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14 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks Worldwide in 2024

Eric Huffman
Last updated: | 17 min read

Although cryptocurrencies compete with traditional fiat currencies, we still need a way to bridge from traditional finance to the crypto world. Crypto-friendly banks in the US and throughout the world offer a way to access crypto markets. Many support connections to crypto exchanges or access to crypto trading, while others go a step further by providing crypto-related services.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best crypto-friendly banks worldwide, giving you access to the unique opportunities only available through blockchain assets. Let’s find out which banks support the crypto investor community in your part of the world.

What is a Crypto-Friendly Bank?

Crypto-friendly banks are financial institutions that provide access to crypto markets either through the ability to connect to leading crypto exchanges or through direct access to crypto assets. To expand the definition, many bank-like payment service apps also provide crypto-friendly features. These crypto services range from direct crypto buying and selling to crypto wallet support, and many are backed by partner banks to ensure safe custody of your cash.

However, not all banks fall into the crypto-friendly category. Banks can — and often do — close accounts, with crypto activity possibly leading to the account closure. By contrast, crypto-friendly banks embrace customers with digital assets and provide various ways to improve the experience.

Popular features found with crypto-friendly banks can include the following, although offerings may vary by bank.

  • Integrate with leading exchanges
  • Support for both cash and crypto
  • Cryptocurrency buying and selling
  • Crypto wallet support
  • Sending and receiving crypto
  • Crypto debit card
  • Insured cash deposits

List of The Most Crypto-Friendly Banks Worldwide in 2024

We searched financial institutions and payment platforms in regions worldwide to find the best banks that support digital assets or provide crypto-related services.

Bank Available In In-App Crypto Trading? Crypto Features
Revolut Worldwide Yes Trading, crypto ETFs, crypto debit card
Wirex Worldwide Yes Leverage trading, crypto yields, crypto debit card
Juno Worldwide Yes Trading
Ally Bank USA No Connect to exchanges
BankProv USA No Connect to exchanges
Cash App USA Bitcoin only Buy bitcoin, send bitcoin
AMINA Bank Europe Yes Trade spot and derivates, cold storage, crypto staking
LHV Bank Europe Yes Crypto trading
Monzo UK No Connect to exchanges
Cashaa UK Yes Banking for crypto businesses, crypto yields
DBS Bank Asia Yes Connect to exchanges
Mizuho Bank Asia Futures markets Futures trading
SBI Sumishin Net Bank Asia Yes, institutional investors Connect to exchanges, storage, institutional trading

Worldwide Crypto-Friendly Banks

To start our crypto bank list, we’ll begin with worldwide apps that support both cash and crypto. Some also cater to the traveling community, with easy currency exchanges regardless of where you work or call home today.


revolut homepage

Revolut provides payment services, investments, currency conversions, and more in one financial services app. Invest in 50+ individual cryptocurrencies or choose a basket of crypto tokens to bet on a promising sector of the crypto market.

The Revolut app has become a staple for world travelers and remote workers worldwide but offers a suite of services suitable to nearly anyone. A prepaid debit card lets you spend cash or crypto easily, with the ability to freeze and unfreeze the card with a few clicks for safety. Other popular features include access to stock investments and savings rates of up to 4.25% APY with a premium membership plan.

Key Features of Revolut

  • Buy or sell 150+ crypto assets
  • Baskets of cryptocurrencies grouped by sector
  • Cash or crypto prepaid debit card
  • Low 0.49% crypto trading fees with premium plan


wirex homepage

Earn crypto rewards with the Wirex card or easily buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. This mobile-first app travels the world with you, letting you spend in local currency wherever life’s adventure leads. Choose from 37+ cryptocurrencies, ranging from market cap leaders like BTC and ETH to popular DeFi picks such as MKR or AAVE or an assortment of proven meme coins like DOGE.

Use your Wirex Card to earn up to 8% back in crypto rewards for online purchases. Rewards are paid instantly using the platform’s own token, WXT. Wirex also offers an innovative X-Account, which strategically deploys capital in DeFi protocols to earn up to 20% average equivalent rate (AER) compounded daily to maximize yields.

Key Features of Wirex

  • Leverage trade crypto pairs with Wirex Multiply
  • High yields of up to 20% AER with X-Account
  • Crypto rewards for card purchases
  • Guaranteed APR on crypto assets using Wirex Duo


juno crypto bank homepage

Simple enough for newbies but powerful enough for crypto natives, Juno offers an easy-to-use onramp to the crypto world. Set up direct deposits or automatic bill payments, giving you all the convenience you expect from a bank but with added features like integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Savers earn up to 5% on cash deposits, and cashback rewards pay up to 5% for everyday spending. With offices in Singapore, the US, and India, Juno is truly a worldwide app that wants to make crypto markets easy to access for everyone.

