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AnySale: Marketplace, Exchange, and Game Powered by SALE

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AnySale is an upcoming project looking to launch three different products this year, with their native token SALE currently in its presale phase. Built for users who value their comfort and ease of use, the project is looking to become a one-stop shop for buying, selling, swapping, etc. — but also for kicking back and having some fun in the form of a blockchain game.

The first of the products AnySale has in the pipeline for 2021 is the Marketplace. Launching in Q1 of the year as Early Access, users will be able to trade to their hearts’ content: from your usual trinkets, to websites, businesses, services, even to NFTs and eSIM packages, and many more. The Marketplace will be available both on the web and as a mobile app on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and AppGallery. AnySale’s website offers a sneak peek into the app’s design for those curious to see how it looks.

The second product, planned for release in Q2 2021, is the AnySale Exchange: decentralized and automated, it relies on smart contracts for security, speed, and transparency. However, it will also allow staking, farming, and lottery as different ways for users to potentially generate passive income or put their tokens to a game.

Last but not least, AnySale is releasing a blockchain-based action RPG game, which will include everyone’s favorite features like battle pets, tradeable land, both PvP and PvE, land building, and world bosses. The game, which is based on a Play to Earn model, is slated for an alpha release in the second half of 2021, with many more surprises yet to come.

All three projects are powered by the SALE token, currently available at a discounted price of USD 60 for 1 SALE, with an extra 50% bonus on all purchases at this stage. The total supply of the token is 1 million, 600,000 of which will be locked for one year (the team gets a cut from the locked amount). During the presale, 100,000 SALE tokens will be available for purchase, while the planned circulating supply is 400,000 SALE. An extra 1,000 SALE will be distributed through an airdrop. You can participate in it by completing simple tasks, as listed on their website, and collecting points—the more points you collect, the more SALE tokens you get in the airdrop.

The rest is set aside for investors and exchanges to ensure maximum liquidity. When it comes to exchanges, prospective holders need not worry: AnySale has already worked out the details with a major exchange that will be announced at a later date. The upcoming listing is expected to be only the first of many.

Purchasing SALE tokens is also straightforward: following the steps on their website, users can get their tokens in exchange for BTC, ETH, or USDT. In case you are unable to purchase with cryptocurrencies, the team also offers the possibility of using PayPal, but you will have to contact them to work out the details. Of course, as all cryptocurrency enthusiasts already know, PayPal does not offer the same privacy that cryptocurrencies do.

Interested in learning more? Head on over to the AnySale website for more information.