Top 10 DePIN Coins to Invest in 2024

Kane Pepi
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best DePIN coins to buy

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) operate in one of the most important blockchain sectors. This space leverages blockchain technology in physical infrastructure systems, such as the internet, GPU computing, data, and energy. DePIN coins give you access to these decentralized ecosystems.

In this guide, we reveal the 10 best DePIN coins to invest in today. Key metrics considered include market capitalization, future potential, use cases, pricing history, competition, and more.

List of the Top DePIN Cryptocurrencies

Here’s an overview of the best DePIN coins to buy in 2024

  1. eTukTuk – Overall Best DePIN Coin, Presale Project Revolutionizing Tuk-Tuks
  2. Filecoin – Democratizing the Cloud Storage Industry via Blockchain Decentralization
  3. Render – Trustless Ecosystem Enabling Users to Rent and Sell Digital Rendering Space
  4. Theta Network – Creating a Global Video Streaming Space That’s Fair and Inclusive
  5. Siacoin – A Safe, Secure, and Trustless Way to Store Photos Online
  6. Helium – Global Hotspot Networks for a People-Powered Internet
  7. – Top-Performing DePIN and AI Coin With 1-Month Gains of 78%
  8. Powerledger – Peer-to-Peer Solar Energy Marketplace for Excess Power
  9. Chia – Layer 1 Blockchain Network for an Energy-Efficient DePIN Ecosystem
  10. Arweave – Scalable and Decentralized Storage Solutions With Huge Strong Price Momentum

The Best DePIN Coins for Investors in 2024

We’ll now discuss each DePIN project in more detail. Read on to select the best DePIN tokens for your portfolio.

1. eTukTuk – Overall Best DePIN Coin, Presale Project Revolutionizing Tuk-Tuks 

Our research shows that eTukTuk is the overall best DePIN coin to buy right now. Put simply, eTukTuk is creating a sea-change in the global tuk-tuk industry. This is a sizable industry in dire need of change; the vast majority of tuk-tuks operate on internal combustion engines (ICE). These are a major contributor to pollution, especially in the Asian region.

For example, the Asian Development Bank estimates that there are 270 million ICE tuk-tuks globally. By 2050, this is expected to increase to 400 million. This is where eTukTuk comes in. eTukTuk has developed a network of electric vehicle tuk-tuks. These are affordable, great for the environment, and most importantly – built with sustainable materials.

eTukTuk presale

Moreover, eTukTuks come pre-fitted with AI navigation tools. This helps drivers find the most efficient routes, based on real-time mapping. Meaning – eTukTuk drivers can further reduce their environmental footprint. We also like that eTukTuk is compliant with the OCPP 2.0 protocol. This means its tuk-tuks are interoperable with most charging networks in the market.

eTukTuk has launched a proprietary crypto coin, TUK. This offers exposure to its long-term growth. TUK is currently being sold to presale investors; nearly $1.5 million has been raised so far. Currently priced at just $0.0275, TUK could be the next crypto to explode. To invest in the eTukTuk presale, you can use BNB, USDT, or a credit card.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
eTukTuk TUK BNB Chain N/A: Presale N/A: Presale


2. Filecoin – Democratizing the Cloud Storage Industry via Blockchain Decentralization

Filecoin is also one of the best DePIN coins to invest in. This project has revolutionized the cloud storage industry. Filecoin has decentralized cloud services, removing control from centralized providers. After all, the vast majority of the cloud storage industry is dominated by three players; Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

This means users must trust their data is being kept safe. Not only that but centralized cloud providers have a single point of failure. This further increases the risks. The solution? Filecoin has bridged the gap between cloud storage and blockchain technology. Put otherwise, Filecoin distributes cloud data across multiple trusted nodes.

Filecoin price prediction

These are split globally, ensuring that regional failures will not result in downtime or data breaches. Filecoin has a native coin, FIL. Launched in 2017, FIL raised over $257 million in ICO funding. It has a solid use case; FIL incentivizes users to contribute their excess storage space. In turn, those needing cloud storage can rent some with FIL.

