How to Buy Slothana ($SLOTH) – Easy Guide

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Slothana ($SLOTH) is an exciting new meme coin presale. As the name suggests, this meme coin combines Sloth and Solana, paying homage to the sloth-themed meme coin Slerf and the Solana blockchain.

Our how to buy Slothana guide covers everything you need to do to participate in this presale, including getting a Solana wallet and sending SOL to the presale wallet.

Slothana Overview

Here are the key points you need to know about Slothana before investing:

  • Innovative presale model: Send SOL directly to a wallet address and instantly receive $SLOTH tokens as an airdrop. This eliminates the usual complexities and waiting times of token presales, making it more user-friendly.
  • Affordable entry point with high growth potential: During presale, 10,000 SLOTH cost just 1 SOL, providing an affordable entry point that’s expected to appreciate significantly.
  • Solid backing: The team behind the successful Solana-based meme coin Smog, which provided over 10,000% returns, is rumored to be behind Slothana. This backing adds a layer of credibility and anticipation for similar growth.
  • Strong initial traction: Currently standing at over $10 million, Slothana raised over $1 million in less than two days, demonstrating strong invertor demand and community support.

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How to Buy Slothana ($SLOTH) Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buying Slothana via the token presale is straightforward. Here’s how to do it in four steps:

Step 1: Download a Solana Wallet

Slothana is a Solana meme coin, meaning you need a compatible wallet to participate in the presale. There are many wallets to choose from but we recommend Phantom as this is the “MetaMask” of Solana.

Visit the Phantom Wallet app website and download the app. This can be as a browser extension or a mobile app. Supported browsers include Chrome, Brave, Edge and Firefox.

phantom wallet

For example, here’s how to add a Phantom wallet to a Chrome browser:

  1. Select “Add extension to Chrome”.
  2. Wait for Phantom Wallet to appear in the extensions tab.
  3. Create a new Phantom wallet.
  4. Write down the seed phrase on a piece of paper, and never share it with anyone.
  5. Create a password.

phantom wallet ui

Step 2: Fund the Crypto Wallet

You need Solana (SOL) to buy the Slothana presale. Visit a centralized exchange like Binance, Kraken or Coinbase. Buy SOL on the spot market as it comes with lower fees, or buy using a card for an instant purchase.

Visit your account and select withdraw. Use the Phantom wallet address that you created and select the Solana network.

Step 3: Send SOL to the Presale Wallet

Unlike token presales where you have to connect your wallet to purchase the tokens, with Slothana, all you have to do is send SOL to the wallet.

Tap the Phantom wallet extension and select “Send”.

send sol

In the “Recipient’s Solana address field” copy and paste the following address: EnSawje2vQSQKtGbPYdXEuYKm2sHgeLKJTqCmrDErKEA

Select the amount of SOL you wish to send. Each SOL gives you 10,000 $SLOTH but you can send any amount you want and you’ll get the equivalent amount of $SLOTH airdropped to your wallet when the presale ends.

Step 4: Get Your Slothana Tokens

Once you send the SOL to the presale address, there’s nothing else to do but wait for the presale to end. Once it ends, your $SLOTH tokens will be airdropped to the wallet that sent the SOL. The Slothana team has recently announced on X that the presale will end on April 29.

Slothana team announces presale end and token launch on Twitter (X)

What Is Slothana?

Slothana ($SLOTH) is an innovative Solana meme coin that has quickly captured the interest of investors with its unique concept. The coin’s theme revolves around an “office sloth” who leaves the traditional 9-5 job to explore the world of crypto trading. This relatable idea has resonated widely, leading to a viral presale shortly after its launch.

Slothana’s raised over $500,000 within just a few hours of its presale launch, $650,000 in 24 hours, and surpassed $1 million in less than two days, showcasing strong community support and trust. This early enthusiasm suggests that Slothana has the potential for substantial growth.

Slothana presale homepage

One of Slothana’s standout features is its presale mechanism. Unlike typical presales that involve set price stages or complicated participation steps, Slothana simplifies the process. Investors can directly send Solana (SOL) to a specified token address, and in return, they receive $SLOTH tokens as an airdrop.

There is speculation within the crypto community that Slothana might have been created by the same team responsible for Smog, another Solana-based meme coin that delivered significant returns to its early investors, surging over 10,000% from its initial price. This connection has piqued the interest of investors, as Smog’s impressive performance could be replicated by Slothana.

Moreover, Slothana has plans for future listings on top cryptocurrency exchanges and for introducing utility as it gains popularity. With the token currently priced at around $0.018, there’s ample opportunity for investor gains. Follow Slothana on X for the latest information about the presale.

