What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? 10 Ways to Spend Cryptocurrency

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what can you buy with bitcoin

Global crypto adoption continues to ramp up, with reports estimating that over 420 million people worldwide now own digital currencies. This level of adoption means an abundance of items can be purchased online using popular coins like Bitcoin – a process that brings a whole host of benefits. With that in mind, this guide discusses what you can buy with Bitcoin in 2023. We’ll explore an array of items and services you can purchase online using BTC (and other cryptos) before highlighting the cheapest and safest platform for making crypto-based purchases.

The 10 Best Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in 2023

Those wondering what you can buy with Bitcoin should look no further – as listed below are ten of the most popular items that can be purchased online using BTC: 

  1. Luxury Watches
  2. Designer Bags
  3. Crypto Presales
  4. Cars
  5. High-End Jewellery
  6. Motorhomes
  7. Private Flights
  8. Spirits
  9. Off-Road Bikes
  10. Precious Metals

All of these items can be bought from BitDials – the world’s first crypto-only e-commerce store. This store accepts Bitcoin (and other cryptos) and has been around since 2016. We’ll discuss BitDials later in this guide, although those looking to check out what the platform offers can click the button below.

An In-Depth Look at How You Can Spend Cryptocurrency Online

If you research the best crypto to buy regularly, you’ll be well aware of the growing shift taking place online. More online stores than ever are beginning to accept crypto as a payment method, which increases safety and lowers fees. With that in mind, detailed below are 10+ popular items that you’re now able to buy with Bitcoin easily:

1. Luxury Watches

If you’re wondering how to spend Bitcoin, the chances are you’ve already got a fair amount saved for a decent-sized purchase. If that’s the case, then you may be interested in learning how to buy watches with Bitcoin in 2023. There is an array of luxury watch brands now available to crypto holders online, ranging from Audemars Piguet to Rolex.

Since more people than ever own cryptocurrency, a selection of watch stores will now accept Bitcoin (and other cryptos), which is an excellent way of ensuring there are never any ownership disputes over these items. For those still wondering how to buy a Rolex with BTC in 2023, we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know in a simple guide here on CryptoNews.com.

bitdials watches

As mentioned above, BitDials is one e-commerce platform that accepts crypto as a purchase method – and the platform also has a broad selection of luxury watches. If you’re wondering how to spend crypto easily, you can browse this selection and find watches that range from 0.02036 BTC up to 16.639 BTC! BitDials’s watch selection includes exclusive options that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

For example, the platform holds a Kerbedanz Quintum, one of the rarest Swiss-made watches in the world with only two pieces in existence. As one of the best places to spend crypto, BitDials also has low and mid-range watches, ensuring everyone has an option. If you decide to buy a watch from BitDials, the purchase comes with 24/7 customer support and real-time order tracking, along with the watch’s original box and paperwork.


2. Designer Bags

If you’ve previously opted to buy Bitcoin, designer leather bags are another item you can buy online with this digital currency. Designer bags have traditionally only been offered by stores accepting FIAT; for example, Selfridges and Macy’s. However, this has changed in the past few years since these items can now be bought using crypto. The most popular designer bags are the latest iterations from Hermès and Chanel.

If you’re wondering how to spend Bitcoin, you’ll be glad to know that these items can be purchased with digital currencies. Moreover, there are also more utilitarian laptop bags and duffel cases that can be purchased.

bitdials bags

In terms of where you can spend Bitcoin to buy these consoles, there’s now a selection of online stores that offer them – although BitDials is likely the easiest to use. At the time of writing, BitDials stocks a wide range of bags from Chanel to St. Dupont to Chopard, including a few “legacy” versions. Interestingly, BitDials even has the Chanel Timeless in stock, which is often difficult to get firsthand. As such, those holding crypto can quickly obtain it and benefit from quick shipping timescales using this platform.

3. Crypto Presales

If you’re wondering what you can buy with Bitcoin, another popular option is crypto presales. For those unaware, crypto presales are a way for new cryptocurrency projects to raise funds and generate awareness before release.