Juno offers 40 coins and tokens and stays up-to-date on the latest big plays, including cryptocurrencies like Hedera that aren’t available through more limited platforms.

Key Features of Juno

  • Wide assortment of 40 cryptocurrencies
  • Newbie-friendly app
  • Direct deposit support
  • 5% APR on savings

Crypto-Friendly Banks in the USA

The US has several crypto-friendly banks and apps. However, tighter regulation limits the ability to buy and sell crypto through banks. However, some banks support customers in the crypto space and allow easy connections to exchanges like Coinbase as well as asset management serices. Some payment apps like Cash App support buying cryptocurrency alongside bank-like features.


ally bank homepage

Ally doesn’t support direct crypto trading. Instead, this time-tested bank offers access to crypto-backed investments, including crypto trusts, Bitcoin futures, and crypto stocks through Ally Invest. The ability to link your bank account to a trusted exchange like Coinbase, combined with crypto-related investments, makes Ally one of the most crypto-friendly banks in the USA.

Banking features include direct deposits available up to two days early and overdraft protection. Ally also offers fee-free banking. Many of the charges you’re accustomed to with typical banks are on the house, including no maintenance fees and no low daily balance fees.

Your Ally account comes with a debit card you can freeze with the app, and cash deposits are FDIC-insured for up to $250,000 per account. Crypto deposits are not covered.

Key Features of Ally

  • Crypto-friendly mindset
  • Connect to popular exchanges like Coinbase
  • Invest in crypto assets, including trusts and stocks, through Ally Invest
  • 0.25% on savings; 4% and higher yield on CDs and money market accounts


bankprov homepage

BankProv is one of the oldest banks in US, with a proven history dating back nearly 200 years. While BankProv doesn’t offer crypto trading, this Massachusetts-based bank provides banking services to crypto businesses. If you own a crypto business in the US, you know how difficult it can be to find a bank that won’t close your bank account with little notice. Digital asset business owners — put this one on your list. However, BankProv doesn’t currently offer consumer banking services.

Business owners can access lending services, including real estate and warehouse lending. Business banking services include checking with four levels of accounts tailored to small businesses up to large commercial accounts. Online and mobile banking make account management a breeze.

Key Features of BankProv

  • Fiat (not crypto) deposits are insured by FDIC and DIF insurance
  • Tailor-made products for businesses of any size
  • Support for digital-asset businesses
  • Dedicated account specialists


sofi homepage

SoFi no longer offers direct crypto purchases. Instead, customers are referred to or BitGo. However, the popular platform offers access to crypto-related stocks and Bitcoin ETFs, including iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB), and Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund (BRRR).

This member-focused financial services platform provides a full suite of finance products, ranging from banking to investments and loans. Stock and ETF trades come with no commission. However, a big part of SoFi’s appeal centers around its competitive rates for savers. Earn up to 4.60% on your cash between trades.

Key Features of SoFi

  • Stock and ETF investing
  • High yield (4.6%) APR savings account
  • Automatic savings and purchase amount roundups
  • Up to $300 new account bonus

Cash App

cash app homepage

Cash App is one of the leading payment applications for mobile users but also offers easy access to stocks and Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin with as little as $1. Send Bitcoin for free. Cash App uses the lightning network to speed up Bitcoin transactions and make BTC affordable to use as a payment method. The app also lets you invest in Bitcoin automatically, setting aside part of your direct deposit to build your BTC nest egg.

Cash App also tracks your BTC purchases, as well as stock transactions, making crypto tax prep easier.

Key Features of Cash App

  • Invest in BTC for as little as $1
  • Automatically invest in BTC
  • No-commission stock trades
  • Earn up to 4.5% on savings

Crypto-Friendly Banks in Europe

Rules for crypto services differ around the world, and Europe offers some of the most crypto-friendly banks on the planet. You can buy or sell crypto or even stake your crypto to earn a yield, all with a bank.


amina bank crypto bank homepage

AMINA Bank tops the list for full-service crypto features. This Swiss-based bank provides spot and derivatives trades as well as crypto cold storage solutions for key assets like BTC, ETH, and USDC and your valuable NFTs.

You can also earn staking rewards by staking ETH, SOL, DOT, or XTZ. Staking yields range from 3% up to 14%, depending on the token and network supply and demand.

As a full-service bank, AMINA provides access to 36 worldwide currencies and an online service that lets you manage your assets from anywhere. Owners of the AMINA Platinum Card earn premium support and reduced costs for trading or custody fees.

