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Lingo’s Airdrop Islands Mark the Beginning of a New Era For Tokenized RWAs

Gaurav Roy
Last updated: | 3 min read
Lingo Home Page

With real-world assets (RWA) attracting institutional attention and capital, LINGO is all set to leverage its power to transform the loyalty and reward industry completely.

Created by HM Rawat and David Amsellem, the founder of the leading loyalty program John Paul, LINGO is a gamified, RWA-powered ecosystem for the next billion Web3 users. The platform takes advantage of RWA to reward its community with consistent and exponential real-world benefits.

The backing of real-world assets allows these rewards to generate true value for Lingo’s ecosystem, which does not depend on the crypto market’s extreme volatility. In fact, loyalty rewards at Lingo will be supported by cash-flowing assets such as real estate. The platform will further utilize a portion of the fees earned through on-chain token trades, transfers, and redemptions to reinvest in RWAs and expand its rewards pool with compounding growth.

At Lingo, the tokens that its users earn will be redeemable for a wide range of real-life rewards. For this, Lingo has partnered with Fizen, which gives Lingo users access to 3,000+ brands and a network of 100,000+ hotels and gift cards.

Biggest Web3 Rewards Ecosystem

Earlier this week, Lingo announced the addition of NFT marketplace Magic Eden to its rewards ecosystem. This collaboration will allow users to redeem their LINGO tokens for NFTs on the Magic Eden marketplace and broaden Lingo’s ecosystem beyond Web2. Later, on Wednesday, it announced yet another collaboration, this time with SweatEconomy, with which Lingo will work towards bringing the next billion users to Web3.

While the project continues to expand its ecosystem with partnerships and collaborations, it is also rewarding its staunch and early supporters with a massive opportunity to guarantee their claims to LINGO tokens. For this, Lingo has launched an ultimate gamified airdrop experience for its community in the form of LINGO Airdrop Islands.

Lingo Airdrop Season Begins Ahead of Pre-sale Launch

The airdrop season has officially been kicked off and now one can complete a series of tasks to get their hands on LINGO tokens. There are a total of five islands for a user to explore, each offering unique ways to earn rewards. It starts with Ape Rock, where you have to connect your X account and get your email verified.

Once completed, you get a boarding pass, which entitles you to a whitelisting for Lingo’s public presale. The boarding pass also grants you access to Hodl Haven, where you have to generate a link and use it to invite ten friends to secure the first airdrop. Additionally, you benefit from a special pre-sale price and an airdrop multiplier.

Lingo Islands

On Degen Island, you can farm Airmiles by posting quality content on X using the $Lingo ticker and engaging with Lingocoins selected power post. Getting a post liked by LINGO’s official account can get you as much as 3000 Airmiles in one instant.

Once you reach a certain Airmiles threshold, you can unlock Lingo collector cards, each with different rarity levels and increasing airdrop allocation. Unlocking all six levels of rarity will get you a Mythical card. Lingo has set aside 40% of the airdrop just for Mythical card holders.

Then there is Degen Island, which is promised to be an exciting addition. However, its details have yet to be released. The final destination is Whale Island, which is a leaderboard competition to onboard the most new members to the Lingo Airdrop game. The top ten winners here will get Private Jet NFT tickets featuring exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.

Lingo Upcoming Presale Page

To ensure fairness and sustainability, the Lingo team has kept most LINGO airdrops partially vested, similar to public presale vesting. With such an exciting airdrop experience, Lingo aims to offer its community members a fun and unique way to secure their claim to LINGO tokens, which powers the largest tokenized rewards ecosystem.

This ecosystem, which is designed for exponential growth, has a wide network of partners that offers its users access to thousands of perks across both Web2 and Web3.

Visit LINGO to learn more!