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Matrixator Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Platform

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 10 min read

Matrixator Review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

With a standard image and a golden background, Matrixator positions itself as a crypto education platform connecting learners with investment education companies.

The platform promises an exceptional user experience and asserts that its users will find a host of educational resources on the website. Is it legit? Find out in this Matrixator review for 2024.

Matrixator – Summary

Supported Subjects Cryptocurrencies, Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities
Accuracy Rate Offers no details
Available on Mobile Offers no mobile application
Fees Offers no information about fees
Customer Support Form-based support
Withdrawal Speed No details provided
Minimum Deposit No information available

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Matrixator?

Matrixator advertises itself as a simple tool designed to connect users with investment education firms. The main goal of the website is to portray the platform as a partner of choice for investors who want to learn about diverse approaches to interact with the world of investors.

According to the official website, the platform’s unique factor is access to nearly “limitless investment resources” thanks to the multitude of investment education companies it has partnered with.

Another key point that the platform adds is that it is accessible for every budget, as it purportedly doesn’t ask for any charges.

Per the website, these lessons are provided in multiple languages, which could help investors from different backgrounds learn more about investments.

Matrixator claims to have also developed a streamlined registration process, partnerships with industry leaders, and a platform that does not require users to have experience.

All these elements speak of the simplicity of the content that Matrixator reportedly presents. However, there is no proof available online to back these claims in any way.

The platform’s recent release may explain the lack of online reviews. However, that doesn’t compensate for the lack of information on the platform itself.

Their platform presents vague content when discussing its features. However, it has elaborated on the types of investments it might support. They reportedly include stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, bonds and commodities.

Additionally, the platform gives us some insights into what will be discussed. The site mentions workshops and risk management lessons.

That being said, talking about the availability of the lessons is one thing, and providing these features in reality is another. Therefore, we advise that investors take their time to understand the platform’s website before proceeding. A fair bit of caution is also necessary because the platform also requires users to submit their phone numbers alongside their emails to start the registration process.

Matrixator – Pros and Cons

Upon analyzing the rich content available on the official Matrixator website, here are the pros and cons we could find.


  1. Claims to provide diverse educational resources
  2. Connects users with multiple educational companies
  3. Offers lessons in the form of videos, workshops, and analytical tools.
  4. Boasts a simplified sign-up process
  5. Claims to support multiple assets, including stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc.


  1. No information is available about the effectiveness of available tools
  2. No information is available about the makers of the website
  3. No online reviews are available to verify the features

How Does Matrixator Work?

From what we gathered from the website, Matrixator reportedly works as a point of content. Users can sign up and then be connected to the investment education companies that suit them.

Matrixator calls it “personalized consultation”. Provided by the platform’s customer support team, it is said to consist of assessing the level of expertise a user has before connecting them to a suitable investment education company.

When the lessons begin, users can expect many training modes. The website mentions videos, audiobooks, articles, and webinars. These webinars will reportedly expose investors to industry-leading players, helping them grow as traders.

However, the website does not clearly state the expertise level of these partners, nor does it provide the names of the education companies or their representatives. Therefore, it is advised that crypto-curious individuals take precautions when using this website.

Alternatively, our crypto courses provide an adequate way to learn about crypto.

What are the Core Features of Matrixator?

The official Matrixator website has given us a look into the six core features of the platform.

Access to Limitless Resources

One key claim that Matrixator makes is that it has all the educational resources investors need at a convenient location. It admits that the website itself isn’t an education platform but gives users access to investment education firms that can provide versatile lessons.

Accessible to Every Budget

Another big claim that Matrixator has made is that investors won’t need to pay anything to learn from the website. It may be true. However, Matrixator connects users to investment education companies to fulfill their educational needs. That means even though Matrixator won’t charge anything, the partner investment education companies might.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Matrixator also claims that it partners with industry leaders who can provide diverse lessons to users. “From renowned investment tutors to the average, user-focused firms that are specifically concerned about the progress of their students” are the words Matrixator has used to describe the versatility of the crypto educators available on the platform.

Language Inclusivity

According to the website, the investment education companies it has partnered with are inclusive in terms of language. While most of the lessons are provided in English, these crypto educators reportedly are multilingual, allowing investors to learn in any language and at their own pace. However, the website doesn’t specify what languages it supports.

Streamlined Registration

According to the website, Matrixator has a streamlined registration process that only requires three main pieces of information: name, phone number, and email address. However, the platform hasn’t highlighted any security features to safeguard these details. Therefore, learners should consider alternative crypto courses before providing key details about themselves.