Key Features of AMINA Bank

  • Trade crypto spot or derivatives
  • Crypto hot wallet for everyday transactions
  • Cold storage for BTC, ETH, USDC, NFTs, and more
  • Crypto staking for ETH and SOL

LHV Bank

lhv bank homepage

LHV Bank provides access to a hand-picked selection of 13 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and SOL, as well as some protocol tokens like AAVE, AXS, and SAND. Between trades, LHV provides a crypto wallet to store your assets for free. Low trading fees of just 0.5% make the platform both convenient and affordable for banking customers who also invest in crypto.

This Estonia-based bank offers both private accounts and business accounts, making it well-suited to consumers or business owners. LHV Bank also provides investment services with automatic investments and round-ups on debit card purchases.

Key Features of LHV Bank

  • Crypto trading for 13 cryptocurrencies
  • Low 0.5% crypto trading fees
  • Investment accounts
  • Automatic investing and round-ups on debit purchases

Crypto-Friendly Banks in the UK

The UK also offers crypto-friendly banks, ranging from those that support crypto investors to fully-featured crypto platforms.


monzo bank homepage

Monzo doesn’t offer cryptocurrencies. However, this UK-based payment app goes out of its way to detail its support for crypto-economy customers. Monzo lets customers easily connect to reputable exchanges like Coinbase. However, some exchanges aren’t supported, particularly if the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning about the exchange, as it has with Binance.

Monzo let’s you connect all your accounts in one app so you can see the big picture at a glance. Monzo also supports US customers through Sutton Bank, with pass-through FDIC insurance for up to $250,000 per bank account. This does not apply to crypto funds.

Key Features of Monzo

  • Crypto exchange friendly
  • Access multiple bank accounts with one app
  • No monthly fees or account minimums


cashaa crypto bank

Cashaa offers crypto trading and yields on crypto assets, but the platform also offers banking accounts for crypto businesses, including USD accounts and Euro accounts. This makes Cashaa an attractive option for crypto startups in the US, UK, or other supported countries.

Cashaa’s mobile app lets users earn up to 20% yields on crypto assets or fiat-equivalent tokens. Supported assets include BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. Yields come from institutional lending, reducing risk for investors on the platform. Cashaa pays the highest yields when you choose to earn in staked CAS, the platform’s utility token.

One of the most challenging parts of crypto businesses is finding a bank that won’t close your account — or one that will let you open an account in the first place. Cashaa aims to solve this problem with its easy-to-use services.

Key Features of Cashaa

  • Banking accounts for crypto businesses
  • Crypto trading for select cryptocurrencies
  • Earn up to 20% yields on crypto and stablecoins

Crypto-Friendly Banks in Asia

As the world’s most populous continent, Asia is brimming with opportunities for crypto investors. Unsurprisingly, some of the most forward-thinking and crypto-friendly banks serve the Asian market.

DBS Bank

dbs bank homepage

Named Asia’s Safest Bank from 2009 to 2023 by Global Finance, DBS Bank offers a full range of banking services alongside crypto trading in four currencies. DBS provides a selection of key cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and XRP, covering some of the most popular coins and tokens.

DBS also supports projects that need to raise capital through a security token offering. Those with more to protect can also utilize DBS for secure crypto custody.

DBS is based in Singapore but serves customers in many countries throughout Asia, as well as the UK and Australia.

Key Features of DBS Bank

  • Crypto exchange supporting four fat currencies
  • Support for India, China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries
  • Crypto custody services

Mizuho Bank

mizuho bank homepage

Japan’s Mizuho Bank joined a well-backed stablecoin issuance group in 2023, demonstrating the bank’s forward-looking views on digital assets. The Japanese bank focuses on investment and capital markets, making it well-suited to larger businesses that are looking to explore crypto investments and blockchain opportunities.

Mizuho Bank can arrange funding for businesses through a variety of credit packages, including revolving credit lines and other working capital or expansion solutions. This well-respected megabank can also assist with divestitures or joint ventures, leveraging its expertise in a wide range of industries, from automotive to telecommunications.

Key Features of Mizuho Bank

  • Large business focus
  • Futures and options market trading
  • Equities and fixed-income products
  • Commercial lending solutions

SBI Sumishin Net Bank

sbi sumishin neobank homepage

Another Japanese bank focused on institutional clients and housing loans, SBI Sumishin Net Bank, is an online bank with secure (third-party) crypto storage and trading for institutional investors. SBI Sumishin Net Bank was an early entrant in the blockchain space, pioneering blockchain banking as far back as 2015.

SBI Sumishin Net Bank, DBA NEOBANK, offers many of its services to both individuals and corporate clients. NEOBANK operates an online banking as a service (BaaS) platform, allowing customers to manage their finances from anywhere in the world.

SBI is deeply embedded in the crypto and blockchain space in Asia, making it one of the most crypto-friendly banks in the world.

