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11 Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2024

Eric Huffman
Last updated: | 20 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch hadn’t discovered crypto yet. From crypto faucets to crypto airdrops, there are free crypto tokens falling out of the sky. Some ways to get free crypto may involve a bit of work, though. Others may require some risk capital. In this guide, we’ll detail the ten best ways to earn free crypto and how you can get in on the action.

We’ll also compare the pros and cons of each free-crypto strategy as well as how much you can earn and how much effort is required to earn free cryptocurrency. Let’s learn how to earn free crypto in 2024.

List of the Best Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Here are the ten best ways to earn free crypto in July 2024:

  1. Playing poker: Enter a freeroll poker tournament and earn free crypto.
  2. Earning free crypto by learning: Complete educational courses and earn tokens.
  3. Claiming airdrops: Receive free tokens from new or existing projects.
  4. Staking crypto: Lock up coins to support network operations and earn rewards.
  5. Using crypto faucets: Complete tasks or captchas to receive small amounts of crypto.
  6. Playing P2E games: Earn cryptocurrency by playing blockchain-based games.
  7. Earning yield on crypto savings accounts: Deposit crypto to earn interest over time.
  8. Claiming exchange sign-up offers: Get free crypto for opening new exchange accounts.
  9. Lending crypto: Loan out your coins and earn interest as a lender.
  10. Earning through referrals: Receive crypto for referring others to services.
  11. Claiming crypto credit card rewards: Earn crypto as cashback on credit card purchases.

11 Best Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor looking to diversify your crypto holdings, earning free crypto can help you enhance your portfolio without upfront investment.

Below, we’ll outline the ten best ways to earn free crypto, from staking and airdrops to playing games and leveraging credit card rewards. We’ll explore each strategy, so you can start earning crypto effectively and efficiently.

1. Participating in a Poker Freeroll Tournament

CoinPoker has emerged as a standout choice for those aiming to earn free crypto this year, particularly through the engaging and strategic game of poker. This leading online gambling platform hosts freeroll tournaments on a monthly basis, where players can compete for a share of a significant prize pool valued at 15,000 USDT.

The process to participate is straightforward and cost-free. Players simply need to download the CoinPoker client, register an account, and navigate to the Tournaments section. From there, they can enter the poker freeroll tournaments without any entry fee and have the opportunity to win prizes denominated in Tether (USDT).

The platform is also running a special tournament right now, which gives access to an event with a prize pool of $100,000.

CSOP+ Live Event

  • Earning potential: Limited. Players can enter freeroll tournaments organized monthly and earn from a prize pool worth $15,000.
  • How often can you earn: Every few months, on average. Since the tournaments are held monthly, players can earn monthly. However, CoinPoker also discusses some special tournaments as well.
  • Return on Investment: No investment is required, as players are given free chips when they participate.
  • Risk Level: None to low. There are no risks since players are not required to pay an entry fee. However, they can top up their bets with their own crypto holdings once the games begin.


  • Freeroll tournaments are held regularly
  • Applies to both regular and special events
  • No charges for participation


  • Downloading the CoinPoker client is necessary

2. Learn and Earn Free Crypto

Get paid to learn about new cryptocurrencies (including other digital assets like NFTs) or protocols. Pass a quiz and earn free crypto. If you don’t pass, you can keep trying until you do. For example, Coinbase offers a Learn and Earn program and also offers Learn and Earn through Coinbase Wallet “quests” on occasion.

Some rewards are worth only a few dollars, while others can be worth up to $25 or more. The example below shows an upcoming Learn and Earn opportunity. Once the 99Bitcoins presale is over, users will be able to earn tokens by learning about cryptocurrency.

99Bitcoins Learn2Earn

  • Earning potential: Limited. Learn and Earn offers like those from Coinbase are promotional. They help create awareness of new chains or protocols, and new Learn and Earn opportunities occur sporadically.
  • How often can you earn: Every few months, on average. Most Learn and Earn tokens only give one-time rewards, but a different offer may become available in a month or two.
  • Return on Investment: No investment is needed. Read a few paragraphs and pass a quiz to earn crypto.
  • Risk Level: None. There’s nothing to lose because you’re not investing money. However, “quests” may require on-chain transactions that require network fees.


  • Typically takes less than 5 minutes
  • Helps users learn how crypto works
  • Rewards can often be staked to earn more


  • Taxable as income in many jurisdictions
  • The price of reward tokens can be volatile

3. Claim Airdrops

Airdrops are another promotional tool used by crypto projects to generate buzz and awareness. However, this one often requires a bit more work and some capital. Qualifying for crypto airdrops typically requires on-chain activity, such as using DeFi protocols or staking.

