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NodeOps Raises $5 Million in Seed Round to Transform Node Infrastructure

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 1 min read

NodeOps has secured $5 million in seed funding to enhance and simplify blockchain node deployment and management.

According to a recent post by NodeOps on social media, the funding round was led by L1D with participation from Blockchain Founders Fund, Finality Capital, Oakgrave Ventures, Douple Peak Group, Momentum6, Bitscale Capital and others.

“NodeOps’ mission to break down barriers for developers and node operators, providing them with the tools they need, resonates with me. I’m glad to support this initiative and, thereby, a more secure future for the Ethereum ecosystem,” stated L1D Managing Partner Ray Hindi.

NodeOps’ Mission to Advance Node Services

The angel investors included Richard Ma from Quantstamp, former Polygon co-founder JD Kanani, Rushi Manche from Movement Labs, and Dorothy Liu at AltLayer.

NodeOps stated that their goal is to improve accessibility and efficiency in reliable infrastructure, supporting innovation and growth.

“With this funding, we’re excited to activate our next phase of creating a permissionless Node Orchestration Layer Enabling Value Capture Engine for the on-chain ecosystem and expand operations to support even more protocols,” the post reads.

Permissionless Infrastructure on EigenLayer

NodeOps is one of the early adopters of artificial intelligence as infrastructure for web3 protocols. As the first permissionless infrastructure marketplace on EigenLayer, it aims to enhance AI, DePIN, and DeFi protocol infrastructure.

“NodeOps’ growth trajectory is a testament to our team’s dedication and the trust placed in us by our investors. With this new capital, we are poised to revolutionize the node infrastructure landscape, making it more efficient and sustainable,” said the company’s co-founder Naman Kabra.

The company also plans to launch an AVS on EigenLayer to create a value capture engine for developers and node operators, aiming to provide economic security and improve engagement and productivity within the ecosystem.