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Saudi Pepe Price Jumps 85% in 24 Hours as yPredict Rockets to $1.4m

The Saudi Pepe (SAUDIPEPE) price is up big in the last 24 hours.

The meme coin, which claims on its website to be the Arabic version of the popular Pepe meme coin and “Pepe’s best friend”, was last trading in the $0.00017s across Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), up around 85% in the last 24 hours versus Sunday’s lows under $0.00010.

The latest resurgence that saw SAUDIPEPE rally as high as the $0.00024s in the early hours of Monday has reignited hopes that the meme coin could rally back to its highs from a few days ago in the $0.002 area.

When SAUDIPEPE was at these highs, its market capitalization had reached an impressive near $15 million – its currently around $1.37 million.

Despite Saudi Pepe’s claims that its going to launch an NFT collection with NFT staking, a Play-to-earn (P2E) game and artificial intelligence services, doubts remain about the meme coin’s long-term utility.

Like the vast majority of other opportunistic meme coins that have been popping up recently, Saudi Pepe will probably boast no real utility for investors in the long run, damaging the coin’s long-term growth prospects.

Investors looking for a low market capitalization cryptocurrency gem would probably do better by looking for a cryptocurrency/crypto token that is tied to a platform that offers users real value.

One such coin that the team at Cryptonews.com are big fans of at the moment is YPRED, the crypto token that powers the in-development yPredict AI-trading and market intelligence platform.

yPredict – AI-Powered Price Predictions to Give Traders An Edge

Predicting price movements in the cryptocurrency market is difficult, even with years of experience in understanding macro, crypto fundamentals and technical analysis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which has been making significant strides in recent months, can offer a helping hand.

AI models can analyze huge amounts of price data to identify trends that would have gone unnoticed by the human eye.

Good models can hand traders a valuable market edge.

It is thus hardly surprising that new crypto start-up yPredict, which is building a revolutionary new AI-powered trading signals platform, has been generating massive hype in the crypto space.

Using state-of-art predictive models and data insights built by top 1% AI developers and quants, yPredict’s in-development platform plans to hand market participants an “unbeatable edge”.

The platform will offer users, AI trading signals, real-time social and news sentiment analysis, AI technical analysis and AI-powered chart pattern recognition.

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To fund the development of its exciting platform, yPredict is conducting an already hugely popular presale of the YPRED crypto token that will be used to power its platform.

The presale, already in stage five, is approaching the $1.5 million mark, an amazing achievement given the presale only launched a few weeks ago.

Interest investors should move quickly to secure tokens while they are still cheap at just $0.07 each.

When the presale hits $1.6325 million and enters its next stage, that price will go up 28.5% to $0.09.

The YPRED token set to list across major crypto exchanges later this year at $0.12.

That means investors who get in now will be sat on paper gains of around 140% when YPRED ICOs.

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