Announcements of an announcement Disturb EOS, TRX, and BTT Investors

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Quite a few speculations have been flying around in the cryptoworld ahead fast-approaching June 1st events during which EOS and Tron (TRX) should be making supposedly major announcements. And while people speculate, the prices fluctuate.

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The average price of EOS across exchanges is now at around USD 8, rising almost 7% in the past 24 hours (13:46 UTC) and more than 25% in the past week. Tron registered more than 6% gains earlier today before erasing most of it and is up by less than 1% in the past 24 hours. BitTorrent (BTT), which is controlled by Tron, also trimmed its previous gains today (more than 10%) to less than 6%. It’s still up by more than 35% in the past week.

EOS price chart:


Tron price chart:


BitTorrent price chart:


There are various theories about what EOS and Tron might be working on. With EOS, it is known that they will use a large portion of the network’s computing power for their new project, since, the company behind EOS, reportedly, bought USD 25 million of RAM space on the EOS blockchain. Other theories include: next version of dapp (decentralized application) Steem – Steem 2.0; a decentralized alternative to Facebook; a currency utilizing universal basic income for all who use it; or the combination of the above. However, Brendan Blumer, founder and CEO of, was quick to shoot many of the theories down.

With Tron, its founder Justin Sun posted on Sunday: “Something huge and amazing going about Tron and BitTorrent. I will share with you after June 1. I think I have 70% to win and nail it. Fingers crossed!” People, however, accused him of using a marketing ploy to pump the value of TRX and BTT.

But then yesterday, Sun tweeted again, announcing the arrival of “the next generation of decentralized storage systems” – Bittorent File Systems (BTFS).

Meanwhile, also this Saturday, Ethereum will be holding a livestream with the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, and Vlad Zamfir, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation and CasperLabs‘s lead consensus protocol architect. The two will have a discussion on their respective plans for the network’s future.

However, it looks like ETH investors this time are waiting until the real news are possibly announced during the livestream, as ether trades sideways today.