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5 YouTube Traders Call IMPT Token The Best Crypto to Buy Now

James Spillane
Last updated: | 3 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Several top crypto influencers have tipped the IMPT presale as the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now before its presale concludes December 11th.

This upcoming green crypto has raised almost $14 million since its token sale began at on October 3rd, and its first crypto exchange listings on LBank, Changelly Pro and Uniswap are now scheduled for December 14th.

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As well as presales with public, professional teams generally being a good investment vehicle even in a bear market, IMPT has attracted attention for its real-world use case – helping businesses to transparently offset their carbon footprint.

Crypto YouTube Channels Review the Best Crypto to Buy Now

The crypto influencers below produced video reviews of IMPT token, its utility, tokenomics and how to invest. Below are some excerpts:

Cilinix Crypto

‘IMPT plays into the sustainability question, that is very trending – I think IMPT is doing great things. I have seen other cryptos that are trying to do the same thing, but I haven’t seen a crypto that does it how IMPT does using NFT technology. The team is fully doxxed too which is one of the main factors I look at when researching projects. It’s also audited as safe by Hacken. I think it is a great project and potentially a great investment’.

Crypto Ahoy

‘In the AMA with IMPT CEO Denis Creighton he mentioned a very important point. He explains that the founder and CEO of the International Carbon Registry [Gudmundur Sigbergsson] has joined the advisory board for the IMPT token project. That gives the impression that IMPT is a serious project.’

Dive Into Crypto

‘As 2023 draws closer the crypto market is showing signs of recovery and there are a number of tokens that could see expansion to the upside, among those being tokens like IMPT with real-world utility – encouraging the cryptocurrency sector to take action to preserve the environment. The community component will also be an influence to help the IMPT token price increase’.

Jacob Crypto Bury

‘I’m a holder of IMPT and excited to see it launch early with a low market cap – I’ve talked about my IMPT price predictions in my Discord. ESG assets are a market with massive long term growth potential, with Broadridge Financial Solutions estimating they will reach a $30 trillion valuation by 2030. Its nice to see what IMPT are doing.

Read the article ‘How ESG investment returns are growing as market evolves’ from Jacob’s video at Also find his Discord channel here.


‘I think IMPT might be the next 10x coin. Raising over $13.5 million so far is a very good result for the bear market that we’ve been in. More good news is that IMPT will launch on three exchanges on December 14th without any vesting – Uniswap, LBank and Changelly Pro – and the remaining stage two and three presale tokens burnt.’

Read more about IMPT and over a dozen other picks for the best cryptocurrency to buy now heading into the New Year.

Take part in the IMPT presale at its official site (beware of impersonators) at the link below.