In March 2023, the Arbitrum blockchain airdropped $120 million worth of ARB tokens to active users on the blockchain. Qualified wallet addresses could then claim the airdropped tokens through a portal. Many qualified for activities they were doing anyway.

  • Earning potential: High. Airdrops can range in value from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.
  • How often can you earn: Every few months, on average. Airdrops are common, but each airdrop may come from a different source and come with its own requirements for eligibility.
  • Return on Investment: Potentially high. Airdrops typically require on-chain activity, which brings the cost of network fees as well as the price risk for using on-chain tokens.
  • Risk Level: Moderate. Many airdrops are speculative ventures, meaning that users aren’t sure whether there will be an airdrop. Airdrop hunting requires capital to use on-chain applications, paying network fees at each step. The payoff could be massive, or there might be no airdrop at all.


  • Potentially large earnings
  • Airdrops can often be staked or reinvested
  • Revenue from airdrops can fund hunting for new airdrops


  • Taxable as income in many jurisdictions
  • Speculative in most cases
  • Usually requires capital to get started

4. Crypto Staking

Staking, in this sense, refers to using your crypto as a form of collateral to help ensure proper validation of blockchain transactions. By locking your crypto in a staking contract, you earn staking rewards paid in the same cryptocurrency.

Crypto staking platforms like Binance make this easy, but you need some capital to get started. Typical staking yields run in the 3% to 5% range, although some blockchains offer higher yields.

Staking on Dogeverse

  • Earning potential: Moderate. Staking produces passive income, similar to a bank savings account or certificate of deposit.
  • How often can you earn: Ongoing. You can continue to earn staking rewards as long as you stake your crypto.
  • Return on Investment: Low. Yields for staking popular cryptos like ETH fall in the 3% to 4% range, varying based on network demand.
  • Risk Level: Moderate. Staking brings a small risk of loss due to slashing, a way of punishing bad behavior by validators. However, you should also consider price risk. Crypto locked in a staking contract typically can’t be sold quickly if the market turns.


  • Stable passive income
  • Help secure the network
  • Provides a yield for long-term holds


  • Taxable as income in many jurisdictions
  • May require long commitments
  • Requires a crypto investment

5. Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets are platforms where you can get free crypto. Think of a leaky faucet that drips one drop at a time. Crypto faucets work in a similar way, giving just a drop, but all those drops can add up over time.

In some cases, you may have to complete simple tasks, such as the Learn and Earn programs we discussed earlier. In other cases, you have to wait a certain amount of time to be eligible for the next free crypto drop.

crypto faucet at bc game

  • Earning potential: Low to moderate. Traditional crypto faucets give out small amounts of crypto at a time. Some newer implementations may offer higher amounts.
  • How often can you earn: Often daily. Typically, you can continue to get free crypto from the faucet daily.
  • Return on Investment: No investment is needed. Traditional faucets don’t require an investment. You just need a crypto wallet.
  • Risk Level: None. With traditional faucets, you don’t need to invest money, so there is no risk. Your only expense is your time. If you find a faucet that requires a purchase, read the fine print to understand potential risks.


  • Free crypto for completing simple tasks
  • Small amounts can add up over time


  • Taxable as income in many jurisdictions
  • Claiming small amounts can be tedious

6. Play-to-Earn Games

Arguably, Axie Infinity (AXS) brought play-to-earn games to the forefront. But the genre has evolved, and now you can earn crypto and NFTs on more advanced platforms like Star Atlas (ATLAS) and Gods Unchained (GODS).

By playing these games, you can earn tokens or NFTs while you progress through the game. Some play-to-earn games even have in-game economies where you can provide services to earn crypto.

Sponge V2

  • Earning potential: Low to moderate. While it’s possible to earn a living with play-to-earn games, average players earn smaller amounts.
  • How often can you earn: Often daily. The more you play, the more you learn and the more you can earn.
  • Return on Investment: Moderate. Many games let you start playing for free, but much like traditional games, you can often progress faster if you invest in in-game assets, such as equipment.
  • Risk Level: Moderate. If you’re willing to grind your way to the top, risks are minimal. However, if you choose to buy upgrades, the value of the upgrades and game tokens can be volatile.


  • Have fun while earning free crypto
  • Connect with other players online
  • Larger games have robust marketplaces


  • In-game earnings can be taxable
  • Token and NFT prices can be volatile

7. Crypto Savings Accounts

Much like traditional savings accounts, crypto savings accounts pay a yield on deposits. In many cases, these yields come from lending, which we’ll cover in more detail later.

