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TinyTap Unveils New AI Features and Roadmap to Revolutionize Learning Material Creation for Children

Hassan Shittu
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: iStock

The world’s largest educational games library, TinyTap, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, launches new AI features on its platform and roadmap on August 30, further integrating AI and Web3 for education.

Founded in 2012, TinyTap has established itself as the world’s largest repository of educational games, boasting an impressive collection of over 250,000 activities crafted by educators and publishers.

With a global user base of more than 9.2 million members, the platform has made significant educational strides. In a transformative move last year, Animoca Brands acquired TinyTap, propelling the company into the Web3 arena. 

Following the Animoca acquisition in June 2022, TinyTap swiftly ventured into the Web3 sector by introducing its inaugural project: Publisher NFTs. This innovative endeavor empowered creators to enhance their content monetization strategies.

Since these transformative developments, the collaboration between Animoca Brands and TinyTap has flourished.

TinyTap, on August 30, 2023, unveiled a transformative step in the education sector with the launch of one AI feature and the development of three additional AI capabilities. This move aims to revolutionize how educators and parents craft learning materials for children.

Animoca Brands sees integrating AI into the TinyTap platform as a game-changing leap in the edtech field. This advancement empowers creators to efficiently and swiftly produce educational games, surpassing previous capabilities.

Animoca Brands’ co-founder and executive chairman, Yat Siu, also a launch partner of Open Campus, highlighted the potential of AI in edtech, saying “As in various other fields, AI presents some terrific opportunities for edtech. Integrating AI into TinyTap allows us to scale up educational opportunities with customized programs tailored for each learner. More efficiently produced content means a larger education library, which will also help teachers to earn more on TinyTap.”

Furthermore, TinyTap revealed a collaboration with Open Campus to introduce Publisher NFTs, effectively merging AI and Web3 technology for educational purposes. This collaboration enhances earning opportunities for educators by raising new capital and investors in the education sector.

Innovative AI-Powered Initiatives and Partnerships Shape TinyTap’s Future of Education

TinyTap has unveiled a comprehensive AI strategy encompassing various innovative features and integrations. 

Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, stated “We are excited to unveil our AI roadmap, which will redefine the way teachers and parents create engaging and interactive educational content for children. With its new AI-powered functions, TinyTap will make content creation faster and more accessible, enabling teachers and parents to provide a personalized learning experience for each child.”

Among the latest additions is the TinyTap AI “Prompt-to-Game” BETA, launched today. This remarkable tool enables users to input a topic prompt into the TinyTap AI, which then swiftly generates an entire educational game, aiding children’s learning in that subject.

The AI leverages over 10 years of TinyTap data, drawing from a learning framework spanning over 250,000 games, millions of activities, and over 170 million plays.

In a forthcoming development slated for September 2023, TinyTap will introduce the AI “Prompt-to-Text/Image” functionality.

This feature will empower TinyTap creators to access dynamic imagery through the TinyTap creation tool, enhancing their educational games with captivating graphics in a more practical manner.

Moreover, TinyTap has announced an enhanced partnership with Open Campus Protocol, commencing in Q4 2023.

Holders of Open Campus NFT and EDU tokens will leverage the Open Campus Protocol to utilize EDU tokens for minting TinyTap games—both standard and AI-augmented games—transforming them into Publisher NFTs.

The second phase of TinyTap’s AI strategy will introduce the “Practice Anywhere” tools BETA in 2024. This feature empowers parents and educators to craft learning materials using existing media.