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ESG-Investors Believe This Crypto Can 20x By 2023 – Carbon Credits on the Blockchain?

Tom Sheen
Last updated: | 5 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Investors have been extremely excited by new ESG crypto project IMPT with analysts and forecasters expecting the native token to make massive gains in 2023.

The project, which launched at the start of October, raised $11 million in just three weeks to sell out four weeks ahead of schedule as investors raced to get the token at its lowest price.

In stage 1, IMPT tokens sold for $0.018 each and are now on sale for $0.023, an increase of 27.7%, with the third and final stage to see another increase to $0.028 – 21.7% from the current price and 55% from stage 1.

Investors Bullish on IMPT

Investors are bullish on IMPT and rate it as one of the best cryptos to buy now because it offers a unique, blockchain-based solution to one of the biggest issues facing the 21st century – the climate crisis.

The project is set to help ease global warming by transforming carbon credits into NFTs that can be bought and sold on a custom-built marketplace or held as long-term investments.

Further, users will be able to earn IMPT tokens – which can be converted to carbon credits – while shopping through a network of affiliate partners.

The likes of Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon and LEGO are just some of the tens of thousands of global retailers that will offer IMPT tokens.

Shoppers can then make greener choices by purchasing from retailers that offer a larger percentage of sales in return.

Carbon credits are permits that allow holders – traditionally businesses – to emit a set amount of greenhouse into the atmosphere as they fund conservation projects globally and offset carbon emissions.

One carbon credit is equal to one ton of CO2 and IMPT will further improve the market by utilizing blockchain technology to reduce fraudulent activity.

With carbon credits housed on the blockchain in an immutable and transparent ledger, issues such as double counting – where two companies claim the use of the same credit – will be reduced.

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IMPT Makes Major Announcements on Live Stream

During an AMA session, IMPT CEO Denis Creighton revealed that the project had agreed to a major partnership with Gundmundur Sigbergsson. 

The Icelander is the founder and CEO of the International Carbon Registry and has joined IMPT’s advisory board.

The project ensures companies offering carbon credits adhere to a comprehensive set of requirements to and serves as a verifier and validator.

Speaking on a live stream, Creighton said: “Gudmundur Sigbergsson, the founder and CEO of the international carbon registry has joined our advisory board today.

“He will manage our carbon credit sourcing and will be working extremely closely with our existing carbon credit team to ensure that we deliver the best solutions for IMPT, for our programs and for the planet.”

Later in the AMA, Creighton hinted that major institutional adoption of the technology is also around the corner.

He added: “We have an increasing interest now from different countries and organizations and we’re already talking to a number of government organizations to try and offer a more efficient alternative community to help deliver climate impact.

“The entire end-to-end product [the carbon credit market] is an opportunity for IMPT.

“This will be the first global loyalty solution, with one primary objective – to make everybody do more for the planet.”

The AMA covered a range of topics about the project and is available in full on YouTube and Twitter.

IMPT to 20x In 2023?

ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance – investing is a huge growth area with retail and institutional investors becoming more interested in spending their money on projects that make the world a better place.

While the mandatory carbon market is already huge – with state-driven mandates to reduce pollution worth nearly $300 billion annually – the voluntary market is relatively small.

However, although it is currently worth around just $2 billion annually, it is an area expected to grow exponentially in the coming decade.

Bloomberg estimates that the voluntary market could increase 50-fold in the next decade and be worth as much as $100 billion by 2030.

IMPT providing 20x gains is a major possibility given the huge interest in its presale, its unique protocol and the rapid growth of the voluntary carbon market.

With the token selling for $0.018 in stage 1, a 20x would mean the IMPT token reaching a price of just $0.36. 

At the end of the presale, 70% of the max 3 billion supply (2.1 billion) of tokens will be released onto the market with no vesting period, with the remaining tokens vested for between one and three years.

That means for the token to reach $0.36 in 2023 it will need a market cap much lower than $1 billion.

Given its huge utility and potential it is not too difficult to imagine such a scenario.

The remaining tokens are split between marketing the project (10% with a one-month lock and monthly vesting for one year), the team (5% with a 12-month lock and monthly vesting for two years) and the development of the ecosystem (15% of max supply with a six-month lock and monthly vesting for three years).

For more information on IMPT tokenomics, read through the whitepaper.

IMPT Presale Details

IMPT is currently in stage 2 of its 3-stage presale, with tokens on sale for $0.023 – as mentioned above, the price will increase to $0.028 in the final stage. 

That means that while $100 will buy 4,347 IMPT in stage 2, that same price will return just 3,571 IMPT tokens in stage 3.

IMPT is developed by a doxxed and public-facing team that has been KYC-verified by CoinSniper.

The token’s smart contract is rug-proof and has been fully audited by blockchain security firm Hacken. 

Interested investors should also read our guide on how to buy IMPT tokens.

IMPT are also running a competition where three winners will share $100,000 of IMPT tokens.

More information and the latest news can be found on the Telegram group.

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