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Oil Zero Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 11 min read
Oil Zero review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Oil trading has been favored by stockholders as one of the best investments since the beginning. Investors believe its market to be relatively stable – which makes it a great pick for risk-averse buyers who are looking for safer investment alternatives. That said, the rise of inflation has introduced a high level of volatility to this space as well. That makes it important to use a platform that offers all the tools and marketing insights people need to trade effectively and efficiently. 

Oil Zero advertises itself as one of those trading applications that investors can use to diversify their oil investments. But since versatile assets are now promoted, there are rumors that cryptocurrencies will land on this platform soon. But is it worth it? Are the offerings of the trading module legit or a scam? This Oil Zero review delves into these claims and attempts to answer those queries. 

Oil Zero Summary 

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this trading application, you must know the key elements of this platform. Below is the rundown of the core offers of Oil Zero – we weren’t able to confirm those because of the limited information available on the official website. 

Minimum Deposit $250
Claimed Success Rate Not Verified
Mobile Application None
Withdrawal and Deposit fees None
Customer Service 24/7  – but only for the registered users
Commission 2%
Accepts Crypto? Not yet – but possibly can in future
Withdrawal Period Up to 24 hours 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Oil Zero?

Trading in Oil stocks is considered to be the most stable. The lack of risks is associated with a lack of hand-holding – which is perhaps why many trading platforms don’t put oil trades as a priority. Those are the first words mentioned on the Oil Zero website. 

Keeping in line with these views, Oil Zero claims to provide access to the Oil Zero markets in a diversified way. 

There are many different types of oil stocks from different countries available on the platform, according to Oil Zero. And they apparently provide the same level of versatile investments as traditional stocks and cryptos. 

Aiding in the process of easy trading of oil assets – the site claims – are advanced trading tools that allow users to chart the price, get in touch with the news, and predict price movements. 

Oil is a class of tradable entity whose price alters according to the geopolitical situation – like the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict. The relative stability of even the oil markets can enter long cycles of volatility during these conflicting times – which makes it leveraging a trading platform a good idea.

While the availability of these advanced tools is enticing, note that little is known about them. All the tools are gated behind the deposit requirement of $250, which you need to start trading. That has given us no room to test the different features of this website. We thus recommend taking the value proposition made by Oil Zero with a grain of salt. And while oil investments are stable, the current market is not away from the impact of volatility. So, invest only what you can afford to lose. 

Oil Zero Pros and Cons

Listed below are the pros and cons of Oil Zero:


  • The site claims to offer many trading tools
  • Simple UI is available for beginner-level traders – according to the website
  • There are claims that Oil Zero doesn’t charge any fees
  • Instant transactions using fiat are available
  • Apparently, a demo trading account is here for those who register


  • The official website doesn’t say anything about how the platform works
  • Most of the features are gated behind the $250 requirement
  • The names of the creators of this trading platform are not available anywhere. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How does Oil Zero Work?

Oil trading is stable, but its price is influenced by wider macroeconomic economic activity, which is, in turn, influenced by geopolitical issues. The Russia and Ukraine conflict has pumped up the price of oil. While it can be good news for traders, the resulting volatility mounts a selling pressure where people are in a hurry to sell their assets while the price is rising. Sell-offs like these often result in oil price plummets leading to buying opportunities. 

Keeping up with these details requires access to information and tools to leverage it. Oil Zero claims to provide both. According to the official website, registered users will have access to advanced trading tools as well as the latest news that could impact the price of the listed oil assets. However, by Oil Zero’s own admission, succeeding while trading stocks is not a guarantee. Users must do their due diligence before investing. 

Cryptocurrency trades aren’t supported at the current time – but rumors say that they will be added to the site soon, and various landing pages mention investing in Bitcoin.

Facilities of the website also extend to mobile, but information about the nature of those attributes is not available online. Customer support is available around the clock – according to the site’s claims – but the details of the same aren’t available on the home page. The demo trading account is also apparently available to help those get the handle on things before starting trading – but that feature, too, is locked behind the $250 requirement. 

While the website claims to offer a lot of utilities, information about any of them is minimum at best. We recommend that you do your own research before trading. 

What are the Key Features of Oil Zero?

Here are the key features that Oil Zero claims it has. 

Simplified Trading

According to the official website, the platform has been built by a team of experts who focused on simplicity to make it accessible. Oil trading can be complex and can overwhelming for beginners – which is why Oil Zero says it has provided a platform that can deliver a streamlined trading experience to users. 

Advanced Trading Tools for Strategic Investments

Oil Zero claims that it delivers advanced trading tools to provide users with a strategic way to invest. These tools consist of charting tools comprised of multiple market indicators to predict where the asset’s price might go. Accessing these tools is also easy, apparently – with no additional fee required. 

Demo Trading Account Available 

First-time users can leverage the platform’s demo trading account in order to understand how the tools work before investing real money. Oil Zero apparently offers all the tools available for real trades inside the demo trading portion of the application – helping users get the hang of things. 