The distinction here is that crypto savings accounts are easier to use. You deposit your crypto, and the platform pays a yield. Often, this yield is paid in the same crypto you deposit. However, platforms like Nexo, shown below, may pay higher yields if you choose to take your payment in the platform token.

nexo earn

  • Earning potential: Low to moderate. Interest rates range from under 1% to 16%, but often find the lower end of that scale.
  • How often can you earn: Daily, weekly, or monthly. Interest periods vary, but daily payouts are common.
  • Return on Investment: Low to moderate. A $1,000 crypto deposit can earn $30 to $50 in annual interest. Longer terms can earn higher interest.
  • Risk Level: Moderate to high. Price risk is a consideration if you lock your tokens in a long-term savings account. However, you should also consider the health of the platform as well. Crypto lending platforms Celsius and BlockFi both declared bankruptcy in 2022.


  • Easy-to-use platforms
  • Support for dozens of cryptocurrencies
  • Borrow against deposits


  • Platform insolvency risk
  • Price risk for locked assets
  • Not available in all regions

8. Exchange Sign-Up Offers

Crypto exchanges want your business, so much so that they’re willing to pay you to join. There’s a catch, though. Often, you’ll have to deposit a trade a certain amount to qualify for the spiff. Payouts can also vary.

For example, crypto exchange Coinbase advertises up to $200 for new users. To participate, sign up, verify your identity, and then “spin the wheel,” much like a game show.

  • 89% will win between $3 and $6, paid in cash or Bitcoin.
  • 11% will win between $6 and 200, paid in cash or Bitcoin.

coinbase free crypto promo

In other cases, exchanges might offer a simpler sign-up bonus with a fixed amount of free cryptocurrency for each new account.

  • Earning potential: Low to moderate. Expect about $200 at the high end, although these types of free crypto offers often pay $5 to $10.
  • How often can you earn: Once per exchange. Eligibility often requires identity verification, so you can only qualify once at each exchange.
  • Return on Investment: Low to moderate. Many exchange promotions require a deposit of $100, for example, or a minimum trading volume to qualify.
  • Risk Level: Moderate. Because many offers require a deposit or trades, there are risks to consider. In 2022, the FTX exchange collapsed, leaving depositors without access to their funds.


  • Typically quick sign-up process
  • Earn up to $200 in free crypto


  • Platform insolvency risk
  • May require deposits or trades
  • Availability varies by region

9. Crypto Lending

Earlier, we discussed crypto savings accounts, which often use lending to earn free crypto. However, you can venture further into lending with decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platforms. In this case, you’re not depositing funds with an exchange. Instead, deposit funds into a lending pool using smart contracts.

DeFi lending platforms like Aave connect lenders and borrowers with stablecoins (valued at $1) often paying the highest yields.

aave lending market yields

Finding 100% plus yields isn’t difficult, but you may need to use less-proven crypto lending platforms.

  • Earning potential: Low to moderate. Extremely high yields tend to be short-lived. Realistic returns are often closer to 5% to 15%.
  • How often can you earn: Ongoing. You continue to earn as long as you have deposits.
  • Return on Investment: Low to moderate. A $1,000 deposit can earn $100 to $200 annually using well-established platforms such as Aave or Compound.
  • Risk Level: Moderate. Risk often stems from potential smart contract vulnerabilities. However, rapid market moves could prevent fast borrower liquidations to repay loans. Some or all of your deposit could be at risk.


  • Available worldwide
  • Potential short-term yields up to 100%
  • Borrow against your deposits


  • Potential smart-contract vulnerabilities
  • Withdrawals are limited as demand rises
  • Requires crypto wallet knowledge

10. Referrals

Refer a friend, your social media followers, or website visitors to earn free crypto. As a caveat, some programs pay in traditional fiat currencies. However, you can use the USD, GBP, or AUD they pay to buy (free) crypto.

Referral programs may be simple, in which you use a special link to invite others and then collect a referral reward. They can also be more complex, requiring verified follower counts or website traffic. Either way, there are plenty of crypto referral and affiliate programs available. affiliate program

  • Earning potential: Possibly high. The sky is the limit for earning potential with referral programs, depending on how much time you invest.
  • How often can you earn: Ongoing. Some programs use a one-time reward. Others give you an ongoing share of trading fees.
  • Return on Investment: No investment is required. You can leverage your existing contacts and social media to refer new users without making an investment.
  • Risk Level: Low. You don’t have to invest money (but you can) to grow your referrals.


