Pi Network Coin Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

As one of the first projects to get involved with the mobile crypto mining craze, many investors are looking for a Pi Network price prediction to see whether the token is worth mining.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at the current price of Pi coin, the Pi coin future price, and discussing whether Pi is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now. Let’s get started.

Pi Coin Price Prediction Summary

For investors simply looking for a brief rundown of the Pi network price prediction, we’ve summarized each year below.

  • End of 2024 – Some experts believe that the Pi network token could be worth $58 by the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025 – Should the Pi network ecosystem continue to expand, the token could be worth around $73 by 2025.
  • End of 2030 – Moving onward to the end of the decade, if the Pi network can keep on growing and get a lot of applications created on the network, the token could climb as high as $98.

Pi Network Price Prediction 2024 – 2034

YearPotential Low (ROI)Average Price (ROI)Potential High (ROI)
2025$108.38 (149.84%)$110.18 (153.99%)$112.12 (158.48%)
2026$104.59 (141.11%)$108.26 (149.58%)$111.93 (158.04%)
2027$100.90 (132.60%)$106.35 (145.17%)$111.74 (157.60%)
2028$96.64 (122.80%)$104.44 (140.76%)$111.55 (157.17%)
2029$93.43 (115.39%)$102.52 (136.35%)$111.88 (157.93%)
2030$89.26 (105.76%)$100.61 (131.94%)$111.18 (156.29%)
2031$85.45 (96.99%)$98.70 (127.53%)$112.19 (158.63%)
2032$81.94 (88.90%)$96.78 (123.12%)$110.87 (155.59%)
2033$77.51 (78.68%)$94.87 (118.71%)$110.89 (155.63%)
2034$73.66 (69.82%)$92.96 (114.30%)$111.68 (157.45%)

Pi Network Price Prediction 2024

The goal of the Pi network is to create a decentralized cryptocurrency smart contract network that allows people to create applications within the Pi network, with Pi miners acting as validators.

Since the Pi token is currently trading inside an accumulation range, it can be said that the sell pressure has subsided. While there is no clear detail about when the Pi Open Mainnet will be launched, articles say that developers are hard at work working out the final kinks of the open mainnet.

Once mainnet is launched, the number of users on the network is likely to increase, in turn, increasing demand for the tokens available. As the number of dApps on the network continues to grow, the number of users will continue to grow, again leading to an increase in token demand—which typically puts upward pressure on the price of an asset.

With Ethereum being regarded as one of the best altcoins, we’ll look at its historical growth as a model. By October 2018, the project had around 44 million unique wallets and a market cap of around $25 billion, with a token value of $200, after launching for a price of $1.222—a gain of 16,266%.

Pi (unofficially) launched on cryptocurrency exchanges with a lot of fanfare, peaking at $330.65 before retracing. While the token is trading at $31.46 at press time, it could go up to $58 by the end of this year, or as low as $18.

Pi Coin Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, we could see a large number of developers building in the Pi ecosystem as a result of its decentralization, low-cost transactions, and energy-efficient nature. Depending on the crypto landscape at the time, this could lead to a large jump in the Pi Network price.

In 2025. if Pi continues to grow in popularity with developers, who will deploy dApps that then have the potential to bring users to the blockchain, then we can expect token demand, and potentially token price, to increase. It is worth noting, however, that Pi network will continue to emit tokens until the time of the launch of open mainnet, and continue to do so afterwards. If this rate of tokens emissions exceeds the rate of growth in users of the Pi network, therefore exceeding token demand, this will have a negative effect on price. With many other layer 1s out there vying for users, this is entirely possible.

Therefore, for 2025, we have a low-end Pi Network price prediction of $28 and are predicting that it could hit a high of $73.

Pi Network Price Prediction 2030

Looking further into the future, by 2030 we’re likely see the token cap of Pi tokens in circulation hit, as the project’s goal of 100 million users is likely to have been reached. As it stands today, the team has not yet revealed whether mining rewards will be eliminated in favor of another consensus mechanism or if some other continued reward mechanism will be used.

Some analysts expect to see the global cryptocurrency increase annually by a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 11.1%. If we estimate that the Pi Network could grow at just over half this rate, then our Pi Network coin price prediction places the asset at a possible high of $98 for 2030 along with lows of $35.

Predicting the price movements of cryptocurrencies is far from an accurate science but with many analysts using technical indicators to forecast the future of these digital assets some crypto traders have also been looking for Bitcoin price predictions. Considering that BTC is the largest cryptocurrency on the market, its health and price trajectory usually has a major influence on other popular altcoins.

Pi Network Forecast – Potential Highs & Lows

In order to make it easy for an investor to quickly find out how much Pi coin is worth in a specific year, we’ve included this handy comparison table.

Year Low Pi Network Price Prediction High Pi Network Price Prediction 
2024 $18 $58
2025 $28 $73
2030 $35 $98

History of the Price of Pi Coin

When it comes to looking at how Pi Coin has performed historically, the waters can get a little muddied. As the network’s mainnet still remains yet to be launched, there’s previous price data to go on. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be shooting blind. There’s still plenty of information we can gather from how the project has been operating over the past year.

