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Immediate Evex Ai Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 10 min read
Immediate Evex Ai Review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Real-time trading signals to grab the right trading opportunities and a smart trading assistant that allows manual and fully autonomous trading – these are the two features that Immediate Evex Ai claims to deliver. This new upgraded version of the Immediate Evex platform promises to provide investors with an app that will help them make gains even in bearish market conditions. 

Are these claims true, though? This Immediate Evex Ai review delves into the different features that this site claims to have and gives a neutral view of whether it is a scam or a legitimate platform. 

Immediate Evex Ai Summary

Listed below are the key details of Immediate Evex’s new Ai version to know before we go into a complete analysis of this platform:

Supported Crypto Multiple cryptocurrencies 
Claimed Success Rate 99.4%
Available on Mobile? No mention of a mobile app
Fees No mention of a trading fee
Customer Support 24/7; for registered users only
Withdrawal Speed Up to 24 hours, depending on the payment mode
Minimum deposit $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

What is Immediate Evex Ai?

If you want to earn large profits in bearish market conditions, you need to be ahead of the curve by getting key insights and reacting quickly to market changes. Immediate Evex Ai promises to provide these facilities using a trading module that has both autonomous and manual trading features. 

According to the Immediate Evex website, the platform extracts historical trading data to analyze them using cutting-edge mathematical algorithms to find the best trading opportunities. 

Immediate Evex Ai logo

Immediate Evex’s new AI version then proclaims to use versatile trading functionalities with its AI crypto trading bot to use the accumulated historical data to execute trades. Per Immediate Evex Ai, this hands-free trading system gives users a 0.01-second edge that will allow them to stay ahead of the competition. 

Users don’t need to rely solely on the ML-enabled trading system, the site claims. Veteran traders who want to experience hands-on trading can choose the manual trading facilities complete with top-tier marketing insights to buy and sell digital assets. Adding more flare to this mode of trading is an interactive UI that the website says makes Immediate Evex Ai a “valuable tool for traders of all levels”. 

Immediate Evex Ai has mentioned that it has a win rate of 99.4%, which seems more like a marketing term since there is no proof to substantiate this claim. Trading requires a minimum deposit of $250, which one can make using a variety of payment methods. A demo trading account is also talked about in the marketing copy, but it is only accessible after making the minimum deposit. 

Overall, the platform’s hybrid approach is something investors may want to look into. But keep in mind that the information available on the site is still ambiguous. Do your own independent research and note that profits are never a guarantee. 

Immediate Evex Ai Pros and Cons

Through our analysis of Immediate Evex Ai’s content, the following are the pros and cons we could find: 


  • The platform claims to implement a hybrid trading system for veteran and novice traders
  • Claims that the automated trading systems give users an edge of 0.01 second
  • Purportedly has an intuitive UI for all levels of investors 
  • Claims to have robust security measures to safeguard privacy, security, and safety of all users 


  • Has no historical data to support its win rate-related claims
  • There is no information available about its fee structure 
  • It does not give information about the founders 

How Does Immediate Evex Work?

The Immediate Evex website talks about having hybrid trading facilities – manual and autonomous. 

With an autonomous trading system, the platform states that users will have access to intelligent trading software that analyzes market data and executes trades according to pre-defined trading rules. It is likely that users can define Stop-Loss and Take-Profit parameters with this utility, after which the trading bot will look for intraday lows to find buying opportunities, purchase the tokens and wait for the same tokens to reach intraday highs before executing a sell order. The profits may then be transferred to the user’s account. 

Immediate Evex Ai

With manual trading systems, Immediate Evex Ai talks about utilizing six distinct trading signals to identify and respond to market shifts and trends in real-time. This “all-inclusive platform”, as the site calls it, does not need any additional research, data gathering, or analysis, making the process more streamlined for users. 

Immediate Evex Ai Key Features

Immediate Evex Ai hasn’t given a list of special features in its marketing copy. But here are some of the key features we could decipher while analyzing the site’s information about how it works:

Real-time Trading Signals 

The site claims that users will get access to real-time trading signals curated by the platform’s advanced trading software algorithm. These signals, per the website, will allow users to make informed decisions while trading crypto assets. 

Smart Trading Assistant

“Users will get the flexibility to choose between two trading modes – manual and fully automated”, says the website, highlighting the presence of a smart trading assistant that executes buy and sell orders on a user’s behalf. 

Security Features

Immediate Evex Ai claims that users will get access to ample security features, two-factor authentication and other up-to-date data security protocols to protect a user’s personal information. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

Immediate Evex Ai Account fees

Per the Immediate Eves AI website, using the Bitcoin trading software is free of cost. There are no commissions involved or any trading fee levied. It also does not mention anything about any withdrawal or deposit fee. 

Immediate Evex Ai Minimum Deposit

In order to start trading on Immediate Evex AI, the user needs to deposit $250. All standard fiat payment methods – including debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay – are applicable. This minimum deposit will be used as an initial capital, the website says, and no portion of it will be taken as a commission. 

