30 Jan 2023 · 3 min read

Luiz Góes & LYOPAY: A CEO with a Mission

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Luiz Góes is the CEO of LYOPAY, a licensed and regulated crypto project for payment systems, crypto exchanges, and services for using cryptocurrencies day by day. He is a mainstay and has been seen at many public events. What do we know about him?

Luiz is a business executive with a specialization in process management, leadership, and business implementation. He has worked in fintech management and has promoted several digital business consultancies. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in military science from Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras in 2008, and holds an MBA in public management. He also holds a Medal of Military Merit for excellent services rendered to the Brazilian Army. In 2018, Luiz became a financial advisor for a fintech group in Dubai. In 2020, he founded LGbank, a cryptocurrency escrow platform. He developed and designed business tokenization projects with an emphasis on project implementation and profit-sharing, and based on crowdfunding models. In Brazil, he leads a group with 8,000 clients that participate in business under his recommendation. He has also provided consultancy for altcoins and tokens projects.

Today he leads the LYOPAY project as CEO. Following some of his achievements:

Luiz Góes Named as Ambassador of UN Sustainable Development Goals

The CEO of LYOPAY was hailed as an Ambassador of UN Sustainable Development Goals by the International Council of the Brazilian Academy on 22 February 2022. Building peace and prosperity for the planet and its people are at the heart of United Nations Development Goals. One of LYOPAY's advocacies is to push for inclusive economic growth. The Sustainable Development Goals of UN is composed of 17 objectives encouraging countries to minimize environmental and economic inequality. 

NORNS Awards

LYOPAY won The NORNS Awards for the Information Technology category, and Luiz Góes traveled to Rome in Italy to accept the award. Every year the NORNS purpose is to make known and reward individuals and companies that have in their DNA the values ​​of excellence, innovation, and creativity and put their employees at the center.

November 2022 Cover of International Business Magazine

International Business Magazine was born from the desire to bring together stories of men and women who make their enterprise a body capable of growing to be self-sustaining, and profitable. Stories of incalculable value, which reveal the accurate perception of people capable of making the best decision, and often experts in teaching other entrepreneurs to make the right choice. 


LYOPAY is a FinTech organization managed by DIGILYO APP LIMITED. The project intends to create a financial technology ecosystem of services through different platforms which connect users with technological tools in an intuitive and simple manner.

LYOPAY aims to:

  • Promote mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing easy access for newcomers to the sector
  • Bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and its traditional counterpart
  • Build a long-term project in compliance with all legal restrictions and national and international regulations.

To expedite its global expansion, the project offers a number of services from a range of financial partners across multiple countries. For LYOPAY, it is essential to achieve global coverage and give people all over the world cryptocurrency payment services. These services extend into several categories: crypto exchange, a payment gateway for business, a neobank, travel booking, and more.

LYOPAY is categorized as an ecosystem: the project provides a wide range of applications that are enabled by partnerships with multiple services providers. The applications function in diverse use cases and cater to several categories of users (institutions, enterprises, merchants, personal users).

Luiz Góes LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luizgoeslyo

Luiz Góes Instagram https://www.instagram.com/luizgoes.pro/

LYOPAY Website: https://lyopay.com/