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10 Meme Coin Price Predictions for 2023

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 7 min read
Meme coin logos / Source: Adobe

2023 has been a blockbuster year for blue-chip cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) is up a staggering 80% year-to-date.

Ether (ETH) is up 58% over the same time period.

But the picture has been more mixed for meme coins.

Some have done very well, but others have struggled, suggesting risk appetite remains cautious and animal spirits are yet to fully return to the crypto space, despite the strong performance of the major coins.

Let’s have a look at the outlook for some of the top tokens with 10 meme coin price predictions for 2023.

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes, one of the internet’s hottest retail investing communities, rose to prominence in the meme stock craze of 2021 and has recently been expanding its relevance in the cryptocurrency space with the presale of its new $WSM token.

The success of the $WSM presale, which has raised $14.5 million in just over one month, isn’t surprising given the size of Wall Street Memes’ community.

Not only are there 523k hyper-engaged community members on its wallstbets Instagram account, there are another 214k on Twitter and more than 100k across its two other Instagram channels, wallstgonewild and wallstbullsnft.

All told, Wall Street Memes has a 1 million-strong social community of degens, which analysts think all but guarantees that the $WSM token will be listed on tier 1 crypto exchanges like Binance.

With 30% of the token supply being held back for community rewards, it can reasonably be expected that airdrops to holders will be a big part of the ecosystem.

Indeed, the first $WSM airdrop is open now. 

Analysts are already predicting big things for Wall Street Memes when it lists on exchanges and you can be a part of it.

Visit Wall Street Memes Here

Thug Life Token (THUG)

Update – The $THUG presale has now sold out, with its listing set to take place on July 17.

Despite only launching just over a week ago, brand new meme coin project Thug Life Token has already been able to raise more than $1.58 million via the presale of its $THUG token.

Various industry observers have tipped $THUG to be a major success given the refreshing take it brings to the meme coin space.

$THUG is not based around out-of-fashion dog memes or short-term social media fads, like meme coins created in response to Elon Musk or Andrew Tate tweets.

Rather, $THUG is themed around the timeless Thug Life movement that was first popularized by hip hop stars such as Snoop Dogg back in the 80s.

As the word of $THUG spreads, more degens are expected to pile cash into the project.

That’s because Thug Life Token has all of the makings of the next 100x meme coin.

At the presale price of $0.0007 and total maximum supply of 4.2 billion, the Thug Life Token presale only values the coin at a very conservative $2.94 million fully diluted market cap.

That’s much smaller than most other comparable presale projects and the low presale market cap leaves plenty of room for explosive upside.

Meme coin degens have no time to lose when it comes to getting involved in the project early.

That’s because the $THUG presale will end once the $2.058 million mark is hit, or when the 3-day countdown runs out (whichever comes first).

After that, the only way to secure $THUG tokens will be via the project’s airdrop and community rewards campaign or at a potentially elevated price on major decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Visit Thug Life Token Here

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Despite the fact that blue chip cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have recently been probing for fresh yearly highs, the outlook for the crypto market’s biggest meme coin remains bearish.

Dogecoin has remained stuck below most of its major moving averages and below a downtrend from the 2021 record highs.

Hype that Elon Musk might integrate Dogecoin somehow into a future Twitter payments system has pretty much petered out.

Dogecoin faces significant resistance in the $0.075 area and could fall back to yearly lows around $0.05 before the end of 2023.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB), the second largest meme coin by market cap and a copycat version of Dogecoin, has a slightly better near-term technical outlook.

It recently broke above a medium-term downtrend and if it can hold above its 21 and 50-Day Moving Averages, a pushback above $0.0000084 resistance and back towards $0.000010 is on the cards before the end of 2023.

Pepe (PEPE)

Pepe Coin is 2023’s biggest meme coin success.

The meme coin, which is based on the timeless Pepe the Frog internet meme, exploded onto the scene in April.

PEPE saw its market cap top out around $1.8 billion in May, but has since been able to hold onto a market cap of around $600 million.

Impressive stuff.

Pepe has proven its power, even with the broader crypto market isn’t exactly in a super exciting bull market.

When blue-chip cryptos like bitcoin and ether really get going, Pepe could fly back to all-time highs in 2023.

Floki (FLOKI)

Floki (FLOKI), another copycat Shiba Inu-themed dog meme coin that was named after Elon Musk’s dog, pumped earlier this year, but the bullish momentum has waned. 

Degens seem to be moving on from dog coins that lack utility, like Floki, which doesn’t bode well for its future.

FLOKI could soon fall back to 2022 lows in the $0.000005 area and then lower before the end of 2023.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

TAMA, the token that powers up-and-coming web3 gaming platform Tamadoge, is currently trading close to record lows in the $0.011 area, valuing the token at a very conservative $15.6 million.

That could be an absolute bargain price, considering Tamadoge is attracting a growing user base to its play-to-earn Tamadoge Arcade gaming suite, which was recently launched as a mobile app on the Google and Apple app stores.

As Tamadoge continues to deliver on its roadmap, low market-cap crypto gem hunters are likely to start piling in.

TAMA could easily return to its all-time high near $0.17, more than 10x up from current levels before the end of 2023.

Mr Hankey Coin (HANKEY)

Mr Hankey Coin, which is based on the famous South Park character of the same name and proudly markets itself as the meme coin world’s top shitcoin, is currently up over 200% since its launch on Uniswap earlier in the day.

While it certainly isn’t the next bitcoin, Mr Hankey Coin certainly has all the makings of the next 10 or even 100x meme coin.

That’s thanks to its massive liquidity lock, still super low market cap, fast-growing social media community and already trending status on, which is every meme coin degens favorite shitcoin trading tool.

While Mr Hankey Coin is far from a sure bet, its potential to pump is high.

Mr Hankey Coin can be purchased on Uniswap Here.

Visit Mr Hankey Coin Here

Snek (SNEK)

Meme coins aren’t just for the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Cardano community got in on the act earlier this year with the launch of a new snake-themed meme coin called SNEK ($SNEK), which is, of course, a play on the spelling of the word Snake.

According to the SNEK website, the aim is to create a “sustainable and inclusive community-driven token on the Cardano blockchain, providing a rewarding experience for our token holders”.

$SNEK reached a market cap of more than $100 million in late May when its price topped out at around $0.0014.

But it has since dropped to a market cap of around $30 million as meme coin degens look for more exciting, newer projects.

$SNEK will probably keep falling and could hit new all-time lows before the end of 2023.

Bonk! (BONK)

Meme coins also exist on Solana, with Bonk the current top dog.

Many Solana community members have feelings of fondness towards Bonk.

The meme coin was launched at a time when the Solana ecosystem was in a real crisis, with a collapsing SOL price and rapid DeFi ecosystem outflows amid Solana being tagged a “Sam coin” in wake of the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Its success helped breathe life into the struggling ecosystem when it was launched around Christmas time 2022, and to bring back some optimism.

That being said, Bonk’s time in the limelight is over and at current levels around $0.00000037, it is over 90% down from its all-time highs above $0.000004.

At-loss traders will probably continue unloading their bag to recover at least some of their initial investment and Bonk will probably keep falling into the end of 2023.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.