  • Easy to get started with simple referral programs
  • Potential ongoing income
  • No money is required to start


  • Reputation risk (choose referral programs carefully)
  • Programs can change or disappear
  • Taxable as income in many jurisdictions

11. Crypto Credit Card Rewards

Much like rewards credit cards, a few platforms offer rewards in the shape of crypto rewards cards. Earn free crypto for everyday purchases. This one has a catch as well but comes with an easy workaround.

In many jurisdictions, paying with crypto is a taxable event. The IRS treats it as the disposal of an asset. Simply put, you probably don’t want to buy a pack of gum with your bitcoins just to earn rewards. Instead, you can fund your account cash and earn crypto rewards everywhere you use your card. For example, Coinbase pays up to 3% in free crypto rewards and lets you choose a new reward each month.

coinbase crypto rewards card

  • Earning potential: Low to Moderate. Most programs cap monthly rewards.
  • How often can you earn: Ongoing. Use your crypto rewards card for everyday purchases to keep earning.
  • Return on Investment: No investment is required. You have to fund your card, but that money will be spent on everyday expenses.
  • Risk Level: Low. Cash balances are likely held with a bank. Risk may be higher, however, if you choose to keep crypto on the exchange to fund your card.


  • Earn crypto for everyday purchases
  • Choose your crypto reward
  • Earnings up to 3%
  • Rewards may not be taxable in some jurisdictions (possibly viewed as a purchase discount)


  • Not available everywhere
  • Rewards can change frequently
  • Transactions for crypto-funded cards may be taxable
  • Crytpo-to-cash conversion can be costly

How to Avoid Free Crypto Scams

Crypto has its share of shady characters and outright scams, but there are ways to avoid scams and reduce risks.

  • Use reputable sources. Do your research first and be sure you feel comfortable with the source of the free crypto, particularly if you have to deposit your own crypto to earn free crypto.
  • Connect with care. DeFi apps require you to connect your crypto wallet. However, you don’t always know what’s on the other side of that smart contract. Again, look for reputable projects with documented audits.
  • Guard your personal data. It’s common for exchanges to require identity verification to comply with regulations. However, if a lesser-known app wants your personal information, it may not be worth the risk.
  • Don’t trust links. Social media, discussion boards, and even fake websites may link to a malicious contract or phishing page that looks real. Check the URL carefully before providing any information.
  • Never share your wallet seed phrase. Your crypto wallet uses a private key and seed phrase backup to control your crypto. If someone else gets either of these, they can steal your crypto. No legitimate free crypto site or app will ask you for either of these.

Is Earning Free Crypto Worth The Effort?

Learning how to earn free crypto isn’t difficult, but depending on which method you choose, you might have some work ahead of you such as preparing for added income tax or completing multiple tasks to become eligible for airdrops.

Easier methods include debit card rewards, crypto lending, and crypto staking. With debit card rewards, you usually just need to fund your account and choose a reward. Lending and staking usually just require a few clicks, although you need to buy some crypto to get started.

However, strategies like play-to-earn and airdrop hunting can require much more effort and do not guarantee a meaningful return. However, if things go your way, the payouts can be much larger compared to passive strategies. Consider how much time and effort (and money) you want to commit before you choose a strategy to earn free crypto.


We just covered ten ways to earn free crypto, some of which are easy and some that require a bit more effort. Paydays for free crypto range from a few cents at a time up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Participating in a freeroll tournament on CoinPoker provide the most profit potential but can require an element of skill to win. However, by eliminating the need for upfront payments and consistently offering these freeroll tournaments, CoinPoker not only makes it feasible to earn cryptocurrency without financial investment but also enhances the experience by fostering active participation and competition among its users.

Visit CoinPoker


How do you earn cryptocurrency without investment?

You can consider playing poker freeroll tournaments on CoinPoker to earn free crypto without making an investment. Alternatively, a crypto rewards debit card pays crypto rewards for everyday purchases with no additional investment required.

How do you make money in crypto without money?

One of the best ways to make money in crypto is participating in the freeroll tournaments organized by CoinPoker. You can also consider crypto referral bonuses as rewards. As you build your balance over time, you can use those rewards to explore other profitable strategies like crypto lending or airdrop hunting that require some seed money.

What is the best way to earn crypto for free?

The easiest and likely the safest to earn free crypto is by participating in poker freeroll tournaments. Though it requires an element of skill, these competitions allows players to jump in on the action without financial barriers.

How do you earn free crypto like on CoinPoker?

As mentioned earlier, you can earn free crypto on CoinPoker through its lineup of rewarding freeroll tournaments. You can also earn a bonus of up to 1,100 USDT when you create a playing account and make a first-time deposit on the poker site.


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