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5 Bitcoin Books for Kids You Could Gift This Christmas

Alex Lielacher
Last updated: | 4 min read
A fragment of the Bitcoin Smart Kids: Teaching Kids of Every Age About Bitcoin cover. 


With the widespread adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), numerous books have been written about this game-changing technology. While most books about Bitcoin found in bookstores have been suited to an adult audience, there is a vanguard of authors publishing Bitcoin books for kids.

Read on to discover five Bitcoin books for kids that you could gift your children this Christmas. 

Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money


Bitcoin Money is one of the best bitcoin kids’ books that you can get for your children this Christmas. Authored by Michael Caras, a.k.a. The Bitcoin Rabbi, and illustrated by Marina Yakubivska, the book is a story for all ages as it helps answer a question that both adults and kids ask, “Why Bitcoin?” 

The book is set up in a town known as Bitville. The kids in Bitville come to realize that they need the means to help them transact with each other. While in the midst of exploring using different kinds of money, a strange boy moves to Bitville and recommends a new type of money – Bitcoin.

The book is beautifully written and uses simple illustrations that help to explain complex topics such as Bitcoin and money in a way that any kid can comprehend. In this book, Caras explores the emergence of money, the origins of Bitcoin, as well as the role it plays as sound, reliable money. reader’s ranking: 4.4

Bitcoin: The Future of Money (Kids Guide) 


Bitcoin: The Future of Money (Kids Guide), written by A. D. Largie and Sabrina Pichardo, is another excellent Bitcoin book for kids that you can add to your Christmas shopping list. 

With just 42-pages, the book centers on a time traveler who has returned from the future to teach people about the future of money. 

Moreover, the authors also take readers on a historical journey where they discuss the money as it was in the past, its present-day version as well as its future version. This book helps both kids and adults alike to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the illustrations used in the book also show a lot of diversity, making it more relatable for a wider audience.

This book is a good read for any kid who is keen to understand and get started in the complex field of digital currency – its use cases and benefits – and money in general. reader’s ranking: 4.6

B is for Bitcoin

B is for Bitcoin, authored by Graeme Moore, is the first-ever kids ABC book about cryptocurrencies. The book will teach your kid their ABCs using terminology that is associated with crypto, such as Altcoin, Bitcoin, Consensus, and so much more. It’s an easy-to-read book that helps children learn what Bitcoin is in simple terms.

Moore, who works as the VP of Marketing, wrote the book in 2015 after becoming obsessed with all things Bitcoin and digital currencies. 

The book uses great illustrations that help make the terminologies easier to understand for kids. While some terms may be a bit challenging for young kids, it’s a great book that parents can read to their kids to get them started on all things digital currencies. reader’s ranking: 4

Bitcoin: The Future of Money 

Bitcoin: The future of money? is another excellent read, authored by Dominic Frisby. In his book, Frisby narrates the amazing story of Bitcoin thus helping solve the mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s secretive creator. 

Since its creation, Bitcoin has received both praise and criticism. Bitcoin champions have continued to push for its adoption and believe that it will do to banking what the Internet did to publishing and what the emergence of email did to postal services.

It’s from this understanding that Frisby tells a tale of how Bitcoin will change the world. Most importantly, the author does this using layman’s language making his book an easy read for kids. In addition, the book is well researched and uses a bit of humor. reader’s ranking: 3.9

Bitcoin Smart Kids: Teaching Kids of Every Age About Bitcoin

Bitcoin Smart Kids is authored by Andy LaPointe and his daughter Alena LaPointe. In the book, the authors aim to teach readers about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The book acts as a guide that is taught by Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. In the book, “Satoshi” explains the origins of Bitcoin, how to store it safely, and much more. 

Most importantly, Andy and Alena wrote the book after receiving feedback from kids and their parents on what to include and what not to add.

If you are looking to get your little ones a Bitcoin book that is easy to understand and fun, then you can add this book to your list of potential gifts too. reader’s ranking: N/A
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