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Is Tamadoge The Next New Binance Listing? TAMA Price Pumps 20% Amongst Tier 1 Exchange Hype

Tamadoge. Source: Tamadoge

Tamadoge (TAMA), the crypto token that power’s the Tamadoge dog-meme-inspired web3 gaming ecosystem, has been pumping in the last few days.

Since hitting record lows at $0.01 earlier this month, TAMA has pumped a stunning 50% to rise above $0.015.

27% of that pump came in one day (last Friday) amid hype that the cryptocurrency will soon be listed on a major tier-one exchange like Binance.

Indeed, Tamadoge’s official Twitter account has started teasing a major tier-one exchange listing announcement which is scheduled for the 24th of April.

Where Next for the Tamadoge (TAMA) Price?

Tamadoge’s latest pump means it has broken well and truly out of a downtrend that had been in play going all the way back to the February highs in the $0.023 area.

Assuming the upcoming announcement on the 24th of April is a listing on Binance, as many are now hoping, TAMA should be able to back towards these February highs and muster a break above its 200-Day Moving Average at $0.021.

How High Can TAMA Go?

According to analysts at Cryptonews.com, exponential gains perhaps even in the region of 100x are possible for TAMA in the coming years.

That’s because Tamadoge still has a very small market capitalization compared to other comparable meme coin projects of only around $15 million, despite showing great signs of early growth/adoption and despite arguably having much more utility than some of its more established competitors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

With Tamadoge’s gaming ecosystem already attracting around 22,000 players per month, even though it remains at very early stages of development, P2E TAMA’s upside potential is big.

During the next/current crypto bull market cycle, if those numbers keep shooting up alongside broader crypto valuations, there is no reason why Tamadoge can’t become a billion-dollar market cap coin.

Given the current token supply of just over 1 billion, a $1 billion market cap would imply a TAMA token price of around $1, around 66x up versus current levels.

What is Tamadoge (TAMA)?

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency, with users able to earn TAMA tokens through their engagement in the Tamaverse.

The Tamaverse is a Shiba Inu dog-themed web3 metaverse ecosystem of games.

Users can purchase Tamadoge NFTs and then nurture them as pets whilst earning points to compete on a monthly leaderboard.

The best performers on the monthly leaderboard can win substantial amounts of TAMA tokens.

Elsewhere, Tamadoge's P2E Arcade lets users exchange TAMA tokens for credits, which gives allows them to participate in arcade-themed gaming competitions.

Tamadoge will also soon release an augmented reality game that will allow users to play with their Tamadoge NFTs in “real life”.