Key Features of SBI Sumishin Net Bank

  • Crypto markets for institutional investors
  • Secure crypto storage

How to Choose a Crypto-Friendly Bank

Choosing the best crypto-friendly bank largely depends on your needs. Corporate clients and blockchain startups have different expectations of a bank. For most consumers, the key requirements focus on a forward-looking approach to digital assets. Having your bank close your account — or block exchange transfers — can be a problem with many banks.

  • Support for both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies: Ideally, the bank or platform should support both cash and crypto on the same platform. However, many banks don’t support crypto at all.
  • Support for connecting to crypto exchanges: At a minimum, a traditional bank that’s crypto-friendly should enable connections to leading crypto exchanges like Coinbase.
  • Crypto debit cards: Some banks and platforms let you spend your crypto like cash using a debit card.
  • Crypto rewards: Crypto debit cards can pay crypto rewards in some cases.
  • Staking support: A handful of banks and platforms support crypto staking so you can earn a passive income yield on your idle assets.
  • Crypto trading: Some prefer an all-in-one solution for cash and crypto, such as Cash App, a payment app that also supports Bitcoin purchases and transfers.
  • Security: Holding your crypto with a third party comes with security risks. Research how your crypto is stored and what security measures are in place before making your choice.

Pros and Cons of Crypto-Friendly Banks

The pros of crypto-friendly banks include the ability to connect with crypto exchanges or even trade through the bank’s platform. However, the cons can include a limited selection of cryptocurrencies and higher trading fees or spreads.


  • Integration with popular crypto exchanges
  • Ability to buy or trade crypto on the app
  • Simple crypto storage
  • Staking support or lending for yield
  • Crypto debit cards and crypto rewards


  • Often a limited selection of cryptocurrencies compared to exchanges
  • Some financial apps may not offer the same protections as traditional banks
  • Reliant on the bank for the security of crypto assets

Advantages of Crypto-Friendly Banks

Crypto-friendly banks and finance apps offer some advantages if you’re active in the crypto market or want additional options.

  • Support for both fiat and crypto: The best crypto banks and apps support crypto assets while also providing traditional banking services.
  • Easy-to-use trading interface: Trading on an exchange can be daunting for some investors. Crypto-friendly banks or apps can simplify the buying and selling experience.
  • Support for debit cards: Some crypto banks let you spend your crypto like cash using a debit card. In some cases, you can also earn crypto rewards.
  • Hands-off crypto storage: The bank or crypto platform may hold crypto assets for you, eliminating the complexity of self-custody wallets.
  • Compliance and risk management services: Crypto-friendly banking can provide vital services for those handling a large number of crypto assets, especially for corporate accounts.

crypto piggy bank

Drawbacks of Crypto-Friendly Banks

Crypto-friendly banks can also represent a tradeoff, in which you might see fewer traditional finance features but gain access to crypto buying and selling.

  • Limited services: Many crypto banks don’t offer a full suite of services. For example, you may have to find crypto backed loans elsewhere.
  • Limited brick-and-mortar presence: Expect to work with a crypto bank online or through an app.
  • Regulatory concerns: Banks, while sometimes not as secure as we’d like to think, are highly regulated. Crypto apps that offer bank-like features may not be regulated in the same way as a traditional bank.
  • Limited crypto selection: When trading crypto through a bank or finance app, expect a limited selection of cryptocurrencies, often fewer than 20.


A crypto-friendly bank acts as a bridge between the traditional finance world and the world of digital assets. Options for crypto banks range from those geared toward institutional investors and clients to services tailored to individuals and families. At a minimum, consider banks that let you connect to a trusted exchange like Coinbase. In some regions of the world, this is often the best option. However, some people prefer an all-in-one solution, and in many parts of the world, you can find a bank that supports both crypto and traditional banking.


Which bank is best for crypto?

Which bank is best for crypto depends on where you are in the world and what you need your bank to do. For example, in the US, Ally is often considered the most crypto-friendly bank because they support connections to popular exchanges. However, business owners may prefer BankProv, a US business bank.

Do banks allow you to buy crypto?

Many banks support connections to crypto exchanges. However, few banks in the world support buying and selling crypto.

Which banks block crypto transactions?

In the UK, users have reported that Barclays and Santander have blocked crypto transactions. In Australia, the National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia have reportedly blocked crypto transactions.

Are crypto banks regulated?

Financial service providers, such as crypto apps, are typically licensed in a specific jurisdiction. However, these businesses may not have the same level of regulation as consumer banks. Regulations vary by country or region.

Which banks accept cryptocurrency deposits?

A platform like Revolut can accept cryptocurrency deposits. However, Revolut is not a full-fledged bank. Most banks do not support crypto deposits.

Are deposits in crypto banks protected?

In the US, cash deposits in banks are protected by FDIC insurance. However, crypto deposits are not insured by the FDIC. Some banks and apps may carry insurance against breaches and similar risks to digital assets.