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Get in on the Ground Floor with This Play-to-Earn Crypto Game – The Future of Gaming Is Here

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Calvaria is poised to be the future of blockchain gaming. The platform’s native token, RIA, is in its final presale stage and has raised over $2.52 million.  With only 18% of tokens left to be purchased, investors need to move fast.

The Future of Gaming  

The blockchain gaming space is currently buzzing over Calvaria: Duels of Eternity – a new gaming platform that combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse into the ultimate gameplay experience. 

Players are transported to a metaverse with an afterlife theme where they can purchase trading cards as NFTs. These cards represent different characters in the game, each with its traits and characteristics. 

The game’s objective is for players to build a trading card deck and battle others for supremacy. Players can combine different strategies and cards to defeat opponents and earn eRIA tokens in exchange.

Besides the gameplay itself, Calvaria also organizes different competitions and community initiatives where players will be able to participate and win. 

Calvaria is sure to breathe new life into the blockchain gaming sector with its easy gameplay and other interesting features. The platform has already sparked a lot of interest thanks to its acceptance of the free-to-play model.

While there is a paid version, Calvaria doesn’t require upfront financial commitments from anyone looking to play. When players sign up, they receive free NFTs, which they can immediately trade or use to create decks. Additionally, the fact that Calvaria can be enjoyed on any device regardless of the player’s location means that the game has no restrictions.

The RIA Token 

Like other blockchain games, Calvaria has adopted a gaming token, RIA. The digital asset is tasked with helping to maintain a perfect tokenomic balance in the game. RIA can be used to buy and sell NFTs in the game’s in-app marketplace and can also be used to exchange eRIA for cash.

RIA has a lot of intrinsic value as a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. Holders can stake the coin to earn more tokens, and staking the RIA token makes one eligible for the game’s governance via Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

RIA Presale Live 

RIA is currently available on presale. The crypto asset’s presale was initially planned to last ten stages but was recently cut to five as its developers are looking to maximize value for investors and get started with game development as quickly as possible.

RIA has raised over $2.52 million in its presale, showing impressive levels of investor interest. The presale is in its final stage, and Calvaria’s developers will move to BKex – a centralized exchange – for an initial exchange offering (IEO) once it is over. The IEO will last 24 hours, and an official token listing on Changelly and BKex will follow. 

The presale will end when the $3,075,000 target is attained or on January 31, 2023, depending on whichever comes first. However, considering how many tokens are left, there’s every indication that RIA will sell out before that day. 

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