Coin NamePi Network
Pi Network SymbolPI2
Pi Network Price$43.38
Pi Network Price Change 24h▼ -7.04%
Pi Network Price Change 7d▲ 17.46%

Firstly, as Pi Coin operates a bit differently from traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s worth taking a second to understand how Pi Coin works. The idea of the Pi Network was to allow people to mine crypto directly from a smartphone. With Pi gaining over 30 million users at its peak, this concept was clearly a smash hit.

Rather than joining the ranks of the best upcoming ICOs, Pi Coin has instead opted to allow users to mine coins on the testnet which will then be transferred across to the mainnet once it launches. By taking this approach, the Pi Coin team has managed to create a strong and loyal community that has a vested interest in the success of the project.

In order to provide its earliest supporters with the best value, the Pi Team choose to incrementally halve the mining rewards for users as certain milestones were achieved. This initially took place when Pi Coin surpassed 100,000 users, then again, at 1 million, and again at 10 million users, and there will  be a final halving at the 100 million user milestone.

pi network mainnet checklist

Shortly after Pi ended up on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Huuobi, BitMart, HotCoin Global, Biconomy, SupeEX, and XT.com, it hit the ground running. Fueled by the recent interest in Bitcoin, as well as its own merit, Pi rose in value and climbed from $30 to $330.65, it’s all-time high, over the course of 24 hours in the final days of 2022, on the back of anticipation that had built up around this token over the past 2 years.

January 2023 saw Pi drop sharply from this high to $44, before bouncing  up to $88 and dropping again to find an accumulation range around $48. The token continued to correct through 2023, finding a bottom around $18 in May.

From here the token climbed above $20 and traded in a range between $20 and $27 until late August, when it climbed the charts to hit a local high of $57. From here it trended down, to settle in a trading range between $30 and $40.

In summary:

  • Pi Coin Launched in 2019
  • Pi currently lacks utility, and won’t gain any until mainnet launch
  • The Pi Network hit 100,000 users in June 2019
  • The Pi Network hit 1 million users in April 2020
  • By December 2021 Pi had over 30 million users
  • Several exchanges launch Pi ‘IOUs’ in December 2022, sending prices soaring
  • Pi Network confirms it is NOT affiliated with any exchange listings yet
  • A closed mainnet launched in December 2021
  • Initial interest in Pi was high, leading to the Pi price to spike to $330.65 at the very end of 2022.
  • Pi then rapidly declined, hitting to a low of $18 on May, and recently found a trading range between $30 and $40

Pi Coin Background

With almost 40 million people owning a Pi wallet and actively mining, a huge buzz was generated during the launch. That led to many people accumulating tokens to sell once it reaches its peak, and that happened when the token hit the $330.65 mark.

35 million pioneers of the Pi Network

With the value of cryptocurrency largely driven by supply and demand, these two parties will essentially battle it out upon the release of the coin. If there is more buy pressure we could see a huge rally. Conversely, if the sell pressure is higher, then the price of Pi could suffer until those sellers are shaken out of the market.

To get an idea of how the coin might perform, it’s worth taking a look at the Pi whitepaper. It states that the total supply of Pi can be calculated by combining total mining rewards, total referral rewards, and total developer rewards.

The huge hype and interest around the coin was confirmed in late 2022, when a number of exchanges unofficially ‘listed’ the coin in the form of IOUs.

That caused the price to see an incredibly large pump of over 2,000%, with the ‘IOU’ Pi coins reaching a peak price of more than $300 each.

However, the Pi Network told its followers on social media that the project had not authorized any exchange listing and participation may result in a loss.

The huge surge in price does show the level of interest in the token. However, such a pump predictably led to a massive dump, that say these tokens lose 78% of their value in 3 days.

Where to Buy Crypto Coins

Although Pi might not be available to purchase yet, due to Pi’s high user count, it makes sense that the asset will be listed on some of the world’s top exchanges. Pi Coin ‘IOUs’ are listed on several exchanges, including Huobi and XT.com – however, the Pi Network confirmed to its social media followers that these are not authorized and should not be purchased.


Founded in 2018, the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange is used by over 10 million people in over 170 countries. It offers users both spot and futures markets for cryptocurrencies, and has, as standard, an attractive 0% spot trading fee for all users—one of the only platforms to offer this in the industry. The MEXC cryptocurrency exchange was developed by experts from the banking industry and supports up to a staggering 1.4 million transactions per second.

MEXC exchange homepage

Alongside its spot and futures markets, MEXC offers users a feature-rich platform that provides traders with all the tools they need to analyze a market, place trades, and execute their trading strategy. For newer users MEXC offers a cop trading feature that allows them to automatically copy the trades of other, experienced traders on the platform. A Savings platform also enables users to lock up their tokens to earn varying percentage rates.

