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FWEN Token Shoots Up 1,000% Overnight and New Bitcoin Project Goes Viral For Makes Mining Simple – 100x Potential?

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Source / Sam Cooling x Fwenxyz

In the latest surge on-chain FWEN has surged +1,000% – as market interest gravitates to the Friend-Tech linked, BASE-launched, airdrop token. 

With the ongoing FWEN airdrop seemingly distributing supply in 10% increments, excitement is growing ahead of a posited next-round of the airdrop today for Friend Tech users.

And this comes ahead of a highly-anticipated bridge launch; which will see FWEN’s offering expand to ETH-BASE token bridging.

FWEN Price Analysis: How High Can FWEN Airdrop Pump?

Amid the dramatic upside move FWEN has undertaken an impressive consolidation, with the well-defended display by bulls leaving FWEN currently trading at a market price of $0.051961 (representing a 24-hour change of +947%).

This comes following an explosive token launch on October 1, which saw price action shoot-up +2,055% from launch price in just 5-hours, to hit an all-time high at $0.054300.


In the hours since, FWEN price action has entered localized retracement as early-backers take profit, however, solid support established at $0.051760 has set the footing for rally structure to resume as traction continues to grow.

This growth in interest is showcased by the strong buy pressure underpinning on-going price action, with buys comprising 62% of transactions.

And this has unlocked sensational volume – with more than $5.18m in trading volume over the past 24-hours fuelling a $1.48m market cap.

Overall, with an unbreakable support level at $0.051760 – established across 12-hours of consolidation – price action is now poised to push-up higher as Monday markets undertake an impressive open.


On the short-time frame (next 6-hours) this leaves an upside target at $0.053240 (a potential +65% move from here).

While to the downside, risk seems limited here by lower support at $0.051760 (a limited -10.36% tumble).

This leaves FWEN with a current risk: reward structure of 6.33 – a brilliant entry for an emerging ETH-BASE bridge.

But while on-chain markets are running the risk of airdrop tokens – which in the past have seen bleed-out price action, other traders are flocking to a new Bitcoin mining token that offers a lucrative opportunity to diversify your Bitcoin position.

Diversify Into Bitcoin Mining: Bitcoin Minetrix’s Presale Smashes $300k Raised

Source / BTCMTX

Bitcoin mining, long seen as a domain dominated by colossal corporations with their deep pockets and access to state-of-the-art equipment, is undergoing a transformation.

Bitcoin Minetrix aims to ensure this lucrative venture is not just confined to the elites but is accessible to everyone.

How? By rewriting the rules of mining through its innovative Stake-to-Mine model.

In a move aimed at side-lining energy-guzzling equipment, Bitcoin Minetrix provides an avenue where BTCMTX token holders can stake their tokens to receive mining credits.

These credits unlock the door to efficient Bitcoin cloud mining, making the process sustainable, secure, and, importantly, within everyone’s reach.

Here’s Why BTCMTX is Set to Explode Upon Launch

$0.011 for the BTCMTX token, Bitcoin Minetrix isn’t asking for a fortune but an opportunity.

An opportunity for investors to be a part of a transformation that could very well redefine the Bitcoin mining landscape.

And if the initial figures are anything to go by—with the project raising $115,000 within a day of the ICO announcement—investors are eager to hop on board this mining juggernaut.

What’s even more compelling is that this is not just an investment in a token but in a future-proof concept; a concept that merges the best of both worlds: staking and mining.

The results? Large APYs and rewards in the form of BTC, all without the traditional barriers of hefty investments and technical know-how.

How Does BTCMTX Ensure Security and Transparency?

Source / BTCMTX

The crypto world, unfortunately, has had its fair share of scams, especially in the cloud mining sector and this is where Bitcoin Minetrix departs from the norm.

Not only does it provide a transparent mechanism of mining but it also empowers its investors. How? By ensuring they have constant control over their staked tokens and the flexibility to un-stake whenever they deem fit.

No hidden clauses, no fine print, just straightforward staking and mining.

Furthermore, for those concerned about the safety of their investment, the BTCMTX smart contract underwent meticulous auditing by Coinsult, a respected blockchain security entity. 

The verdict? Clean as a whistle.

Bitcoin Minetrix stands tall, not merely because of its unique proposition but its commitment to making Bitcoin mining a universal venture.

With just a minimum investment of $10, it’s demolishing the barriers to entry, proving that you don’t need millions to be part of the mining elite.

For those seeking to ride the next wave of crypto innovation, the Bitcoin Minetrix presale is an avenue worth exploring.

In a world where Bitcoin’s derivatives are gaining traction, this is a project that not only promises returns but also champions the democratization of Bitcoin mining – a true game-changer in every sense of the word.


Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.