Forbes Highlights Crypto Leaders in Latest ‘30 Under 30’ Finance Lineup

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: Pixabay / TamimTaban

Forbes has released its latest “30 Under 30” list in Finance, featuring a significant number of leaders from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, highlighting their growing influence in the financial sector.

The list includes innovators like the co-founders of Injective Labs, the co-founder of Fractal, the co-founders of Toku, and leaders from financial establishments including Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. This representation of young crypto pioneers on Forbes’ list demonstrates the vital role digital assets and blockchain technology are playing in shaping modern financial services and solutions.

Young Visionaries Transforming Crypto & Blockchain

Eric Chen and Albert Chon, cofounders of Injective Labs, lead a blockchain platform that’s made significant strides in the decentralized finance space. Their Injective blockchain has processed over 300 million transactions, totaling nearly $13 billion, at an average cost below 1 cent. Supported by investors like Binance Labs and Mark Cuban, they raised $57 million. This January, they launched a $150 million fund, backed by crypto giants like Pantera Capital, to further propel decentralized finance.

Kenneth O’Friel and Dominika Stobiecka co-founded Toku, specializing in helping crypto startups manage token-based employee compensation and tax regulations across over 100 countries. Their clients include notable firms like dYdX and Protocol Labs. In March, Toku raised $20 million in a round led by Blockchain Capital.

Sei Labs, co-founded by Jeff Feng and Jayendra Jog, focuses on enhancing crypto trading on its specialized blockchain. Developed in response to the 2021 GameStop frenzy, Sei offers faster transaction times than Ethereum and has quickly grown since its August launch, backed by $35 million from investors. The platform already boasts an estimated 7 million active wallets.

The 2023 List

Forbes’s 2023 list also featured numerous crypto and blockchain leaders.

Hayden Adams, founder of Uniswap Labs, transformed an Ethereum-based concept into one of the most popular crypto applications. After working as an analyst at Siemens, Adams contributed to the development of Uniswap exchange in 2018, pioneering the use of automated market makers for decentralized cryptocurrency trading. Uniswap has amassed millions of users and earlier this year achieved a significant milestone, surpassing $1 trillion in lifetime trading volume.

Starting as an equity research analyst at Credit Suisse, Ria Bhutoria later joined the stablecoin issuer Circle to develop their research platform. By 26, she rose to the position of Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets, managing $4.5 trillion in assets. Committed to diversity in the crypto space, Bhutoria invests in female and nonbinary founders through the decentralized collective Komorebi, alongside her work at Castle Island.

’30 Under 30′ On Chain

This year’s “30 Under 30” list was live on the Ethereum blockchain, marking a new milestone as the publication marched onto web3.

“Forbes is at the forefront of marrying traditional media with cutting-edge technology. By launching the Under 30 list on the Ethereum blockchain, we’re not just recognizing the influential young leaders; we’re also demonstrating the vast, untapped potential of blockchain technology in the realm of data storage and security,” said Vadim Supitskiy, Forbes’ Chief Digital and Information Officer.