The key benefit of investing in these presales is that tokens are usually offered at a discounted price relative to the eventual listing price. Thus, early investors can put themselves in line to generate exceptional returns – if the project experiences value increases in the future. But which crypto presale is the best? Thankfully, hundreds of presales are ongoing at any one time, meaning you’ll always have options. However, two presale projects currently stand out from the crowd:

Love Hate Inu – New Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin with Huge Potential

Love Hate Inu is a brand-new meme coin that looks to capitalize on the success of coins like DOGE and SHIB. However, it also incorporates a “Vote-to-Earn” (V2E) mechanism that enables users to earn tokenized rewards simply for participating in the platform’s polls.

There’s no cap on these rewards – so the more polls a user enters, the more LHINU tokens they’ll earn. Love Hate Inu’s team also intends to launch a staking protocol whereby users must stake their LHINU tokens for at least 30 days before being able to cast votes.

Given Love Hate Inu’s meme coin style, the hype is already building around this crypto presale. The presale will have eight stages, each with its own price point, meaning those who invest earliest will receive the most appealing entry level.

DeeLance – Disruptive Recruitment Platform Leveraging Web3 Technology

Another popular crypto presale to consider is the one being offered by DeeLance. DeeLance is a Web3-powered freelancing platform where freelancers and clients can connect seamlessly. This platform has low fees and leverages blockchain technology to ensure that disputes can be handled instantly.

DLANCE is the native token used on this platform. Clients can pay freelancers using DLANCE, although the token is also needed to pay for virtual office space in the DeeLance metaverse. It can even be used to purchase NFTs from DeeLance’s planned marketplace.

The “traditional” freelancing platforms continue to be plagued by various issues, meaning DeeLance has a huge opportunity to capitalize and offer a more effective service. The project’s presale is ongoing, meaning early investors can buy DLANCE tokens at a significant discount ahead of the planned CEX listings.

4. Cars

Many people are unaware that cars are now one of the most popular purchases made online when it comes to what you can buy with Bitcoin. This may come as a surprise, considering that cars have traditionally been reserved for FIAT-based transactions – but times are changing!

bitdials cars

BTC holders can now buy a range of new and pre-owned cars online. Notably, there are options for all preferences and budgets, which is crucial to understand since there’s an incorrect preconception that crypto-based car payments are solely for the super-rich.

Given the scale of the purchase when acquiring a car using Bitcoin, it’s wise to partner with a well-respected and credible platform. BitDials fits the bill in this regard since it has been around since 2016 and has sold countless cars in that timeframe. You can even find racing cars on it!

racing car on bitdials

For those looking to buy a lamborghini with Bitcoin, BitDials offers a range of car brands, including Lamborghinis and BMWs. The purchasing process is straightforward – you need to find your desired model and transfer the required amount of BTC to the provided wallet address. They also take care of delivery and any necessary documentation or export complexities, guaranteeing a painless process when getting your new set of wheels.

5. High-End Jewelry

Wondering what can I buy with Bitcoin? Another increasingly popular option for those interested in luxury accessories is high-end jewelry. This is because buyers can now access exciting pieces from around the globe while also being able to pay for them in a secure and decentralized manner.

This simplifies the process of purchasing jewelry and makes these items more accessible to people worldwide. There are now many renowned brands that you can buy using Bitcoin, with options for those with a thing for diamonds, white gold, and much more.

bitdials jewelry

Platforms like BitDials are ideal if you’re looking to acquire high-end jewelry. You can browse an extensive collection of exciting items, including bracelets, earrings, and wedding rings. Again, all that’s involved in the purchasing process is simply adding the item to your cart, entering your details, and then transferring the required amount of BTC to the provided wallet address. Once this has been confirmed, BitDials will ship the item to your home address – it’s that simple!

