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Celebrity Crypto Scammer Sahil Arora Banned From X Following Memecoin Frenzy

Julia Smith
Last updated: | 2 min read

Sahil Arora, the alleged celebrity fraudster behind Caitlyn Jenner and Rich The Kid’s meme coin scams in recent weeks, has reportedly been banned from X after news broke that his handle “@Habibi_Comm” was suspended Tuesday.

Sahil Arora Banned From X After Caitlyn Jenner, Rich The Kid Crypto Scam

Arora’s suspension from X comes amidst allegations he orchestrated a number of pump-and-dump and rug-pull schemes through the launch of celebrity crypto tokens belonging to the likes of Jenner, Rich The Kid, and more.

Both Jenner and Rich The Kid have since called out Arora on social media, with Jenner saying she would pursue legal action against him both “criminally and civilly.”

Following news that Arora had been suspended, Jenner took to X to mark the occasion.

“I guess this is what happens when you mess with powerful, well-connected people like $Jenner,” Jenner posted to X late Monday.” RIP – I mean srsly how dumb can the guy be to do what he did to the $Jenner community?! Srsly!”

“Don’t get me started on all the calls to the people in govt we have made that are dealing with his local authorities. Yikes,” Jenner continued. “The question…will he be extradited to the US or UK for the impending indictment?”

Meme Coin Scammer Launches New Iggy Token, Gets Pushback From Azalea

Arora, who has since denied all crypto scam allegations, was further scrutinized last week by rapper Iggy Azalea after he launched a seemingly fake memecoin called IGGY which has since garnered over $500,00 in presales.

Despite the massive presale, a number of purchasers have reportedly yet to receive their tokens.

In response, Azalea launched her own token called MOTHER and denied working with Arora altogether.

“Sahil baby take your L and go already,” the Australian rapper said in a post last week.

Azalea’s MOTHER token, which has recently experienced several all-time highs, was trading with a market cap of $86.2 million as of Tuesday morning.

Jenner’s namesake token, on the other hand, has seen consecutive value losses in the wake of Arora’s fraud, with its market cap dwindling to a mere $6 million at the time of publication.

Several high-profile figures such as Jake Paul, Lindsay Lohan, and Floyd Mayweather have all been penalized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for illegally promoting digital assets in the past.

It is currently unclear what, if any, charges celebrities associated with Arora may face in light of the allegations.