The MEXC exchange offers a mobile app for Android and iOS users and supports numerous payment and withdrawal methods. Finally, the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange has its own token, $MX, which offers holders multiple benefits, including trading fee discounts, access to free, airdrops, and more.

When Will Pi Coin Launch?

Pi Coin’s Open Mainnet is expected to launch in 2024, but no specific date has been set. There are speculations that this will happen in Q2 2024, between March and June. The Pi Network team officially declared their plans to initiate the Open Mainnet phase in a blog post published on December 27, 2023, stating that the Open Mainnet phase is poised to unlock the Pi blockchain’s full potential, but steering clear of providing a concrete date for launch.

Is Pi Coin Worth Anything?

Pi coins are currently unavailable for trading and won’t be until the mainnet is launched. However, certain exchanges are already offering users the option to trade Pi IOUs, which representing the promise to repay borrowed funds.

Over the past year, the price of Pi coin IOUs has dipped significantly, down 37.81%. While this can give us some insight into the potential trading value of Pi Coins when they become accessible, it is not a guaranteed indicator of the value of Pi Coin.

Is Pi Coin the Best Crypto to Invest in Today?

While Pi Coin is an interesting project that could perform well, it’s currently only available for purchase as an ‘IOU,’ making it technically impossible to be invested in Pi Coin today without signing up to the network and mining Pi. However, we’ve done the research and found another early-stage project that has already proven to be one of the best crypto presales of the year.

The 99Bitcoins token comes from the respected educational platform, 99Bitcoins, which has been an educational referrence in the cryptocurrency space. The token promotes a learn-to-earn model, rewarding users with $99BTC for participating in educational activities. This strategy fosters crypto literacy and embeds real-world utility as tokens can be used to unlock special content within the 99Bitcoins ecosystem.

99Bitcoins presale

To kickstart the engagement, 99Bitcoins is launching an airdrop, distributing $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to 99 early supporters of the $99BTC token. This event is scheduled for July 19th, 2024, and includes various ways to participate, such as signing up on their platform, following social media channels, and referring friends. This airdrop aims to boost initial participation and reward the community’s early adopters.

99Bitcoins airdrop

Comparing Price Predictions and Investment Potential

By the end of 2024, $99BTC is projected to hit $0.004, encouraged by its upcoming exchange listings and the Bitcoin halving effects. The token is expected to climb to $0.0088 by the end of 2025, supported by the cryptocurrency market’s anticipated upturn and key platform developments. By 2030, the token could reach an impressive $0.045, thanks to its full operational rollout and integration into the blockchain ecosystem.

Comparing the 99Bitcoins token with Pi Coin, the latter also shows a promising future, potentially reaching $98 by 2030 from a projected $58 in 2024. Given these figures, the potential maximum growth for each coin from 2024 to 2030 is as follows:

  • 99Bitcoins can increase by 1,025% from its high in 2024 to its predicted high in 2030.
  • Pi Coin can increase by 69% from its high in 2024 to its predicted high in 2030.

This substantial difference highlights 99Bitcoins’s significant growth potential. The combination of a robust educational foundation, community engagement through initiatives like the airdrop, and considerable expected appreciation in token value positions 99Bitcoins as a compelling investment alternative to the more established but slower-growing Pi Coin.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a detailed look at the Pi Coin project, provided our Pi Coin price prediction, and discussed an alternative crypto project with enormous promise.

While Pi Coin ‘IOUs’ have pumped in price on several exchanges, it is important to remember the project itself has not authorized any listings and has told users not to participate. However, those want to invest in Pi, and use an exchange they trust, like MEXC, can buy the ‘IOU’ tokens ready for Open Mainnet launch later this year.

Pi Network Price Prediction FAQs

What will Pi Coin be worth in 2024?

Pi Coin developers are targeting the release of the Open Mainnet in Q2 of 2024. As a result, we expect to see lows of $18 and highs of $58.

What will Pi be worth in 2025?

By 2025 the Pi Coin Open Mainnet should have matured and numerous, already-planned dApps should have launched on the network—expanding the Pi Network ecosystem and utility. As such, our Pi coin price prediction places the asset at around $28 on the low end or $73 if it performs well.

What will Pi Coin be worth in 2030?

While it’s hard to offer an accurate estimate so far into the future, as the global adoption of cryptocurrency picks up, we could see Pi Coin trade for between $60 and $500.

What was the starting price of Pi Coin?

Pi Coin’s starting price was $12.9, and it has since risen to highs of $330.65. The token is currently trading in a range between $30 and $40.

What was Pi Coin’s highest price?

Pi’s all-time high was $330.65, and came soon after the launch of Pi ‘IOUs’ on multiple exchanges. The token is currently trading in a range between $30 and $40.

Is Pi Coin a good investment?

Pi Coin has multiple upsides. However, its initial mining fundamentals have been put into question as of late as the world is now veering towards proof-of-stake. That said, the development of an Open Mainnet is ongoing, and release is expected in Q2 of 2024—an event that typically has a positive effect on coin price.

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