The FIL coins go to the person offering the space, ensuring a fair and inclusive ecosystem. FIL is also an investment coin, allowing you to gain exposure to Filecoin’s success. Over the prior month, FIL has increased by 47%. This makes Filecoin one of the top trending cryptos to buy. Filecoin has a market capitalization of over $4 billion.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Filecoin FIL Filecoin $4.1 billion $237.24


3. Render – Trustless Ecosystem Enabling Users to Rent and Sell Digital Rendering Space

Launched in 2020, Render is another DePIN project that could generate significant gains. It specializes in digital rendering, offering more cost-effective solutions for startups. In its current form, digital rendering requires substantial computational resources, meaning large upfront costs.

This means that emerging technologies – such as virtual reality and metaverse gaming, are reserved for established monopolies with vast resources. Render solves this issue through decentralization. It enables users to contribute their excess computational power. This can then be fractionized, and rented to those who need to perform rendering tasks.

Render price prediction

This means that even small-to-medium companies can innovate, no matter what resources they have. Render is backed by RNDR coins. This is the ecosystem currency, meaning RNDR is used to rent and sell rendering space. RNDR has increased by over 19,000% since it launched. This makes RNDR one of the best DePIN crypto coins to date.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Render RNDR Ethereum $2.8 billion $7.54


4. Theta Network – Creating a Global Video Streaming Space That’s Fair and Inclusive  

Theta Network is an innovative DePIN project that’s revolutionizing the global video streaming space. In its current form, certain regions struggle with low-quality video output, often resulting in buffering. This is due to a lack of local infrastructure, meaning the developed world often benefits from the best viewing experiences.

This is especially the case with overly centralized providers like YouTube and Netflix. Theta Network’s solution is to decentralize global bandwidth capabilities. In simple terms, those with excess bandwidth can rent it out to the Theta Network. In turn, this is distributed to regions requiring increased bandwidth.

Theta Network price chart

The result is high-quality video streaming, no matter the resources. Theta Network relies on THETA coins to incentivize users. This is because THETA is awarded to those renting their excess bandwidth. THETA has a market capitalization of just under $2 billion. Over the prior month of trading, THETA has increased by more than 95%.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Theta Network THETA Theta Network $1.9 billion $2.26


5. Siacoin – A Safe, Secure, and Trustless Way to Store Photos Online   

Siacoin is also one of the best DePIN coins to consider today. We found that Siacoin solves a major issue in the photo storage industry. There are two leading players in this space; Google and Apple. This is because photos are automatically uploaded from smartphones to Google Cloud or iCloud. This prevents a major data privacy risk.

After all, private photos can get into the wrong hands if a hacking attempt is successful. This is where Siacoin comes in. Through its proprietary blockchain network, Siacoin decentralizes photo storage. Here’s how it works. First, users can rent out their spare cloud storage. This is facilitated via hard drives, ensuring privacy and security.

Siacoin review

Those in need of photo storage can rent space from other Siacoin users. Payment is made in SC, the project’s native coin. Not only does this create a decentralized marketplace, but it removes control from centralized monopolies. SC is an established DePIN crypto, first launching in 2016. Since then, SC has increased by over 20,000%. SC is valued at over $535 million.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Siacoin SC Siacoin $535 million $0.1117


6. Helium – Global Hotspot Networks for a People-Powered Internet    

Launched in 2019, Helium is a decentralized blockchain project that’s revolutionizing the internet. Currently, internet services aren’t as prevalent in the developing world. Even then, WiFi and cellular networks are often too weak to meet demand. This means that developing countries are missing out on core day-to-day services.

This is where Helium comes in. Helium allows anyone to become a ‘hotspot’. Users simply need one of its portable nodes. Each node connects with one another, creating a decentralized network of internet data. Like many DePIN projects, Helium relies on an incentivization framework.

Helium price chart

So, those who create hotspots for the Helium network earn HNT coins. To date, more than 10,000 Helium hotspots have been distributed. HNT is enjoying a lot of momentum right now. Over the prior 12 months, HNT coins are up 222%. This means Helium is now valued at over $1.4 billion. That said, HNT still trades almost 85% below all-time highs.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Helium HNT Solana $1.4 billion $9.38


7. – Top-Performing DePIN and AI Coin With 1-Month Gains of 78%     

If you’re also looking for exposure to AI, could be the DePIN cryptocurrency for you. Founded in 2017, is an inclusive project that aims to streamline the AI rollout. It helps create efficiency in every industry imaginable, including energy, travel, health care, finance, and trading.

