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Lizard People and July Bonuses Pushed Bitcoin Up: Community Reactions

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 1 min read

Bitcoin breached USD 7,000 within the past 24 hours, even coming close to USD 7,500 several times during this timeframe. Other cryptocurrencies have, perhaps expectedly, followed suit, so the market is an eye-soothing green color. What did the cryptoverse have to say about it?

Source: iStock/Renphoto

As the community is wont to do, they are currently speculating what could be the reason behind this spike. Reddit users – notorious for not taking anything too seriously – are proposing a myriad of reasons, from lizard people living in Earth’s core to July bonuses coming in.

“Tax returns” were also cited as a possible reason, but weren’t considered outlandish enough to be accepted. Other tongue-in-cheek answers include: “Breaking news, crypto prices are fluctuating wildly, and water is wet,” by user u/HomemadeBananas, while user u/Xeiphyer says, “The Australian market crashed 10 percent, luckily they’re upside down so it went up for us.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the comments are slightly more serious. User @CryptoEmporium_ tweets: “Just in case you forgot, #Bitcoin rose from USD 7,000 to USD 20,000 in only 3 weeks.”

User @LynxCollection – who recently saw a surge in sales after integrating Bitcoin payments – tweeted, “If #bitcoin goes over USD 40K at any point this year, I will personally mail every single person who retweets this a free #crypto-related art print.”

Meanwhile, @CryptoBabel mocks tweets like these: “If #bitcoin hits 21 trillion by the end of the month I’ll buy everyone that retweets this a pizza with pineapple on it.”

What the community reactions really show, though, is that people are taking all market movements better than before: memes such as “moon” and “lambo” are practically nonexistent, but so are seemingly meaningless walls of text that include market buzzwords. With every new market shift, the community is reacting more maturely than before.