Simple Sign-Up Process

Oil Zero has gone through a simple sign-up process, which includes entering your name, email address, and phone number. A simple verification process later, you would be able to start trading on this trading application. KYC information is not required, making Oil Zero an investment website that’s available worldwide. 

Support of Crypto Coming Soon

There are claims that Oil Zero might be introducing cryptocurrency investments soon. While there is no evidence to substantiate these claims, Oil Zero’s web trading application is similar to other automated trading platforms we have covered in the past. That makes it not unreasonable for people to be able to buy and sell digital assets, as well as oil assets, on the platform. 

Opportunity to Diversify Your Investments

Oil Zero claims that it offers multiple types of oil investments. Calling oil “liquid gold”, Oil Zero states that diversifying oil stocks will allow users to hedge their investments against the market’s current volatility and make gains. 

No Fee Model

Oil Zero states that it doesn’t charge anything to those who withdraw or deposit from the website. The subscription model is also absent from this. However, there is a small 2% commission on profits, which means that you only need to pay a fee if your portfolio generates a profit. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Oil Zero Fees

Oil Zero has a close-to-zero-fee model. It says that it charges nothing for withdrawals and deposits, and apparently, a subscription model is also absent. But there is a small commission of profits. Here is the breakdown of the fee structure

Trading Fee None
Account Fee None
Commission 2% commission
Withdrawal/Deposit Fee None

Is Oil Zero A Scam?

Stock trading is risky. And despite how much a site claims that oil trading is stable, nothing escapes the market’s volatility. For instance, Exxon Mobil Corp is an oil stock that’s been on the rise since December 2022 but retraced massively at the beginning of April 2023 before bouncing. 

Volatile price movements make it difficult, but not impossible, to generate profits. But you need a dependable trading platform for that – which we are not sure if Oil Zero is. There are other similar tools such as Oil Profit, that we also reviewed.

This platform claims to provide ample information about oil stocks but not enough to make us understand how everything works. Information on is also low about the different aspects of the website – including details about the fee. 

We were able to gather what little info we could through third-party reviews, which also don’t have access to many details. And the customer reviews of Oil Zero aren’t very positive. They are mixed, with many saying that the tools available don’t measure up to the needs of the traders of today. But there are others who can’t stop regaling about how successful the site has been for them. 

Because of this mixed nature of info, we can’t say for certain if Oil Zero is a scam. The best advice we can give is that make sure that you look at the market conditions and are aware of market risks before investing. 

Oil Zero Minimum Deposit

To start trading on Oil Zero, you need at least $250. It seems like all the features that this website claims it has only open once you deposit the amount. We also believe that we would have access to a different, hidden platform once you register. But all of this is speculation at this point.

Oil Zero Customer Support

Registered users can reach out to customer support at any time of the day, apparently. But this facility is only for registered users. The website’s terms and conditions, even the privacy policy document, didn’t shine a light on any detail that could tell us how to contact the team. 

How to use Oil Zero?

Here are the steps to use Oil Zero:

Step 1 – Visit Oil Zero

Visit Oil Zero’s official website and click on the register button after entering your email, phone number, and full name. The site claims that you will receive a verification email through which you can register your account. 

Oil Zero learn more tab

Step 2 – Deposit the required amount

Use any of the available fiat options, which include debit cards, credit cards, e-Wallets, or bank transfers, to deposit $250, which will your baseline amount to start trading on the platform. 

Step 3 – Start Trading on Oil Zero

If the site’s claims are true, you will get all the tools available to start trading strategically. We suggest playing with these tools through a demo trading account first. 

How to Delete Oil Zero Account?

There is no information available online about how to delete your Oil Zero account. Our best guess is you call the customer support team to close your account. And another common method would be to go to your account settings and click the “delete account” button if it is available. If Oil Zero is like any of the other AI trading bots, that button might be there. 

Is Oil Zero Endorsed By Celebrities?

With sites that offer multiple advanced tools, rumors begin to swirl around that celebrities endorse them and even use them. Oil Zero is no different, with many people believing that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos use this platform for their trading needs. 

While we can’t comment on whether it is true or false, we didn’t find any evidence to support claims that it is true. 

The Verdict

We have reviewed all the features that Oil Zero claims it has. It is different from your standard robo advisor, providing instead a manual trading platform for trades. However, the amount of information this site offers is still low. 

Nothing is known about who made this site, which is why it is better to do your research on the Oil Zero website before using the platform oil investments. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Oil Zero FAQs

What is the minimum deposit to use Oil Zero?

Users need to deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading on Oil Zero. Oil Zero considers that this amount gives users a solid foundation for live trading. 

How much does it cost to use Oil Zero?

Oil Zero only asks for a 2% commission on profits, which means the platform is free to use if your portfolio doesn’t make any profit. 

Do trading on Oil Zero require trading experience?

According to the website, having trading experience would be beneficial. However, Oil Zero claims that it is not necessary since the platform is so user-friendly.