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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
OKX referral code

When choosing which crypto exchange, many will look at top lists and weigh up the differences between the platforms on offer—but smart people also search for referral codes and sign up bonuses.

As one of the biggest exchanges, sponsoring numerous sports teams and crypto events, and boasting over 50 million customers around the globe, OKX is a name that many users certainly know by now. If not for this, but also for its popularity with its users.

Here we’ll give you an OKX referral code that can get you up to US$100 in bonuses for simply signing up, verifying your identity, and making a qualifying deposit. We’ll run through how to use it and why you might want to trade crypto using the OKX exchange.

Key Takeaways

  • Get up to US$100 in free crypto when you follow our 9-step guide for signing up with our OXK referral code
  • All it requires is signing up, verifying your identity, and making a deposit of US$50 or more
  • OKX is one of the most popular crypto exchanges with a huge amount of features, for beginner and advanced users, along with a best-in-class mobile wallet

What is the OKX Sign Up Bonus?

The OKX sign up bonus, often called an OKX coupon code, is a link used by affiliates of the OKX platform that gives users who sign up through it a bonus in the form of two Mystery Boxes—each with up to US$50 in cryptocurrencies.

Those who sign up to the platform and verify their identity get one Mystery Box. Those who then go on to deposit at least US$50 in their first 14 days receive a second Mystery Box.

What’s Inside an OKX Mystery Box

Those who sign up through the platform without using one of the referral links get no signup bonuses. So it is always to your benefit to search for and use a referral link like this one before signing up for OKX or any other platform.

New users using this link can also get up to 30% APY on staked USDT in their first 3 Days.

Verified OKX Referral Codes

There is currently only one live and verified OKX referral code and that is this one here:

OKX Referral Code

Simply click this link to get taken through to a signup page with your OKX sign up bonus code already locked in and ready to go for you to sign up!

Claiming Your OKX Sign Up Bonus

To claim the first half of their OKX sign up offer all a user needs to do is to follow the above signup link and follow the steps to sign up and verify their account. For the second half of their sign up bonus, all they need to do is deposit a minimum of US$50 into the OKX exchange.

Here’s a simple guide for claiming your OKX sign up bonus by using a valid OKX referral code.

Step 1: Click the OKX Referral Link

Click this link to be transported to the login portal where your OKX sign up offer code is already locked in for you.

Step 2: Enter and Verify Your Email Address

Simply enter your email address, followed by the verification code that the platform sends to that email address.

OKX Create Account Module

Step 3: Enter and Verify Your Phone Number

Select your country code and enter your phone number, followed by the verification text message that the platform sends to your phone.

OKX Phone Number Confirmation Module

Step 4: Select Country of Residence

Select your country or region of residence (ensuring that it matches the country of residence on the ID you’ll use to verify your identity later on). Also, read and then tick the box to agree to the OKX Terms of Service, Risk and Compliance Disclosures, and Privacy Policy.

OKX Select Country Module

Step 5: Verify Your Identity

Now you’re signed up and through to the platform! A pop-up should prompt you to verify your identity. If not, you can click the small profile icon in the menu bar and select “Verification” from the drop-down menu.

OKX Menu Bar and Verification

Follow the steps by providing an ID, and selfie, along with the necessary personal details to verify your identity.

Step 6: Receive Your First Mystery Box

Once your identity has been verified, you will receive your first Mystery Box, filled with crypto with a value of up to US$50.

Head over to the Rewards Center, found under the “More” menu in the Menu bar, and open it up to receive your reward!

OKX Reward Center

Step 7: Deposit or Buy Cryptocurrency

To get your second Mystery Box you must fund your account with a minimum of US$50 within 14 days of signing up to OKX and only after you’ve passed the verification process.

There are numerous ways you can fund your account, but note that P2P Trading is not an accepted method of funding your account to earn your second Mystery Box.

Those who already own cryptocurrencies can go to the “Assets” tab in the menu bar, and select “Deposit” from the drop-down, and follow the steps to deposit one of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies accepted by OKX. Note that your US$50 minimum can be made up of multiple cryptocurrencies if you wish.

Deposit Screen on OKX

Those who don’t yet own any cryptocurrency can fund their account using one of dozens of payment methods. However, our preferred method, and the quickest, is through the “Express Buy” function, which can be found under the “Buy Crypto” tab in the menu bar.

Buy USDT with OKX Express Buy

Simply select the currency you want to use, enter the amount you want to spend, and select the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Then click “Buy” and select and enter your preferred payment method.

Step 8: Review and Confirm Your Deposit or Payment

If depositing cryptocurrency, ensure that you’re depositing it to the correct address on the correct network—and that you’re depositing at least US$50 worth of crypto.

If buying cryptocurrency, check your spending amount and that you’re buying at least US$50 worth of cryptocurrencies to be eligible for your second Mystery Box reward.

If it all looks good confirm your transaction and wait for your deposit or purchase to arrive in your OKX wallet.

