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Over 70% of Surveyed Argentinians ‘Interested’ in Crypto

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

A report has found that 71% of surveyed people in Argentina say they are “interested” in cryptoassets – and could be hoping that crypto will provide them with much-sought-after anonymity in transactions.

Source: Adobe/Jacob Lund

The findings were compiled in a report based on a survey of 2,200 people carried out in the Latin America region by Sherlock Communications, a Latin American public relations and digital marketing agency. The survey also found that 65% of Argentinian respondents wanted to keep their transaction details and histories a secret, with almost the same amount of people saying that they were currently “concerned” about their savings.

Around a third of the respondents said that the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout had made them “much more” interested in crypto, with 51% of respondents in Colombia saying their interest in crypto had been “somewhat” piqued by the pandemic.

Crypto awareness appears to be growing in Latin America, with nine out of 10 respondents saying they have heard of bitcoin (BTC), and between a quarter and a third (depending on the country) saying they know what ethereum (ETH) is.

Interestingly, regulatory concerns and worries about volatility were not the biggest perceived obstacles for those thinking of taking the crypto plunge. Instead, people in the area appeared more concerned that they lack the knowledge required to make crypto investments and are unsure about the reliability of trading platforms.

Most respondents in all countries said they did not currently use crypto because they “don’t know enough about it,” adding that their confidence would be boosted if they “had more reliable platforms to trade” and took the time to “read and understand more” about how crypto works.
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