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Russian Miner Has His Video Cards Stolen – By Balcony-Scaling Neighbor

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read

A Russian miner was robbed of his video cards by his next-door neighbor – who police say climbed over the man’s balcony to steal his hardware.

Source: AdobeStock / Prostock-studio

According to the Kursk branch of the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the local media outlet Kurskie Izvestia, the flat belongs to a Kursk resident who had moved out of the property after converting it into a crypto mining “farm.”

But the miner guessed something was wrong when he noticed that the equipment had ceased to generate any income for him – and was no longer mining coins.

He notified the police, who were initially flummoxed by the fact that they were unable to find any traces of a break-in or a burglary in the apartment. Eventually, they formulated the theory that the miner’s neighbors were somehow involved in the theft – and were soon proved correct.

Their investigation led them to discover that a resident in the neighboring apartment had deduced that a miner was living next door – due to the sound of the mechanical “whirring” of graphics processing units and mining rigs.

The neighbor also noticed that the owner was almost always absent from the property, returning only briefly every now and then to check on the status of his rigs.

The neighbor then hatched a plan, police said, also involving his girlfriend and a friend, to sneak into the house by climbing across the adjoining balcony. The intruders, police said, then proceeded to remove and escape with 30 video cards, which were found hidden in the neighbor’s car.

The cards were worth over USD 54,000 by current market prices, the media outlet explained.

The police claimed that all three were interrogated, and that all members of “the criminal group confessed” to the crime and ensured the safe return of the video card haul.

The trio will now have their cases heard by the courts, and could face jail time of up to seven years for breaking and entering, as well as theft.


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