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Oasis City

Oasis City

Oasis City and its OSC token are two central components of the virtual reality platform that promotes participation in a global blockchain-based ecosystem. It will feature a content-focused hub connecting VR, blockchain, developers and business.

Market Cap Volume 24h Circulating Supply Maximum Supply
$844,951 $27.36 2400484608.00000000 OSC 2400484608.00000000 OSC

What is Oasis City?

The Oasis City platform was designed in an effort to combine features of two emerging technologies -virtual reality (VR) and blockchain. Similar to a honeycomb, the platform consists of numerous thematic hubs connecting the worlds of entertainment, gaming, education, and shopping. While the platform is focused on content and its blockchain-based delivery, its creation is promoted as a group based effort in which various parties can join forces and stand to profit from it. Thus, the key participants who get the invitation to take part in this ecosystem include individual VR developers just as well as startups and large companies.

Oasis City is the home to the OSC, a foundational token of the platform. OSC was initially launched as an ERC20 token, with the platform organizing its public sale in Q1 2019. Jaeyun Ok is the project’s Chief Executive Officer, assisted by a team of IT and blockchain specialists. While the blockchain powers the platform’s billing system, its VR technology is based on the solutions provided by Moiin, a South Korean company dealing with precision VR equipment. Its main product is the motion-tracking suit which will be used to control user movements in real-time, allowing them to create, administer and distribute the content they create within the Oasis City ecosystem.

What Is Oasis City Attempting to Achieve?

The Oasis City team hopes to see their platform become a hub for ushering virtual reality as the cornerstone of the so-called 4th industrial revolution. This includes meeting several goals:

  • Oasis City aims to make it possible for users to enjoy a wide range of “exotic” experiences in the most comfortable setting possible. Increasing connectivity among users has been brought on by the rise of new technologies which combine video, images, text and data. This has allowed users to experience things which go beyond their immediate physical surroundings, with VR capable of creating experiences which would be otherwise inaccessible to many. Oasis City aims to become a global platform built around virtual VR world in which the user-made content can be monetized and enjoyed by all participants.
  • Oasis City wants to improve the cross-platform availability of virtual reality content to deliver better user experience and connect developers with consumers. Unlike the existing practice of having a single VR designer create his/her own content for one platform only, Oasis City will build an ecosystem in which the VR content creation represents the foundation of the platform’s economic activity. The platform’s Billing Economy System and OSC tokens allow participants to register and generate content as well as define rates for revenue sharing per contributor of the content in question. At the same time, blockchain-powered ledger serves as the guardian of the ownership rights regarding content for individual participants. Blockchain should also guarantee transparency in all operations related to payment or income since its records cannot be forged. In addition to supporting transparent reward and distribution systems, blockchain should also be suitable for acting as a robust digital rights management (DRM) system.
  • Oasis City will offer access to custom VR trading platforms to support easier creation and deployment of virtual worlds. The Oasis Marketplace is supposed to operate as a decentralized exchange whose users can engage in trading and auctioning involving assets relevant to characters and items by using Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Oasis City platform. The Marketplace is planned to feature support for PC and mobile platforms in an attempt to globalize the outreach of the Oasis City. The Oasis City Design Store will offer support for the creation of design elements intended for the operation of the Oasis City hub, including building and interior design, avatars, clothing, electronics, furniture, ornaments, buildings, automobiles, pets, weapons, and other items. The Store will also connect VR end users and designers and promote exchange and interaction, based on the preferences of individual users.

The Role of the OSC Token

Creation of assets on the Oasis City platform is supported by the Oasis City Token which is used as its main payment vehicle. The token is designed so as to help the platform prevent issues such as inflation and introduce the concept of scarcity to the platform.

To achieve this, each asset, individual design or VR experience created for the Oasis City will be tied to and managed on the blockchain, allowing developers to make them scarce based on the current needs. At the same time, this should prevent issues such as those when game developers, for example, face uncontrollable inflation, scams related to in-game currencies, an oversupply of items, etc.

In the real-world setting, the tokens are used to charge users for the platform services they use, based on the usage count and the length and with the help of smart contracts. The platform features the lock-key billing system which prevents the illegal use of content and physical objects in case a payment is overdue.

In addition to being purchasable through the ICO, OSC token can be earned by performing activities on the network, as well as by trading with it on cryptocurrency exchanges supporting the OSC. As of September 2019, the Oasis City currency’s market cap was valued at approximately USD 119 million. Out of a total of 12 billion OSC that are planned to be issued, more than 2 billion are found in circulation at the same time. The accrued funds will be distributed as follows: 20% for marketing, 25% for the Oasis City operation, 10% for the third-party development support, and 4% for the security and auditing purposes.

How to Store OSC Tokens

The storage of OSC tokens is provided with the help of the OASISCITY app. This technology functions as a cryptocurrency wallet which is also used for secure management of coins. With it, users can transfer OSC tokens among themselves, as well as get insight into their transaction histories. In addition to the push notifications on transactions, the app also supports the use of the OSC QR codes which eliminates the need for typing long addresses. It is available through the App Store and Google Play.

How Will Users Experience Content on the OC Platform?

The content featured on the Oasis City platform will be divided into several types, based on its intent and purpose. The platform supports an option to experience it with the help of the motion tracking suit which links the user’s movements with those of his/her avatar in the virtual world. In addition to the VR equipment, users will be provided with haptic technology capable of simulating body reactions, such as the feeling of physical pressure and touch on hands and the rest of the body.

The tangible content created for this type of experience will allow the users to walk around the VR world and experience it from the first-person perspective. In addition, they will be able to touch and “feel” the elements of this world without being limited to a single static spot in space.

Going beyond the tangible content, the platform will also support interactive and AI-powered content. Based on pre-programmed behavioral algorithms, the virtual world should respond to the users’ actions in real-time, such as in the case of making eye contact with in-world characters.

Similarly, some VR content will be linked with the AI, allowing for advanced behavior patterns and responses based on the users’ actions. Virtual animals, for example, can be made to recognize their owners and interact with them with the help of AI.

How Do Oasis City’s Entertainment and Game Hubs Work?

With the help of VR technology, the Oasis City platform will feature a dedicated Entertainment Hub which would allow everyone to use the guaranteed anonymity to assume virtual identities which may show their creative sides. The developers promise that this Hub will do away with limitations regarding gender, age or class, in order to allow the users to take upon professions and activities divorced from their real-life occupations, such as becoming singers, entertainers, artists, etc.

Similarly, the platform’s Game Hub is supposed to propel the growth of VR gaming by offering immersive content which will be supported by the motion tracking hardware. Items used in games will be made easily verifiable as they will be linked with the blockchain and made available for trading.

Education and Shopping Hubs

Oasis City promises to go beyond mere entertainment value, with two of its dedicated hubs for shopping and education. The Mall will be a virtual place in which the buyers will be able to try and buy digital assets for their avatars, as well as use them as their stand-ins for items that can be delivered in the real world, such as clothes. The Mall will also offer virtual business premises which can be leased to users who want to start doing business in the VR world. The big data gathered with regard to consumer habits will also be collected and made available for targeted marketing campaigns.

Finally, educational hubs will utilize the power of VR to provide training and learning experiences which go beyond passive reading, hearing and visual-based interactions with the content on offer. With the help of VR, for example, the users will be able to undergo training for emergencies, such as fire and earthquakes, and study the environments deemed too dangerous in real life, such as ocean depths.