50-1 at launch depending on the level of hype, investor appetite and success of the presale. 

Interested parties can research the Dash 2 Trade white paper and buy into the presale today before the price increases by clicking here