No Experience Needed

According to the website, users don’t need any prior experience to learn from it, highlighting the versatile nature of the content users may have access to. However, there are no third-party reviews online to support these claims.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Matrixator Fees

According to the website, there is no fee for using its learning features. However, this information might not be complete since the partner investment education companies may ask for a fee, either in the form of a subscription or on a cost-per-video basis.

Because Matrixator’s fee structure is unclear, we recommend talking to the customer support team before proceeding.

Matrixator Minimum Deposit

At no point did we find Matrixator making claims to be an automated trading platform or any trading facility provider. Therefore, it doesn’t require any minimum deposit. Even though no deposits have been mentioned, it would be wise to ask the customer support team about them.

Is Matrixator a Scam?

Matrixator has made many claims about providing a robust learning solution for investors. It has portrayed itself as a partner of choice due to its connection with multiple educational firms.

However, none of these claims are substantial. It does not mention providing any trading facilities or discussing anything about a trading bot. It also states clearly that ‘Matrixator’ is a generic name meant for marketing purposes.

The content that Matrixator provides is rich and paints a comparatively less fuzzy picture than other investment education platforms we have reviewed in the past.

However, even though the site appears transparent, there are many details that have not yet been revealed. Even though the mode of learning has been mentioned, it provides no teaser that could give us a look into the quality of education provided.

The same goes for investment education companies. We don’t know who they are. Maybe it is a robo advisor that users get connected with, or maybe all educators are human. The picture is not clear.

What complicates these matters is that we also don’t have any third-party reviews to read. There are no customer testimonials as well. There is another website, also known as Matrixator, but it is being referred to as an autonomous trading platform, which the website we had access to is not.

Another critical thing to note is that Matrixator has been flagged as suspicious by Web Paranoid.

Founder details are another issue that gives us pause. The platform hasn’t said a word about them, which is surprising because none of the features this website reportedly provides are associated with trading.

The lack of information warrants suspicion. Therefore, we encourage investors to assess the situation comprehensively and do their own research before learning from Matrixator.

How to Use Matrixator?

Listed below are the steps one needs to start using Matrixator:

Step 1 – Registration

The first step is to fill out the registration form given on the official Matrixator website. The details users are required to provide are generic. However, we recommend providing a burner phone number to engage with the team only via email.

Matrixator registration

Step 2 – Personalized Consultation

Once the account is verified, the platform states that a member of the consultation team will reach out and discuss the user’s investment goals and learning preferences. It is likely that users will be partnered with a suitable investment education company at this step.

Step 3 – Start Learning

After the consultation is complete, users may gain access to the investment education firm of their choice and start learning. We recommend taking some free lessons from popular YouTube channels as well to gain a wider perspective on investments in general.

How to Delete a Matrixator Account?

Matrixator doesn’t provide any details about deleting a Matrixator account. Talking with the customer support team may fulfill this task. However, seeing how investment education is the only purpose of this platform, deleting the account seems unnecessary.

The only scenario that necessitates deleting the Matrixator account is if users are required to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. In that case, we recommend inquiring about the return of the remainder of the fee before removing the account.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Matrixator?

Matrixator doesn’t claim to have any celebrities endorsing it, which is natural since hardly any celeb is getting behind any cryptocurrency investment anymore. That being said, we did come across a couple of adverts on Facebook that showed an AI-generated video of Elon Musk talking about a crypto trading bot of the same name.

Naturally, they are not talking about the same website we have reviewed. However, this warrants caution since Matrixator gaining more traction in the market could lead to similar ads popping up. All of them always happen to be fake adverts.

Who Founded Matrixator?

Matrixator’s website states that a bunch of crypto enthusiasts came together to create the platform. Per the claims, this team started out as regular people fascinated by the concept of possible value preservation, at which point they started to piece together materials and resources to learn about investment.

It is likely a marketing story designed to entice the audience. The team details aren’t really present on the website. Therefore, we recommend that our readers take all the necessary precautions before getting started.

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The Verdict

Matrixator portrays itself as a simple investment education platform that acts as a middleman in connecting learners to investment education companies. It doesn’t make any tall claims and doesn’t mention any trading perks.

However, there are websites out there with similar names. Therefore, we recommend that investors take all the necessary precautions before engaging with this website.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


What is Matrixator?

Matrixator is an investment education platform that purportedly offers a versatile library of resources to people interested in learning about investments. However, instead of providing lessons by itself, it relies on its partner investment education firms.

Has Elon Musk endorsed Matrixator?

Elon Musk has not endorsed any investment education firm in the past. The same goes for Matrixator. This is justified since the platform’s name is just a marketing term used by other trading-related websites, many of which have been found to be scams.