6. Motorhomes

Considering buying a house with Bitcoin? Why not one on wheels? Buying a motorhome opens the door to a world of adventure and exploration for enthusiasts of mobile living. With crypto, travelers can acquire spacious and luxurious motorhomes equipped with modern amenities, turning a life on the road into one of comfort.


There are many advantages to using BTC for these purchases, such as reduced fees and faster processing. There are plenty of options online for those wondering how to spend Bitcoin on motorhomes. From compact campervans for solo adventurers to spacious RVs for families, BitDials has a diverse selection of motorhomes from reputable manufacturers. They’ll provide full support throughout the buying process and take care of any export formalities or documentation.

7. Private Flights

Travel is another way how to spend crypto and Bitcoin online. Originally the remit of the ultra-rich, private charter flights are growing in popularity for those looking to travel in style, with the industry expected to almost double in size by 2029. Now, with crypto, jetsetters can bypass commercial airlines and enjoy personalized air travel tailored to their schedule and preferences.


BitSky – a part of BitDials – offers a comprehensive charter service that encompasses every aspect of your journey. They can plan every aspect of your dream getaway, from pickup to flights to adventure to accommodation. With just a few clicks, travelers can elevate their flying experience to new heights with BTC-powered charter flights.

8. Spirits

For those who savor the finer things in life, Bitcoin can be used to purchase premium spirits like whiskey. Premium spirits make great presents for special occasions or as additions to a growing collection. Cryptocurrency holders can acquire top-tier brands from around the world, elevating their drinking experience to new heights.

bitdials whiskey

On BitDials, connoisseurs can explore a vast selection of whiskey varieties, from single malt scotches and bourbon to rare blends and limited editions. Scottish malt-enjoyers might appreciate The Macallan 52 Year Old, a whiskey that has been aged for at least 52 years in an oak sherry seasoned cask. They also offer high-quality gins and cognacs.

9. Off-Road Bikes

While charter flights are the epitome of luxury, for those who prefer a bit more adventure, off-road UTVs can provide the adrenaline you need. Using Bitcoin, you can now buy a wide range of off-road bikes, including dirt bikes, motocross bikes, and enduro motorcycles. You can order your off-road bike online in just a few minutes, and then it will be delivered to you so you can get off the beaten track and have some fun.

bitdials offroad utv

Crypto holders can invest in an array of bikes from well-known suppliers. BitDials has a selection of off-road UTVs, including a Maverick X3 Max X rs Turbo RR Smart-Shox.

10. Precious Metals

If you have a Bitcoin-only software wallet and want to invest in an appreciating asset, another option is gold. The act of buying gold with Bitcoin is gaining traction globally, which is again down to the benefits offered by crypto-based transactions but also the open-mindness to alternative stores of value. Investors can diversify their portfolios and hedge against economic uncertainty by acquiring gold BitDials offers a range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, providing a secure way to turn your digital wealth into physical wealth for preservation and appreciation.

bitdials gold

Investors often look for privacy when buying gold, and this is undoubtedly something that Bitcoin-based purchases can offer. Buyers from foreign countries will often find using Bitcoin easier since they don’t have to deal with banking systems that are alien to them.

11. Luxury Pens

With Bitcoin, enthusiasts of the finer things in life can indulge in luxury pens crafted with precision and elegance. Luxury pens represent a timeless blend of craftsmanship, artistry, and sophistication, making them coveted treasures for collectors and enthusiasts.

pens on bitdials

On BitDials, you’ll find a collection of pens from Breguet, the renowned Swiss watchmaker. These exquisitely crafted pens bring a little luxury to your everyday life.

11. Motorbikes

Motorcycle enthusiasts can purchase a wide array of models from leading manufacturers, ranging from sport bikes and cruisers to adventure tourers and superbikes. Buying a motorbike using Bitcoin simplifies the process and means you can order from the comfort of your own home.


Buying a motorbike online can be a stressful process as you want to make sure you get what you’ve ordered and that there are no issues or faults with the vehicle. BitDials offers a full service where motorbikes are sourced from well-established dealerships with factory warranties on new vehicles. They will take care of delivery, documentation, and all export formalities. They can also source your preferred motorbike if it’s not listed on their website.

