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WALTER2.0 Coin Rockets Up 30,000% But Crypto Experts Are Accumulating These Other Coins Instead – Here’s Why

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 2 min read

Newly launched cryptocurrency project, WALTER2.0, has quickly generated substantial profits for its early backers. 

In just 24 hours, the digital asset has experienced an astonishing surge of 30,000%, creating numerous millionaires.

However, this remarkable ascent has been marred by concerns raised by the DEXTools launchpad, which has labeled WALTER2.0 as a potential honeypot scam. 

Additionally, the token has performed poorly in community votes, further bolstering suspicions that it may serve as a deceptive mechanism for malicious actors to defraud investors of their funds.

Given the scarcity of reliable information, cryptocurrency experts strongly advise investors to exercise caution and avoid involvement with this project. 

Instead, they recommend exploring alternative community-driven tokens such as $WSM, $THUG, and $HANKEY, which offer more transparent and trustworthy investment opportunities.

Huge Gains, Potential Financial Pitfall

In the last couple of months, several projects have reported phenomenal gains within a short period. 

Several of these projects have been joke cryptocurrencies popularly called meme coins

WALTER2.0 seems to fall into this group, although there is little to no information on what the token entails. 

So far, the project has locked in over 30,000% and is currently trading at $0.000000022 in its last 24 hours. 

The project has also recorded over $105,000 in trading volume so far. Its seven-day performance stands at a rough estimate of a 40,000% increase in the past week. 

While these would generally elicit excitement amongst investors, there seems to be a growing belief that this is one of several honeypot scams that have proliferated the crypto space.

For one, the DEXTools aggregator website emblazons a potential honeypot scam on the token’s trading chart. 

For those new to the concept, a honeypot scam is a crypto project that seeks to attract investors to interact with a badly configured crypto wallet or project. 

Once enough liquidity is channeled into the project, the token maker can easily drain the funds in the smart contract leaving investors with nothing in return. 

Given the often outsized gains or increases, such projects are often very appealing – hence the honeypot allusion.

WALTER2.0 is also blacklisted and has performed poorly on the community votes segment. 

According to its DEXTools page, WALTER2.0 has been voted down by 95.7% of investors, with only 4.3% giving it a thumbs-up. 

Meanwhile, with the plethora of crypto projects out there, it is crucial for investors to always validate their authenticity. 

One of the easiest ways is to learn about the project team to know who they are and what they have previously built.

In this context, we provide more sustainable and robust projects that investors can tap into and sit out the token pumps of the WALTER2.0 project.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM): Ultimate Expression of Internet’s Triumph Over Capitalism

One crucial aspect of a successful project is having a clear vision and purpose. Wall Street Memes exemplifies this by embodying a shift in the financial landscape.

Launched over a month ago, the innovative project tokenizes the movement that emerged from the GameStop events of 2021.

This blockchain protocol positions itself as a symbol of the internet’s triumph over unfettered capitalism.

With the past decade’s widespread internet and technological advancements, average investors have become more knowledgeable, dismantling the financial barriers that once excluded them.

Wall Street Memes aims to help investors profit from them.

The project team boasts a wealth of experience in the blockchain field, having previously orchestrated the immensely successful Wall Street Bulls NFT collection in 2021, which sold out on the Ethereum blockchain in 32 minutes.

The project has garnered significant attention and interest, with over 1 million crypto enthusiasts and investors actively participating.

Renowned pro-crypto billionaire Elon Musk has also engaged with the project, further enhancing its online presence.

This strong online presence has seen the Wall Street Memes project gain over 40 million impressions in a short time.

Furthermore, crypto experts have touted the project as the next big thing in the meme coin cycle. Many envisage it making a tier-1 exchange listing in no distant future. 

With such a strong background, its native token, $WSM, has enjoyed a strong presale window. The meme token has already raised over $14.82 million, with more investments pouring in by the day. 

Early-bird investors can easily tap into this token to buy $WSM at its current presale value of $0.0316 before the price hike comes in two days. 

Buy $WSM Now

Thug Life ($THUG): First-Ever Baller’s Meme Coin

Introducing Thug Life protocol, an intriguing meme cryptocurrency project worth keeping an eye on.

With a strong focus on revitalizing the iconic 90s hip-hop lifestyle popularized by legends like Snoop Dogg and others, Thug Life positions itself as the ultimate project that fully tokenizes this time frame.

Dubbed the baller’s meme coin, Thug Life offers a platform for humor, brotherhood, and an opportunity for crypto investors to hustle their way to success.

In the Web3 space, we have witnessed an influx of dubious endorsements by influencers and projects. 

Sadly, many unsuspecting investors have poured their life savings into these ventures, only to have their dreams shattered.

Its $THUG token is a potential 100x meme coin crypto degens don’t want to miss out from. 

Adding to the excitement is its limited presale stage, which has set a hard cap limit of just $2,058,000 to be raised from early backers.

At press time, $THUG has raised over $1.75 million in presale investment, leaving only a few more slots for investors to tap into.

Given the current pace, it is highly likely that the presale stage will be sold out within four days.

Early investors can purchase the $THUG token for $0.0007. However, this would radically increase once the presale stage ends.

Buy $THUG Now

Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY): South Park’s Sentient Meme Coin

Rounding up our top recommendation is the Mr Hankey meme coin. Launched only a week ago, Hankey is shaping up to become 2023’s most exciting meme coin project.

Within 30 minutes, $HANKEY managed to secure over $200,000 in investments, generating a buzz within the community.

The digital asset is a new meme coin that revolves around the beloved character Mr. Hankey from the popular TV show South Park. 

This animated figure, depicted as a cheerful and sentient piece of feces, also served as the show’s former Christmas deity.

While many crypto projects emphasize glamorous details, Mr Hankey Coin embraces its identity as a whimsical fecal symbol. 

$HANKEY is trading at $0.0018, indicating an uptrend of 12.82% in the last 24 hours. 

Visit Mr Hankey Coin Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.