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Slothana Tokenomics

Slothana is currently in a token presale and there’s no information on how many $SLOTH tokens there will be in total, or how many will be distributed in the presale. There’s also no information on how many tokens will be used in liquidity pools.

Since this is a meme coin, chances are token numbers will be in hundreds of millions if not in billions, and likely there won’t be any staking or burn mechanics during the early stages of the token launch.

However, Slothana’s potential for increased utility and integration into CEXs and DEXs could significantly drive up its value — with the latter also boosting its accessibility and liquidity. This, combined with strong community engagement, position Slothana as a promising meme coin investment.

8 Reasons to Buy Slothana

Wondering whether it makes sense to buy Slothana? Here are eight reasons why you should consider buying Slothana:

1. Good Timing

Slothana’s launch is strategically timed around major crypto events such as the Bitcoin halving and Dogecoin Day. These events typically generate market enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, particularly meme coins, potentially boosting $SLOTH’s value shortly after its launch.

2. Meme Coin Potential

Meme coins have shown incredible market performance lately, with some experiencing over 10,000% gains. Slothana taps into this trend, offering investors a chance to be part of potentially explosive growth within a short time frame.

With meme coins the best performing crypto sector year-to-date, investors are hunting for meme coins to watch this April. Source: CoinMarketCap

3. Diversification

Adding Slothana to your investment portfolio can provide exposure to the dynamic meme coin sector. As mentioned, meme coins have demonstrated potential for rapid and substantial returns, making Slothana a compelling option for diversifying crypto investments.

4. Launched on Solana

Slothana benefits from the Solana blockchain’s high-speed transactions and low fees. Compared to Ethereum’s high transaction costs, Solana provides a more cost-effective platform for trading and transacting, enhancing Slothana’s attractiveness among meme coin traders.

5. Accessibility

As our guide on how to buy Slothana showed, this token offers an uncomplicated presale process, making it accessible to both experienced traders and newcomers. This ease of entry is ideal for those looking to invest without the hassle of complex purchasing steps.

6. Early Investment Opportunity

Buying during the presale allows investors to purchase Slothana at potentially the lowest prices. Early investments can lead to significant gains, especially as the coin prepares for listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

7. Community-Driven Growth

The growth of Slothana is propelled by its vibrant and engaged community. The project emphasizes building a movement around shared success and collective enthusiasm, crucial factors that sustain long-term interest and support for the token.

Slothana community engagement on Twitter (X)

8. Unique Marketing

Slothana capitalizes on a relatable ‘office sloth’ character who escapes the 9-5 grind. This unique and humorous marketing strategy is designed to resonate broadly, attracting a diverse audience that can drive demand and enhance the coin’s market value.

Slothana unique marketing on Twitter (X)

Slothana Price Prediction

Slothana’s presale success and its anticipated token launch suggest strong potential for rapid growth. Initially costing $0.018606, Slothana has raised significant funds, indicating robust investor confidence. By the end of 2024, as the token gets listed on exchanges and gains visibility, we predict that $SLOTH could rise to $0.20, reflecting over a 900% increase from its presale price.

Looking ahead to 2025, the momentum is expected to continue, driven by broader market bullishness and possible Bitcoin highs influencing the entire crypto space. Slothana might reach all-time highs early in the year, but a market-wide pullback could see its price adjust to around $0.13 by year-end.

Slothana illustration

By 2030, as cryptocurrencies become mainstream and liquidity increasingly flows from traditional markets to digital assets, $SLOTH could benefit significantly. With enhanced utility and broader adoption within the Solana ecosystem, Slothana’s price might stabilize around $0.50, assuming continued community support and successful leveraging of market trends.

This Slothana price prediction hinges on maintaining relevance and utility in a rapidly evolving market, with potential highs and lows shaped by investor sentiment, market conditions, and the overall health of the crypto ecosystem.


Our how to buy Slothana guide shows how to buy the token in four simple steps, from setting up a Solana wallet, to buying SOL and sending it to the presale address. Once the presale ends, you’ll have the amount of $SLOTH you purchased airdropped to your wallet.

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What is Slothana?

Slothana is a meme coin on Solana that aims to repeat the success of another sloth-themed meme coin called Slerf. Slothana is now in a presale phase where you can buy the token at potentially lower price before it lists on exchanges.

What is the current price of Slothana?

There is no official price at the moment, but based on the SOL/$SLOTH exchange rate, the price stands around $0.018448 per token.

How do I buy Slothana?

You need a Solana wallet and some SOL. Once you have that, send SOL to the following address: EnSawje2vQSQKtGbPYdXEuYKm2sHgeLKJTqCmrDErKEA