12. Classic Cars

Several innovative e-commerce platforms have also begun offering classic cars for purchase using Bitcoin. These platforms cater to car enthusiasts looking to acquire vintage vehicles using digital currencies instead of FIAT.


Since BTC allows borderless transactions, the classic car market could expand globally if more merchants began accepting it for payments. BitDials has already hopped on this trend, offering a selection of highly sought-after vehicles – including a super-rare 1957 BMW Coupe 503 that was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 1957!

Where is the Best Place to Spend Bitcoin & Crypto Online?

Now that we’ve discussed what you can buy with Bitcoin, it’s important to discuss where to purchase these items safely. A recent article from Yahoo Finance highlighted that around 25% of all online businesses will look to offer crypto payment methods by 2025 – highlighting the remarkable rate of crypto adoption. One business that caters specifically to crypto users is BitDials.

This groundbreaking platform has been around since 2016 and has gained a loyal following from all corners of the market. By offering a vast range of items and 24/7 customer service, BitDials has solidified itself as the “go-to” for luxury crypto purchases. It also allows users to avoid crypto taxes by spending altcoins on a wide range of goods, such as watches and cars.

bitdials homepage

BitDials offers diverse products, from luxury watches to private flights. The platform offers something for every budget, with its user-friendly interface making it easy to filter the results and find exactly the type of item you’re looking for. If you’re wondering who accepts Dogecoin in 2023, BitDials has you covered.

One of BitDials’s best features is the range of cryptos that it supports. You can pay for items using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, and other well-known digital currencies. This is important since it means you can choose the cryptocurrency that offers the lowest fees and speediest transactions.

bitdials spirits style

If you’re wondering what you can buy with Bitcoin, you’ll also be concerned with the level of customer service on offer. Fortunately, BitDials excels in this regard since the platform has a dedicated customer service team available 24/7. This means that even if you’re a complete newcomer to the space, BitDials’s team can walk you through the purchasing process.

Finally, BitDials even offers item tracking, meaning you’ll always know where your purchased item is and when it’ll arrive. Moreover, BitDials delivers its products worldwide with DHL, FedEx, and UPS – all while offering attractive shipping rates across the board.

What Cryptos Can You Use to Buy Real Items?

Now you know the answers to the question of “what can you buy with cryptocurrency?”, you may be wondering what tokens you can actually use to buy things – aside from Bitcoin. Once you’ve identified where you can spend crypto and which item(s) you’d like to purchase, it’s crucial to research which digital currency you can use. This will vary depending on the merchant, although it’s safe to say that the vast majority will accept Bitcoin – due to its perceived “safety” relative to others.

However, many of the best altcoins are now being accepted by online stores, meaning you have more options than ever regarding funding purchases. Merchants constantly seek payment methods that save them money on fees while ensuring that transactions are as safe as possible.

Aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) are the two most popular digital currencies accepted online. When researching where to spend crypto, it’s a good idea to check whether any of these three currencies can be used in the buying process. To make things easier, presented below is a bullet-point list that highlights the most popular cryptos that online merchants accept:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Is It Safe & Legal to Buy Items with Bitcoin?

According to Polaris Market Research, the global crypto market is expected to be valued at over $3.1bn by 2030 – representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2% between now and then. This growth will naturally raise questions regarding what crypto can be used for and whether it will completely replace FIAT currencies. As most crypto exchanges have found out, crypto regulations can change anytime.

However, these regulations are more to do with buying and selling digital currencies – not using these currencies to purchase items online. So, whether you’re looking to buy gift cards with Bitcoin or purchase a new bag with Ethereum, it’s completely legal to do so – in most countries (including the US). In a few countries, cryptocurrencies aren’t permitted, so it’s essential to research this beforehand.