Immediate Evex Ai Compatible Devices

Immediate Evex Ai doesn’t have a mobile-specific crypto app. However, the website itself is responsive. We found that the fonts and buttons were visible and working no matter which device we used to open the site. The mobile version is responsive, the desktop version showcases most details on a single page, and the tablet variant offers the same level of interactivity. 

Is Immediate Evex Ai a Scam?

Immediate Evex Ai portrays itself as a hybrid trading software with support for both manual and hands-free trading systems. However, it is hard to know if these offerings are legit because there are no backtesting facilities available. The site also doesn’t talk about the presence of any demo account that we could have used to test the website. 

Information-wise, the website is lacking. The official website isn’t content-heavy. It has only made some passing remarks about the types of facilities it delivers without providing many details. The autonomous trading system has also made tall claims about its win rate, which is said to be 99.4% – with no proof behind it.

The site also has no social media handles, and its name is similar to other platforms we have discussed. Furthermore, we found several versions of the website, including

On the plus side, the signup process is simple. The site doesn’t talk about any restrictions, which makes it likely accessible worldwide. Furthermore, there are no mentions of any commissions. 

These attributes, coupled with a lack of an independent third-party review, don’t make it clear if Immediate Evex Ai is a legitimate trading site. Do your own research and remember that profits are never a guarantee. 

Immediate Evex Ai Customer Support

Per the website, registered users will have access to the customer support team 24/7. Unregistered users can contact the team via the Contact Us page. This page doesn’t immediately provide a response and is likely another version of the sign-up page. 

How to Use Immediate Evex Ai

Follow the steps below to start trading on Immediate Evex Ai. 

Step 1 – Visit the Immediate Evex Ai Website

Visit the homepage of Immediate Evex where its latest Ai version is on offer, and enter your name, email and phone number. 

Immediate Evex Ai signup form

Step 2 – Deposit the Minimum Amount 

Once the account is registered, deposit the minimum amount required – $250 – using one of the payment methods available, which include debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.  

Step 3 – Start Trading on Immediate Evex Ai

Once the account is funded, use the “Smart trading assistant” to pick between manual or autonomous trading modes. With manual trading, you’ll supposedly get access to charting tools and other high-level trading features. For a streamlined and hands-free trading experience, pick the autonomous trading option. 

How to Delete an Immediate Evex Account?

To delete an Immediate Evex Ai account, go to the dashboard and try to find a “terminate account” button. If it is not available, talk to the customer support team. 

Is Immediate Evex Endorsed by Celebrities and Big Brands?

Immediate Evex Ai is a relatively new website that has not gained a lot of traction online. It does not make any tall claims or state that it has any support from any big celebrities like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or any other big name in the tech or finance industry. 

Who is the Founder of Immediate Evex?

There is no information available on the Immediate Evex Ai website that could tell us about the founders of this platform. The About Us page doesn’t talk about them, and social media sites haven’t discussed them. While it is not unusual for a crypto trading site to not reveal the names of its makers, it is something to note. 

Latest Bitcoin News

Listed below are the latest developments in regard to Bitcoin: 

  • Crypto Analysts have said that the approval of spot Bitcoin ETF applications will create major tailwinds for Bitcoin in the market. 
  • Bitcoin has again experienced a weekly drop of 6%, which has gotten it closer to $25.5k. 
  • Recent regulatory issues have had investors exiting CEX and focusing their attention on Uniswap to invest in newly-released tokens with massive short-term potential or pick crypto presales for guaranteed gains away from the volatility of the crypto market. 

The Verdict 

Immediate Evex bills itself as an “all-inclusive” trading solution catering to veterans and novice traders alike. It claims to have a hybrid trading model, allowing veterans to experience the thrill of hands-on trading and novices to check out autonomous trading features to engage with crypto investments hands-free. According to the site, its latest iteration Immediate Evex Ai has a win rate of 99.4%. 

The issue is that there is no proof to substantiate these claims. The site is relatively new, which means there is no historical data available online. Also, there are no discussions about the platform or the team on social media websites. The lack of a backtesting facility also doesn’t paint this platform in a positive light. These mixed signals don’t make it certain whether the platform is a scam or is legit. 

We recommend our readers do their own research beforehand and only invest a minimum amount in the beginning. Only increase your deposit if the site yields the results as advertised, and always hedge your investments by diversifying your portfolio by picking new cryptocurrencies to invest in. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

Immediate Evex Ai FAQs

What is Immediate Evex Ai?

Immediate Evex and its upgraded Ai version is a crypto trading platform that claims to deliver manual and autonomous trading facilities to make investing in crypto simpler for traders. These features allow users to attain a win rate of 99.4% when trading, claims the website, even though there is no evidence to substantiate this claim.  

Does Elon Musk endorse Immediate Evex?

Being a recently introduced website, Immediate Evex Ai hasn’t earned a lot of ubiquity online. Social media platforms make no mention of it, and third-party reviews are absent as well. In light of that, it is clear to see that major names like Elon Musk aren’t aware of its offerings. If you come across such claims on any other platforms, don’t believe in them and judge the website on its own merits instead.