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DigiToads Is A DeFi Marvel Investors Cannot Ignore, As Curve Feels A Short-Squeeze

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

DeFi is the frontier of financial innovation. Like any disruptive and innovative technology that takes over the world, the gains will fall into the pockets of those fastest to adopt the new paradigm. DeFi’s value proposition is simple, remove intermediaries from the supply chain and deliver a more direct transfer of value between economic participants. And for this simple reason, its dominance is inevitable. 

The recent Curve (CRV) exploit served as a reminder of how early investors are in this space, but Web3 values prevailed. Shorts piled in at the news, but after plenty of OTC deals, Curve short-squeezed. 

It was a blunt reminder never to underestimate the ethos that thrives in decentralized finance, and this article explores one of the space’s new DeFi projects with the strongest and fastest-growing community. DigiToads (TOADS) has come onto the radar following astronomical success in its presale, and TOADS is a DeFi marvel that investors cannot ignore. 

DigiToads (TOADS) One-Stop-Shop for DeFi Gains 

DigiToads has been touted as a DeFi marvel and one of the altcoins to watch this cycle. Its presale integrated an innovative demand-price dynamic, leading to a steadily appreciating price. And early supports have already seen a 4X on their initial investment. 

This innovation-focused attitude permeates the protocol, and from its NFT Staking mechanism to the Platinum Toads initiative, all elements of this blockchain ICO look to change the pre-existing paradigm. The core ethos underpinning TOADS and the native ecosystem, The Swamp, is revenue share, and this philosophy could quickly make DigiToads into one of the top altcoins within the next six months. 

The Platinum Toads initiative introduces a proactive approach to treasury management. Instead of having a dormant and idle treasury, TOADS grants the twelve most skillful on-chain traders treasury control and allows them to trade with it. This means all $TOADS holders gain exposure to returns generated by a crypto-native trading firm. 

DigiToads’ NFT Staking mechanic means ecosystem rewards concentrate on long-term supporters. The NFT Staking payout pool receives 2% of all transactions in The Swamp, and owning a DigiToads NFT could be one of the best trades of the year.  

The Swamp additionally includes a play-to-earn game, charity initiatives, and much more. The doxxed team behind DigiToads ties all these earning angles together in a deflationary token with a burning campaign similar to Ethereum’s (ETH) EIP-1559. And this led analysts to forecast a staggering rally of 1,800% before the end of 2023. 

Curve (CRV) Shorts Get Squeezed 

Curve Finance is one of crypto’s best DeFi projects that enables the swapping of assets that behave similarly. It is the economic stablecoin engine for decentralized finance. A zero-day exploit in the Vyper coding language allowed a hacker to execute a reentrancy attack draining several pools. 

Market sentiment quickly soured due to Curve’s founder Michael Egorov’s excessive leverage across lending protocols, and traders piled in expecting a mass liquidation event. The hacker has since returned the stolen funds, and Michael made OTC deals totaling more than $40 million. 

Users shorting expecting a mass liquidation have been burnt with a short squeeze. And the crisis has been averted. Analysts have even flipped bullish on $CRV predicting an expected range between $0.97 and $1.18 in 2024. 

Closing Thoughts: The Maturity Cycle

This will likely be the last cycle of obscene returns due to the increasing maturity and acceptance of DeFi. Investors now are early; following the next cycle, they will not be. And the next six months provide investors with one last opportunity to change their financial status significantly. 

Joining presales is one of the last avenues to turn small sums into fortunes. Accredited investor laws have forbidden retail investors from participating in the early stages, with all these returns reserved for venture capitalists. Yet DeFi still offers this opportunity. Participate in the DigiToads presale today and join the journey of a small cap heading towards blue-chip status. 

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.