Step 9: Receive Your Second Mystery Box

Once your cryptocurrency of over US$50 in value has arrived in your OKX wallet you will be able to claim your Second Mystery Box.

Head Back over to the “Reward Center”, located under the “More” tab in the menu bar to claim and open your second Mystery Box and get your reward!

Terms & Conditions of the OKX Sign Up Offer

There’s always small print with offers and rewards, here we’ve broken down the main points you need to know when signing up for this campaign.

  • You must be a new user of OKX, creating a new account, and verifying a new identity
  • You must pass the identity verification of OKX (not a third party)
  • The contents of your first Mystery box don’t count toward the US$50 total for earning your second Mystery Box
  • You can’t complete other reward campaigns while doing this one
  • You must reside in one of the eligible countries or regions as specified in the full terms and conditions

These are the main terms and conditions that users need to know before signing up to receive their Mystery Boxes, and you can follow this link to read the full terms and conditions of this offer.

What is the OKX Platform?

OKX is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2017, is based in the Seychelles, and operates in over 160 countries. It is often counted amongst the best crypto exchanges and considered to be one of the best crypto leverage trading platforms.

For those short of time, we’ve summarized the OKX exchange here, but provide a more in-depth description of OKX’s offerings in the section below.

Aimed At: Advanced and beginner traders
Trading Products Offered: Spot, margin, futures, perpetuals, and options trading.
Coins Offered: 320+
Blockchains Supported: 70+
Mobile App: Yes (iOS and Android)
Deposit Fees: Free for crypto deposits and purchases through the platform
Withdrawal Fees: Blockchain withdrawals are free
2% or more for 3rd party fiat withdrawals
Spot Trading Fees: 0.1%
Reduced for holding OXB tokens
Staking: Yes, APR varies by cryptocurrency
Other Standout Features: Support for ordinals, copy trading, demo account, bots, published proof-of-reserve
  • 320+ cryptocurrencies
  • Available in 160+ countries
  • Best-in-Class, feature-rich mobile wallet
  • Excellent liquidity for most token pairs
  • Low trading fees
  • Free crypto withdrawals to private wallets (must pay gas)
  • Not in North America (US or Canada)
  • Not regulated in many jurisdictions
  • Poor customer service (according to existing customer reviews)

OKX Referral Code

10 Reasons to Conduct Your Crypto Trading on OKX

With so many exchanges out there today it can be hard to choose which one to trade with. Here we’ll give 10 reasons as to why you might want to consider trading with OKX.

1. High Liquidity

OKX is regularly ranked as one of the top 10 crypto exchanges when ranked by trading volume. As a result, the users of OKX can expect high liquidity for just about any crypto pair, enabling them to buy and sell cryptos freely, even in times of high volatility.

Such a feature is very important in the world of cryptocurrencies, where prices can undergo wild swings in just a few minutes.

2. Best in Class Mobile Wallet

The OKX platform offers users a feature-rich, non-custodial wallet that is available for mobile (iOS and Android) and as a browser extension. This mobile wallet is ranked as one of the top wallets for cryptocurrencies and offers nearly all of the same trading functions as are available in the OKX web trading platform, including spot, margin, futures, perpetual, and options markets.

Users of the OKX mobile wallet aren’t just limited to the OKX trading platform, and can connect to 70+ different blockchain networks and access and interact with thousands of dApps. The OKX wallet also offers support for NFTs, allowing users to buy, sell, view, and even create NFTs.

Alongside its wealth of other features, the OKX wallet features a cross-chain swap function that uses a proprietary X-routing technology to find the best exchange rate for the user.

Finally, users can choose from Lite, Web3, and Pro modes, to fine-tune the number of features they see, greatly increasing the app’s user friendliness for beginner and intermediate traders.

3. Feature-Rich Platform

The OKX exchange is a hugely user-friendly platform that is aimed at the advanced trader; coming with all the tools traders need to conduct technical analysis and plan and execute their trades. This all comes in a customizable interface.

Alongside its trading tools, OKX also offers multiple types of trading for traders on the platform, notably; spot, margin, futures, perpetuals, and options trading. It is the second-largest crypto derivatives trading exchange, and its perpetual swaps and quarterly futures are available with leverage of 100x and 125x respectively.

Traders can also choose from up to 10 different customizable trading bots, that are offered in both basic and advanced versions.

OKX Trading Bots Description

4. Multiple Beginner-Friendly Features

Despite its focus on providing all the tools necessary for advanced traders, OKX offers many features for beginner traders to help them on their cryptocurrency trading journey. This begins with the OKX Learn Center, which offers numerous resources for both beginner and intermediate traders to learn from.

These are supplemented by trading bots, demo accounts (that allow users to simulate trades against the market and practice their strategy), and a new Copy Trading feature, that allows users to set their funds up to automatically copy the moves of a Lead Trader across over 120 token pairs. There are over 8,000 lead traders for copy traders to choose from.