Supply chain management is also a great use case for For instance, consider a shipping container that must pass through multiple borderlines. This makes it challenging to track in real-time, as it must go through centralized systems that are unable to communicate. Through AI-backed autonomous agents, decentralizes the supply chain process. price prediction

This means anyone can obtain reliable data. is also one of the best-performing DePIN cryptocurrencies in recent times. In the prior month of trading, has increased by 78%. Over the same period, Bitcoin has increased by 35%. is currently valued at over $920 million. It’s currently trading just 8% below its all-time high.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High FET $920 million $1.23


8. Powerledger – Peer-to-Peer Solar Energy Marketplace for Excess Power      

Next is Powerledger, an Australia-based crypto project that launched in 2017. Powerledger has created a peer-to-peer marketplace for solar power. Suppose you’ve got solar panels installed at home. During the summer months, you’re able to generate excess power.

This power goes to waste, as in many countries, you can’t sell it back to centralized suppliers. Even if you can, you’ll likely get an unfavorable rate. This is where Powerledger innovates. It enables users to sell their excess solar power directly to other consumers. This means everyone gets a fair price in a transparent and decentralized ecosystem.

Powerledger review

All solar transactions are conducted in POWR, the project’s native crypto. Built on the Ethereum network, POWR is considered one of the best ERC-20 tokens. Over the prior 12 months, POWR has increased by 65%. It currently has a market capitalization of over $180 million. However, POWR trades 82% below its prior all-time high.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Powerledge POWR Ethereum $180 million $2.01


9. Chia – Layer 1 Blockchain Network for an Energy-Efficient DePIN Ecosystem              

Chia is a layer 1 blockchain that could be the de-facto network for DePIN projects. It has developed a consensus mechanism called proof-of-space-and-time (PoST). In particular, PoST solves a major problem in the crypto world – energy inefficiency. This is especially the case with proof-of-work (PoW) coins like Bitcoin.

Unlike PoW, Chia allows anyone to keep the network safe. They simply need to dedicate some hard drive space. This ensures that transactions are verified without wasting vast energy. Each hard drive contribution hosts ‘plots’, which form part of the consensus process. This ensures robust security and transparency.

Chia price prediction

Those dedicating their excess hard drive space to the Chia network are rewarded with XCH coins. XCH trades on the best crypto exchanges, including MEXC, OKX, and Over the prior month, XCH has increased by 25%. However, they’re also trading 97% below all-time highs, which were hit in May 2021.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Chia XCH Chia $393 million $1,934.51


10. Arweave – Scalable and Decentralized Storage Solutions With Huge Strong Price Momentum

Last on this list of the best DePIN coins is Arweave.  This innovative project is solving a major issue; censorship. Its native blockchain not only ensures that information is immutable but also permanent. Its ecosystem is fully decentralized and permissionless. Once data is added to the public ledger it can never be removed, amended, or manipulated.

This will appeal to a wide range of stakeholders, especially content creators. After all, centralized platforms like YouTube are notorious for removing content that doesn’t align with their ‘community rules’. Those wishing to use Arweave for its permanent storage are required to pay a one-time fee.

Arweave price chart

This is payable in AR, the project’s native crypto coin. In addition, Arweave also supports mining, allowing the broader community to earn AR coins. We found that AR could be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to buy right now. Over the prior 24 hours, AR has increased by 46%. What’s more, AR is up over 160% in the past month.

DePIN Project Coin Network Market Cap All-Time High
Arweave AR Arweave $1.5 billion $90.94


What is DePIN in Crypto?

In a nutshell, ‘DePIN’ refers to Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. These are crypto projects that solve real-world problems. In most cases, they decentralize physical infrastructure systems. This could be anything from the internet and cloud storage to video streaming and digital rendering.

The concept is simple, DePIN ensures that core services are fair, inclusive, and transparent. Put otherwise, services should not be controlled by large, centralized organizations. Moreover, DePIN should create digital ecosystems for both buyers and sellers.