But is it safe to buy items with Bitcoin? This is trickier to answer, as it all depends on the merchant you use. Bitcoin itself is designed to be incredibly safe and anonymous, the latter point being one of the main reasons it’s such a popular option for buyers.

However, since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, finding a credible merchant (e.g., BitDials) is crucial when researching how to spend crypto. If you purchase with a scam buyer, which many unfortunately do, there’s no way to recover the funds – meaning they’ll be lost forever.

How to Spend Bitcoin – Quick-Step Guide

Before concluding our discussion of what can you buy with Bitcoin, let’s take a brief look at the intricacies of the purchasing process – since they differ significantly from FIAT-based transactions. Below are the four simple steps you must be aware of when researching how to spend Bitcoin. We’ll use BitDials as an example due to its level of safety and credibility within the space:

Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet

To start with BitDials, you’ll need a crypto wallet to store your digital currencies. There are various wallet providers, so feel free to choose one that suits your preferences. Setting up the wallet is simply a case of heading to the provider’s website and following the instructions to create a password.

Step 2 – Acquire Bitcoin

You’ll then need to buy Bitcoin (or another supported crypto) to fund your purchases on BitDials. This can be easily achieved using the best crypto apps, brokers, or decentralized exchanges (DEXs). However, we recommend using eToro if you’re looking for the most seamless (and cost-effective) process. The eToro Exchange allows you to instantly swap FIAT to a wide range of different cryptos with low fees and is one of the few crypto exchanges that’s licensed by tier 1 regulatory bodies like the FCA and ASIC, so it’s the safest place to buy Bitcoin.

Step 3 – Find an Item to Purchase on BitDials

bitdials jewelry

Head over to the BitDials website. You can now browse BitDials’ extensive catalog of items, filtering as you see fit. Once you see an item you like, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. 

Step 5 – Send Payment

Choose the crypto you’d like to use as a payment method on the checkout page from the drop-down menu on the right. You’ll also be asked to input your address to update the shipping fees and delivery timescale.

bitdials checkout

Once all of this is completed, BitDials will provide a unique wallet address and the final total for the purchase. All that’s left is to send the total amount to the provided wallet address within the specified time frame.

bitdials payment

Step 6 – Wait for the Item to Be Delivered

BitDials will then process and ship the order to your address. You will also receive tracking information to monitor the delivery’s progress.

What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? – Final Thoughts

Overall, this guide has been created to help you discover what you can buy with Bitcoin online – detailing 30 popular items that can be purchased easily using various digital currencies. As highlighted throughout this article, BitDials is a highly-regarded platform that stocks most (if not all) of the products and services we’ve talked about.

Offering 24/7 support, order tracking, and delivery worldwide, BitDials is an excellent option for those seeking a seamless buying process. Moreover, all of the products offered by BitDials feature competitive prices – meaning it’s a great alternative to expensive FIAT-based stores.


Can Bitcoin be used like cash?

If you’re wondering how to spend Bitcoin, you’ll be glad to know it can be used like cash. All that’s required is a crypto wallet and somewhere to spend it – then it’s simply a case of making a purchase and facilitating the crypto transfer.

How do I use Bitcoin to buy things?

There are various ways to use Bitcoin to buy things, including crypto credit cards and wallet transfers. Regardless of which method is chosen, you’ll need to purchase some BTC from a broker or exchange before attempting to make purchases.

What items can I buy with crypto?

You can now buy hundreds of different items with crypto, from luxury watches to designer bags. BitDials is a popular e-commerce platform that supports crypto-based payment methods and offers various products and services for all income levels.

Is it possible to buy a house with Bitcoin?

Buying a house using Bitcoin is theoretically possible, although this approach is still relatively uncommon. A better option is to use an online platform like BitDials, which handles the property buying/selling process, much like a real estate broker.

Where can you spend Bitcoin online?

You can now spend Bitcoin online at any website that accepts cryptocurrency payments. A prime example is BitDials, which accepts Bitcoin (and five other cryptos) as a payment method.

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