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Aptos Token Price Prediction – Retail Dumped on by Crypto VCs?

James Spillane
Last updated: | 1 min read

The Aptos (APT) price crashed on its listing day, as predicted by many of the best crypto traders on Twitter.

Aptos token, dubbed a ‘Solana killer’ capable of a higher tps, is one of the most trending cryptocurrency assets and airdrops this week, on 15,170 watchlists on CoinMarketCap already having just been added today.

Aptos Price Prediction

Aptos token’s fully diluted market cap is $7 billion at a $7 token price, based on its 1 billion total supply.

Some top crypto Twitter accounts consider that overvalued, including @kobratrading who has 20,000 followers and has called APT token a ‘ponzi’.

Yesterday one of the most popular crypto influencers and UpOnly podcast host @cobie – who has 743,000 followers – criticized major cryptocurrency exchanges including FTX and Binance for listing Aptos ‘without any tokenomics transparency at all‘.

Gainzy (@gainzy) tweeted to his 160,000 followers today:

‘Disastrous aptos launch. I weep for inexperienced discretionary traders. You’re the yield. We all know how this aptos launch ends. Retail gets rinsed, big firms hedge exposure, GCR shows a top short with 6M+ PnL. Just a matter of time.

PoS Layer 1 blockchain Aptos attracted crypto venture capital investors including a16z and Jump Capital, with a $150 million series A round. 

However ‘VC coins’ have come under increasing criticism this year for deep corrections once tradeable exchanges after reaching an over inflated FDV.

Hsaka (@Hsakatrades) yesterday tweeted to his 381,000 followers that the Aptos project was a cash grab.

In the latest TechnicalRoundup video stream, crypto trader DonAlt predicts ‘zero’ for Aptos at the 13:05 mark, saying it ‘seems like a money grab’ and that ‘the whole thing is not well executed’.

Where to Buy Aptos

Aptos token was listed at 01:00 UTC on Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, FTX, MEXC, OKX and other crypto exchanges.

After its initial listing pump – wicking as high as $100 on Binance and around $17 on most other platforms – the APT price quickly retraced to the $6 – $8 range.

Update – Bybit has also listed an APT / USDT trading pair.

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