For instance, consider somebody wishing to sell excess bandwidth. This should be sold to a user who needs bandwidth, at a fair market price. This results in peer-to-peer transactions, removing the need for third parties and middlemen. Each DePIN project has a native crypto coin.

This should serve a purpose. For example, TUK is the native coin of eTukTuk. It can be used to pay drivers when using an electric tuk-tuk vehicle. Similarly, FIL is used when buying or renting cloud storage space in the Filecoin ecosystem.

Is DePIN Needed in Web 3.0?

DePIN and the future of Web 3.0 go hand-in-hand.

Here’s why:

  • Decentralization: At its core, DePIN is all about decentralization. This means removing control from centralized bodies and putting it back into the hands of individuals. For example, consider a DePIN project like Siacoin. Instead of needing to trust centralized cloud storage companies like Google and Apple, users can store photos on the blockchain. This means there’s no longer a single point of failure.
  • Sustainability: Another core value of DePIN is sustainability. This ensures that communities can prosper alongside the environment. For instance, eTukTuk is revolutionizing the global tuk-tuk space. It wants to replace the hundreds of millions of internal combustion engines with electric alternatives. Similarly, Chia offers a more energy-efficient way to transact, ensuring that blockchain networks don’t hinder the environment.
  • Privacy and Security: Privacy remains a security issue, with individuals increasingly handing over data to centralized parties. This is a major issue that DePIN will solve. For example, Filecoin allows anyone to store their private data without fear of breaches. This is because data is split across multiple nodes, rather than a centralized server. This means that hacks are almost impossible.
  • Censorship – Some DePIN projects are dedicated to censorship restrictions. Arweave, for example, has created a censorship-resistant blockchain network. Any data uploaded to Arweave is immutable and prominent. This allows content creators to share their viewpoints without fear of being shut down or demonetized.

Should I Buy DePIN Coins?

DePIN coins are a hot industry right now. But what does the future hold? Let’s take a closer look at the investment thesis.

For a start, many DePIN coins are built on proprietary blockchain networks. This is important, as it means the project has developed something unique. Moreover, unlike secondary tokens, they’re able to set their own terms. For example, consider someone using Render to rent digital rendering space.

The only accepted currency is RNDR, which is native to Render. This means RNDR has a solid, long-term use case. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, while Powerledger has revolutionized the solar power industry, it’s built on the Ethereum network. This means network fees must be paid in ETH, rather than POWR.

  • In addition, DePIN coins are usually behind something innovative.
  • This is important from an investment perspective, as innovation often leads to real-world solutions.
  • For example, we mentioned that eTukTuk is building a network of electric tuk-tuk vehicles.
  • This will reduce population levels by significant amounts.
  • Not to mention make tuk-tuk driving more affordable and efficient.

Similarly, Helium has created innovation in the global internet space. It enables anyone to become a hotspot, boosting connectivity in remote areas.

All that said, while DePIN coins operate in a high-growth industry, it’s important to be well-diversified. This means investing in other popular crypto niches. For instance, you consider some of the best DeFi coins. Or even some of the best Solana meme coins. Diversification will ensure you’re not overexposed to a specific marketplace like DePIN.


We’ve revealed the best DePIN coins for investors in 2024, covering a wide range of industries and niches. Our top pick is eTukTuk, which is revolutionizing the tuk-tuk space with EV solutions.

eTukTuk is currently in presale, having raised almost $1.5 million so far. Early investors are incentivized with a presale discount.



What are DePIN coins?

DePIN coins are cryptocurrencies linked to Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. In many ways, DePIN coins connect the physical and blockchain worlds.

Where can I buy DePIN coins?

DePIN coins trade on crypto exchanges. Some of the best DePIN coins – including Filecoin, Render, and Theta Network are listed on MEXC, which offers 0% commission trading

Is Filecoin a DePIN?

Yes, Filecoin is a DePIN coin. It’s revolutionizing the cloud storage space through peer-to-peer decentralization.

What is the best DePIN Coin to Buy?

We found that eTukTuk is the best DePIN to buy. It’s developing a network of electric tuk-tuk vehicles for the developing world.


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