5. Extensive Staking Services

An earn section allows users to stake dozens of cryptocurrencies and earn an APY of up to 20%—with a special 30% APY offer on USDT staking for new customers. This offering comes in the form of both flexible and fixed-term staking, allowing the user to use this service as it suits their needs. This includes a 5–12% return on BTC and 0.92–12% on ETH.

6. Low Trading Fees

Trading fees vary greatly by exchange, but users of OKX can trade with some of the lowest fees on the market. Spot trading fees start at just 0.10% and can be reduced to 0.06% with a high enough 30-day trading volume.

Alternatively, users can also earn the same discount on trading fees if they hold the platform’s OKB token with five tiers from ≥100 OXB to ≥1,000 OXB, with holders of 1000 OKB paying fees of 0.06% fees.

Similar discounts also exist for those trading futures and options, and registered users can visit the OKX fee page to see the fee range and what level of fees they qualify for.

7. No Deposit Fees

Depositing crypto into the OKX exchange, or buying crypto through their Express Buy service, comes with no fees—which makes them stand out from many of the other top exchanges that often charge a deposit fee. It is worth noting that crypto purchases made through 3rd parties can incur a fee set by the third party. There also offer a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy cryptocurrencies directly from others.

In addition to this, users can deposit their funds in over 80 fiat currencies, and use debit cards, credit, cards, Apply Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, and iDEAL to do so.

8. Low Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawals to blockchain addresses are not charged a platform fee, just the necessary transaction or network fee. However, fiat withdrawals, which are facilitated by 3rd party providers can incur fees of 2% or more, varying by the chosen currency, crypto, and withdrawal provider.

9. Regular Proof-of-Reserves Reports

After the collapse of Alameda Research and the FTX exchange in 2022, many exchanges began publishing proof-of-reserves to distance themselves from what happened and assure their customers that the assets listed their customer’s account are, in fact, held by the exchange.

OKX was one of the first to publish proof-of-reserve reports, in November 2022, and has continued to do so with their most recent report showing $14.5 billion in primary assets, with reserve rations of over 100% reserve ratio for 22 of the most common assets on the platform.

Proof-of-reserves can offer users peace of mind in the volatile crypto market as they know that the exchange they’re using has possession the tokens they’re trading, especially important in times of high volatility.

10. Smart Accounts

Smart Accounts utilize a new Ethereum standard, ERC-4337, that allows for programmable wallets and account abstraction. In simpler terms, this allows users to create secondary, programable accounts that offer them extended capabilities, including:

  • Paying gas fees in tokens other than ETH. Specifically, the OKX Smart Accounts allow users to pay gas fees with the USDC and USDT stablecoins.
  • Users can implement social recovery for their wallet that, instead of a seed phrase, allows users to recover their wallet with a select group of trusted people—without a seed phrase.
  • Smart Accounts also allow for numerous separate accounts to exist under the same account, for, say, different transactional purposes. This allows the user to keep balances separate and more secure.
  • Soon OKX will expand on this feature to allow for programable security features that users can customize to suit their own needs.

Those looking for more information should read the OKX post about Smart Accounts.

Why You Might Not Want to Conduct Your Crypto Trading on OKX

While these are 10 great reasons to use the OKX exchange, we should also look at the other side of the coin. Below is a list of the reasons we’ve found as to why you might not want to use OKX:

  • Unregulated: The OKX exchange is largely unregulated in the majority of countries and regions it operates in. Users should, therefore, not keep too much of their crypto on the platform, as being unregulated also means that your assets stored on the platform are not insured.
  • Customer Service: Looking at reviews found on the internet shows that there are many customers who are unsatisfied with the level of customer service provided by the platform.

Summarizing the OKX Sign Up Bonus Benefits

Not all exchanges, especially the top exchanges, offer sign up bonuses to new users. The OKX code mentioned in this piece is the only verified way that you can receive a bonus for signing up to the OKX crypto exchange in 2024.

With over 320 cryptocurrencies, high levels of liquidity, a feature-rich platform, and a best-in-class mobile wallet, OKX is an excellent exchange for both beginner and advanced users, which already services 50 million users around the globe.

In addition to all this, and for a limited time only, users can receive 2 Mystery Boxes containing up to US$100 in crypto between them. But only by signing up using the verified link below.

OKX Referral Code


What is the Best Referral Code for OKX?

We’ve verified the only OKX referral code for 2024 and have provided all the details for it, and a guide on how to use it and obtain your sign up bonus. We also go over the pros and cons of the OKX exchange.

How Can I Get Free USDT in OKX?

To get free USDT on OKX users can sign up using our verified referral link, which gives them two Mystery Boxes with a value of up to US$50 each.

Does OKX have a Referral Bonus?

Yes, it does, and we have verified this OKX referral bonus for 2024. We have also broken down exactly what you get from this referral bonus, and how to obtain it, in our comprehensive article on this OKX referral bonus.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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