Solana and Bitcoin Fight It Out, Ronin Wallet Update – Top NFT News Today – 25 January

Sead Fadilpašić
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Solana and Bitcoin Fight It Out, Ronin Wallet Update - Top NFT News Today – 25 January

Over the past 24 hours, the non-fungible token (NFT) market has recovered a bit, bringing a ray of light to the daily NFT news roundup.

It’s up 11% in a day, at the time of writing, rising to $32,246,366.

Buyers and sellers are down about 1%, and transactions are up less than 1%, according to CryptoSlam.

Among the top 10 collections per sales volume, the day’s best performers are LIGO BRC-20 NFT (+130%) and Dokyo (+29%).

Overall, Ordinals are in the first place by sales volume, with %1.49 million. CryptoPunks follows it with $1.36 million.

Daily NFT news: Bitcoin and Solana cross swords over the 2nd place among the top 10, Ronin unveils a major wallet upgrade, and Rario is set to close the current platform and launch a new one.

Bitcoin and Solana Duke It Out

We’ve recently seen Bitcoin and Solana crossing swords over the coveted second place in the top 10 blockchains per NFT sales volume.

Ethereum has been firmly holding the first place, and it’s still there. Though its volume is slightly down, it stands at $9.4 million, according to CryptoSlam.

But the second-place occupant has been shifting between two other popular chains. Just yesterday, Solana was there, and today, Bitcoin pushed it out. The latter’s higher increase in sales percentage-wise tipped the scale.

Bitcoin is up over 21% in the last day, with a current volume of $7.6 million. Very close by is Solana, at $7.42 million. It’s up nearly 3% over the past 24 hours.


The fourth-placed Polygon, with a 65% increase, has a volume of $2.97 million.

The day’s winners are Panini, with a whopping increase of over 1,500%, entering the top 10, and Ronin, with a 390% rise.

And speaking of Ronin….

Ronin Reveals Wallet Upgrade

Ronin, an EVM blockchain crafted for developers building games with player-owned economies, announced a large upgrade to its official crypto wallet.

Sky Mavis, the company behind the popular play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity, is also behind the Ronin blockchain.

“This is a chunky update which we will deploy in phases over the next 14 days,” the team said.

The existing wallets will remain accessible during this upgrade release.

Per the blog post, the team is releasing “a flurry of new features” that will bring stronger security, multi-chain support (including Ethereum and other chains), an in-app browser, and more.

The new design will also allow users to see more NFT details, view individual token activity history, and receive Ronin, Axie, and Sky Mavis news.

Ronin Wallet will be able to connect to dapps like Uniswap, show NFTs on Ethereum and other supported chains, manage ERC-20 tokens on supported chains, send and receive crypto to supported chains, resolve users’ RNS names to addresses on another blockchain, etc.

Rario Closes Existing NFT Product, Plans a New One

Rario, a cricket-focused NFT platform, has announced the closure of its current platform.

The team said it could not live up to the users’ expectations due to the issues faced over the last half a year. These include the NFT sector crash, management failures, and new Web3 regulations creating industry headwinds.

Therefore, it has formed a new management team. But to make positive changes, they argued, they’ll have to sunset the current Rario product on January 29.

Wallet cash balances will be available for withdrawal until March 31.

That said, the platform has announced “a new and improved version of Rario.” In March, the team will launch a new platform with new cricket-based games.

However, the existing Rario cards will be unusable on the new gaming platform. The owners will get additional perks, with more details coming in February, the team said.

This has caused issues, with the platform acknowledging that “some” users “have experienced losses” from investment in these cards.

The team claims to be working with stakeholders on a compensation plan. More details should be available next week.