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Unicoin Makes History: Acquires Luxury Resort in Largest Ever Crypto-Property Deal

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

The Eden Grand Resort is currently under development and set to occupy 64,000 square meters of land in Chonburi, Thailand. However, while the expansive lot, which aims to be filled with a six-story main structure and at least 150 private two and three-bedroom villas, is sure to be immensely impressive, it is not the luxury of the up-and-coming resort that is making headlines; it is how real estate developer and owner of M.E. Construction, Mohammad Al Saeed Adnan, just purchased by

In what has quickly become a massively historical purchase, Unicoin, the official cryptocurrency of one of the most exemplary business series in recent memory, Unicorn Hunters, has bought the Thailand estate for a whopping $335 million in Unicoin tokens. The purchase marks the most substantial real-estate acquisition ever made with cryptocurrency. However, Unicoin considers the purchase of the Eden Grand Resort just the first in a long string of property acquisitions to come. Attaining the property in Unicoin tokens further cements the purpose of Unicoin, which is to effectively combat the volatility that has plagued the cryptocurrency market since the inception of Bitcoin. Unicoin is proving it can transform digital currencies into stable assets that thrive in real estate and the world.

Alex Konanykhin, CEO of Unicoin, spoke about the power of Unicoin, saying that its strength as an asset tokenization tool for real estate is highly confirmed by an acquisition such as this one. Unicoin is becoming a leading crypto brand with lasting value by amassing properties into its portfolio. For Adnan, the property’s seller, the Unicoin payment presents the chance to get in on the upside of the rapidly expanding crypto market. Adnan witnessed the transformative rise of cryptocurrency, which left him immensely inspired by Unicoin’s endless potential. Adnan is beyond excited to watch Unicoin’s ascent to becoming a topmost cryptocurrency worldwide. He believes that the most outstanding collaborations push the limits of imagination and innovation, which can shape the future in a way that exceeds expectations.

According to Forbes magazine, Unicoin is the official cryptocurrency of Unicorn Hunters and is asset-backed and audited. The cryptocurrency is backed by a diversified portfolio of assets, which most impressively includes equity in high-growth companies. Designed to challenge the notorious volatility of early coins, Unicoin has officially garnered support from industry leaders and business luminaries across the globe. The latest and largest-ever real estate-crypto acquisition solidifies the power, value, and stability of Unicoin, which is not only making history with the purchase but also marking the new normal for the next generation of cryptocurrencies with intrinsic worth. The monumental purchase agreement shows that the transformative potential of Unicoin knows no bounds and represents that opportunity to capitalize on the market. Unicoin will pay Adnan the total $335 million purchase price in Unicoin tokens. The transaction was explicitly structured under Unicoin’s program of attaining real estate assets at 140% of their evaluated cost for Unicoins. This marked a pioneering move for both Unicoin and the crypto industry.